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Trade Secretary: Ad Repeater

Version: 30100-0.1.03
by: Mike-N-Go [More]

Trade Secretary: Ad Repeater
Sends your defined ads to the trade channel to advertise your exotic goods, or items you wish to buy.

As of May 20, 2009: This addon is unsupported for the time being. AddOn authoring was only a hobby of mine. Mike-N-Go is not currently playing WoW, thus not creating or maintaining mods for WoW. If someone wishes to submit a patch for one of my mods to WoWInterface, you may within the bounds of the license bundled with the mod.

Recent Changes and Important Information:
Version 30400-0.1.03 and might not be fully compatible with WoW 3.1. Please use my other mod, SayAgain, as an alternative if you have any problems with Ad Repeater.
Version: 30100-0.1.03
Last update: 04-26-09
This mod is only recently developed. The code is the author's main focus and development; the documentation might be slightly incorrect or misleading for this version; the first version. The next version is planed to focus on
Requesting user feedback, and suggestions; do check if your suggestion is under "Future expansion, additions, planed features, etc " before you type it out, because it might already be in the works, unless you wish to expand on something listed there.
If you find a bug, please make sure it is not listed under "Caveats, Known Bugs, etc." before submitting a report
If anyone has any suggestions on how to make the code or documentation better, please contact me, email preferred.
Additional and more extensive instructions are provided in the documentation ors the included ReadMe.
Updates: Point your browser to http://www.wowinterface.com under "Trade Secretary: Ad Repeater"
Recommended: Swatter! to catch and fix errors
Note: Due to the setup and intuition required to make this mod work, read all the included documentation before using this mod or asking for help. Also, you need to declare the advertisements; IT CANNOT ADVERTISE WITHOUT BEING TOLD WHAT TO SAY!
Donate with PayPal at [email protected]

Brief Description:
Ever get board of pressing your spam-to-trade macros? Desire to go beyond space-hogging macros to spam more eloquent, unique, and non-repetitive? Look no further! Trade Secretary: Ad Repeater is a mod that allows you to define a rotation of your advertisements, and autonomously send them to the trade channel or a button press. Trade Secretary: Ad Repeater can announce your ads to trade chat as frequently or infrequently as you desire. Basically, this AddOn is an attempt to fix the trade channel into a more interesting, useful message board that has unique, interesting advertisements.

About the Name:
Why is this called "Trade Secretary: Ad Repeater," you ask? Well, this version of "Trade Secretary" is made to repeat ads to the trade channel, and would be the second installment of a future suite that gives one a secretary for their trading, and other secretary-like activities whenever I happen to make them.

Feedback requested, but not limited to:
Timing of ads
Ease of use
Any questions about string or table construction
Any problems loading with AddOn Loader installed?
What do you think of the rate that ads are sent to the channel? A minimum delayed is set as to not annoy trade of your constant messages

After you decompress the file, copy the TradeSecretaryAd folder into your Interface/AddOns folder under your World of Warcraft Installation Directory.

When updating TradeSecretaryAd, please make sure to have a copy of MyAds.lua saved! You will need to drag your old MyAds.lua, and only MyAds.lua, to the new folder unless otherwise stated; a future version is planed to allow you to enter your ads through the saved variables. Make sure to check on the update for any other update instructions.

Miscellaneous information:
Most of the code for the trade and craft skill scanning and storing hyperlinks was copied from CraftyGnome by Rabbit. As this is in the early stages, please submit feedback other then what is outlined bellow. TradeSecretaryAd takes use of AddonLoader, found at http://www.wowace.com/wiki/AddonLoader, if it is present. AddonLoader does not load addons until conditions beckon them loaded, generally yielding an increase of performance, faster initial load times, and less resources used until needed; I recommend you try AddonLoader.

In Settings.lua, you can set AdModMinimum in seconds, I highly recommend not setting it lower then 30 seconds as Blizzard vaguely defines spam as messages sent more frequently then 30 seconds. In fact, you might want to set it to minutes; at least 5 minutes, if not more. Spamming nonsense is not the intent of this mod. It might seem to you that sending ads rapidly, like every 30 seconds to a minute, would help, but this is not the case; welcome to ignore if you do not understand this concept.

A note to my fellow authors:
If anyone wishes to use more then a few lines of my code, I request you credit me by saying, "This product includes software developed by MikeNGo and Rabbit" somewhere as a comment, or in your documentation. I also hope that anyone who would take the time to read my code, would take the time to send me an e-mail of what you think, or what can otherwise be improved.

About the Version Numbers:
Version: xxxxx-x.x.xx ([interface number]-[major version].[sub version].[current release])
Interface number: Version of the interface the addon was most recently updated for, this number and the version number have no linear relationship with the latter clauses.
Major version: When the mod evolves to a state that is vastly different from the first distribution of the prior major version, this will be updated.
Sub version: Whenever the mod has new features added, this number might advance.
Current release: The current reversion of the sub version, changed every time a new version of the mod is submitted to WoWInterface.com

About the Author:
Macintosh operator
[email protected]
If you would like to talk to me, I hang out at irc.freenode.net. In #norganna and #wowi-lounge, User Mike-N-Go.

Version: 30100-0.1.03
Date: 04-26-09
Fixed a problem introduced with 3.1 in ChatFrame_AddMessageEventFilter(), version 30400-01.02 and before are incompatible with WoW 3.1
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Unread 01-06-09, 10:12 AM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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I have no clue how to do this in LUA. I read the readme and im still confused. Please please PLEASE add a GUI in game!
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Unread 01-04-09, 06:15 AM  
A Theradrim Guardian
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Originally posted by Dainton
TOC is out of date.

I thought that the && would break up the lines so that it would send a block all at once. All it does is send them like they were their own lines in the table at the defined TSADMinimum time.
Actually, I set && to send the text in chucks separated by about 35 seconds apart. This is to prevent the user from spamming trade with an essay in a second.

TSADMinimum is not the absolute minimum, it only regulates the auto feature.

What happens is the addon checks the time since the last message has been queued (via timeCheckAuto()). If it has been greater then the TSADMinimum, then a message is queued to the sendQueue{}.

Another timer is running independently of the timeCheckQueue(). This function is what calls SendChatMessage() with the next message and sends a message no sooner then one half a minute from the last SendChatMessage() called by the addon.

The && is used to allow long messages to be sent. SendChatMessage() only allows around 255 characters per message.

How many seconds sooner would you prefer to see the messages used with the &&? I think it would look awful botlike/spamish if 1000 characters (4 full messages) were sent in the same second.
Currently contemplating coming back to Authorship.. been away for years. Please let me know you care, by commenting on what addon(s) of mine you want to see updated.

Author of Daily Bean Counter, MyNameTogglesWhenIAFKorDND, Extended Shutdown Warning, Auto Mail Director, Duel Nullify, Spec Transmiter, Say Again, Window Teller, Who Crafts, Ad Repeater, Privy Cork, Mac Backup, and more.
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Unread 01-03-09, 11:49 AM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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TOC is out of date.

I thought that the && would break up the lines so that it would send a block all at once. All it does is send them like they were their own lines in the table at the defined TSADMinimum time.
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