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Mac Automator Backup Scripts

Version: The Scripts
by: Mike-N-Go [More]

Note: This is not necessarily needed if you have Time Machine, yet will remain here for those who do not use Time Machine. WoWInterface.com has cleared the archived files.. some of those files were instructions and what not for these scripts. I've put it on my todo list to update this, but no ETA.

The enclosed bundle of scripts assist in backing up your WoW files on the Mac platform. They accomplish this via Automator, they should only work on Mac OS 10.4.x and higher. The scripts are not compiled as applications, only as source, due to requests of those who host these files. Instructions on how to use the scripts are included. I have the scripts set to iCal timers, and they run periodically. The current version of the scripts might have difficulty with running if the user does not have admin access.

This is what the working part does:
1. Copy finder items, the files that you want to backup
2. Overwrite the folder where the latest backup is with the new files
3. Zip up the files, to save space with the archive

I hope this is use to you.

Note: I am turning on the "Works with 4.2" because, functionally, nothing should have changed in how WoW handles folder placment. But, I have not used this script in a long time, and no longer playing WoW. Please comment if it does not yet work.

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Unread 03-02-08, 12:37 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Thanks for the backup scripts. I run them nightly at 4 in the morning to create backups of everything. it has saved my bacon more than once.
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Unread 02-22-07, 04:09 PM  
A Theradrim Guardian
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Re: lovely

Originally posted by kappe
tks a lot!
Your welcome, I have had some of these scripts running in the background, finally got around to getting it distributed.
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Unread 02-22-07, 02:03 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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tks a lot!
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