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File: MayronUI Gen606-27-19
Re: Update: MayronUI Gen6 []
Posted By: InkLoveViolence - Fixed Objective Tracker bugs (sorry about that!) - Updated TipTac setup import settings Good morning, I was experiencing the Objective Tracker bugs in x.x.5.7. I would reload the UI to clear it up temporarily. When I updated to x.x.5.8 reloading didn't help. Here's what happens when I mouse over an active quest...
File: MayronUI Gen603-13-19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Update: MayronUI Gen6 [6.0.5]
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I'm glad that helped! :)
File: MayronUI Gen603-13-19
Re: Re: Update: MayronUI Gen6 [6.0.5]
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I came here to see if there was a new upload, and saw this comment. It prompted me to overwrite yesterday's install instead of doing a clean install. The result was loverly! I'm now running an otherwise flawless version of MayronUI, and will start adding my other addons. Perhaps this was a one-off, but it might be worth instal...
File: MayronUI Gen603-12-19
Bagnon Issue
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Salute! I've been struggling with finding a new GUI for the game today, but one error that seems consistent in all of today's attempts has been with Bagnon: Message: ...s\Bagnon\external\Wildpants\features\autoDisplay.lua:187: hooksecurefunc(): BagSlotButton_UpdateChecked is not a function Time: Tue Mar 12 15:11:18 2019 Coun...
File: DecUI03-12-19
Consistently Outdated
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3/12 was a major content update, and there has been no update for this suite of addons. DecUI has served me well for more than 1/3 of my WoW "career" as an invaluable and time saving suite, and I am grateful. I understand that addons come and go, ebb and flow, as our lives do. Stuff comes up and life is unavoidable. My only REAL c...
File: DecUI09-10-13
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6ljFaKRTrI 5.4.0 version coming as soon as possible. It's unfortunate this wasn't ready for raid night on a new patch. Now I have an hour to figure something out. Good luck to you in your future ventures. ink`