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Say Again

Version: 30400--0.1.01
by: Mike-N-Go [More]

Say Again
Macro functionality to messages, with dynamic channels.

As of May 20, 2009: This addon is unsupported for the time being. AddOn authoring was only a hobby of mine. Mike-N-Go is not currently playing WoW, thus not creating or maintaining mods for WoW. If someone wishes to submit a patch for one of my mods to WoWInterface, you may within the bounds of the license bundled with the mod.

Recent Changes and Important Information:
Version: 30400-0.1.01
Last update: 01-02-09
Requesting user feedback, and suggestions; do check if your suggestion is under "Future expansion, additions, planed features, etc " before you type it out, because it might already be in the works, unless you wish to expand on something listed there.
If you find a bug, please make sure it is not listed under "Caveats, Known Bugs, etc." before submitting a report.
If anyone has any suggestions on how to make the code or documentation better, please contact me, email preferred.
Additional and more extensive instructions are provided in the documentation ors the included ReadMe.
There is currently no GUI to input your says. However, if you can use a text editor and follow the instructions included in the read me, you should be able to get this mod working.
Updates: Point your browser to http://www.wowinterface.com under "Say Again"
The author is not responsible for any malicious use of this addon, the user aggress to the license included in the download by using the addon.
Recommended: Swatter! to catch and fix errors
Donate with PayPal at [email protected]

Brief Description:
Find yourself typing the same message again and again? Fear no more! With Say Again, your problems may be rectified. Say Again allows you to set a message and link it to a short name. All that is needed to call it is key "/sa INDEX TARGET" where TARGET can be someone to tell or a channel of your choice. Think about how much time you will save by not having to type it all out.. repeatedly!

Behind the Addon:
This addon is basically a light version of Trade Secretary: Ad Repeater, without the auto-send and with more channel support.


The Short Version:
1) Set your strings in the "message" value in MySays.lua with double and symbol to separate message lines.
2) Re-log into WoW
3) In game, know what index and where you want to send your message and put that after /sa respectively.
4) Messages send if index and target are valid.
5) Profit

The following are some examples of what channels, not counting whisper, you can send to, with aliases of the channel is in the parenthetical: emote (e, em, me); say (s); yell (y); party (p); guild (g); officer (o); raid (r); raid_warning (rw); battleground (bg); afk ; dnd; trade - CITYNAME (trade); general - ZONENAME (general); LookingForGroup (lfg). To send to a channel (optional for emote (e, em, me); say (s); yell (y); party (p); guild (g); officer (o); raid (r); raid_warning (rw); battleground (bg); afk ; dnd or a channel number), put '@CHANNELNAME' or 'channel:CHANNELNAME' as the TARGET, optional for whispers and the default channels, listed above.

Check out the included readme if you need more documentation.

Feedback requested, but not limited to:
Ease of use
Any questions about string or table construction

After you decompress the file, copy the SayAgain folder into your Interface/AddOns folder under your World of Warcraft Installation Directory.

When updating Say Again, please make sure to have a copy of MySays.lua saved! You will need to copy your old MyAds.lua, and only MyAds.lua, to the new folder unless otherwise stated; a future version is planed to allow you to enter your ads through the saved variables. If you do not do this, when you update the mod, your messages will be set to defaults and be erased. Make sure to check on the update for any other update instructions.

Miscellaneous information:

A note to my fellow authors:
If anyone wishes to use more then a few lines of my code, I request you credit me by saying, "This product includes software developed by MikeNGo" somewhere as a comment, or in your documentation. I also hope that anyone who would take the time to read my code, would take the time to send me an e-mail of what you think, or what can otherwise be improved.

Caveats, Known Bugs, etc.:
Currently, one message can only have about 250 characters in it. A future version is planed to allow functionally for multi-line messages.
If someone you tell the mod to whisper to has a name that is reserved (emote (e, em, me); say (s); yell (y); party (p); guild (g); officer (o); raid (r); raid_warning (rw); battleground (bg); afk ; dnd), it will go to that channel instead
Blizzard bug where you cannot spam channels too rapidly

Future expansion, additions, planed features, etc:
Requesting, via whisper, messages that the player has in their database
Features of Trade Secretary: Ad Repeater
GUI to set the strings in game
Auto party/raid/bg 'group' feature
Add 'tokens' strings in destination that would equate to a function: $target, $lastwhisperee, $lastwhisperto, $friend<level range/class>, $targettarget, $unit<unit>, $guild<level range/class/rank>. IE: "I am level $level" -> I am level 73
',' to send to multiple channels
A right click menu on player units or names in chat to send msg to
Drop down menue to slect a message/channel
A lib for this addon so other addons/macros may use the functionality

About the Version Numbers:
Version: xxxxx-x.x.xx ([interface number]-[major version].[sub version].[current release])
Interface number: Version of the interface the addon was most recently updated for, this number and the version number have no linear relationship with the latter clauses.
Major version: When the mod evolves to a state that is vastly different from the first distribution of the prior major version, this will be updated.
Sub version: Whenever the mod has new features added, this number might advance.
Current release: The current reversion of the sub version, changed every time a new version of the mod is submitted to WoWInterface.com

About the Author:
Macintosh operator
[email protected]
If you would like to talk to me, I hang out at irc.freenode.net. In #norganna and #wowi-lounge, User Mike-N-Go.

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