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MayronUI  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 6.9.8-retail, Classic: 6.9.8-classic
by: Mayron [More]


For additional screenshots and information, please visit mayronui.com

For instructions on how to install this UI, please visit mayronui.com/p/mayronui
Please send all questions on our active and growing Discord community for faster and more useful replies:

All addons can be removed except MUI_Core but I strongly recommend keeping Bartender and Shadowed Unit Frames.
Please keep each of these addons up to date using a program such as WowUp or the CurseForge app.
  • Bartender4 - Action Bars
  • Leatrix_Plus - Contains a list of very useful settings (type /"ltp" to view them)
  • Masque - Stylises buttons on action bars
  • MUI_Core - Required to run MayronUI Modules
  • MUI_Setup - Required to install MayronUI and inject AddOn settings
  • MUI_Config - Enables the in-game MayronUI configuration menu
  • OmniCC - Shows cooldowns on buttons
  • ShadowedUnitFrames - Unit Frames
  • Tidy Plates - Threat Plates - Nameplates


Simply sharing this UI to your friends and spreading the word is a great help, but you can also support the project further by:

1. Submitting feature requests, bug reports, or even contributing towards its development over on GitHub:

2. Getting involved by joining our active and growing Discord Community:

3. Becoming a Patron to gain exclusive benefits:

4. Donating through PayPal:

Thank you so much for your support!

Change Log for 6.9.8
  • Fixed for retail version 10.1.5 patch
  • Fixed Timer Bars whitelist/blacklist popup menu

Change Log for 6.9.6
  • Fixed Tooltip bugs for Classic Era (including duplicate target text)
  • Fixed Minimap Points of interest arrows for Classic Era and disabled them by default
  • Fixed Copy Chat feature while AFK (previously completely unusable)
  • Improved the Tracker icon for Classic Era (such as tracking herbs and mining nodes).
  • Switched to using the MUI frame color instead of class color for standard (non-unit) tooltips.
  • Removed Leatrix Maps from UI pack
  • Added Threat Plates to UI pack

Change Log for 6.9.4
  • Added settings for inventory module
  • Added item levels on top of inventory icons for equipment and weapons
  • Fixed Tooltip settings to show control tooltips mouseover/anchor points

Change Log for 6.9.3
  • Fixed FPS drops and memory leak causing game UI to disappear
  • Fixed Inventory reagent bag bug in inventory module
  • Fixed equipment slot inventory frame coloring bug.
  • Fixed other MUI config menu bugs and aura bugs.

Change Log for 6.9.0
  • Added New Inventory Frame and removed Bagnon (only for player bags, not other frames such as the bank, void storage, etc... so you might want to keep bagnon or another bag addon if you prefer). I have plans to expand on this module in the future.
  • Added New Auras module to replace the old one. The newer auras module allows you to right-click to cancel buffs in combat by using the Blizzard aura header API.
  • Added a streamlined Status Bar system used by the Timer Bars and Aura Bars (the aura module can display auras as Icons or Status Bars). This system includes a smooth animation effect when changing values on any bar.
  • Updated a lot of the Tooltips code for better performance and to fix a number of bugs.
  • Added a lot of tweaks in appearance and additional options in the MUI Config menu.
  • Added a new option to allow you to have a different background color for the MUI frames. These frames include the new inventory frame, MUI config menu, generic tooltips, and a number of other ones. By default its a dark grey rather than the theme color.#
  • Updated for the latest patches.

Change Log for 6.8.1
  • Unit Frame Tooltips are now separate from World Unit Tooltips and by default are positioned in the bottom right corner instead of on top of unit frames (this makes healing much less annoying!)
  • Added Specialization and item level information for classic and wrath classic.
  • Rewrote the tooltips module to add caching for better performance and faster loading.
  • Added Export Profile and Import Profile options, so users can share profiles easier.
  • Updated the report feature to include previous session error messages and remove duplicate errors + a few more tweaks.
  • Added LFG as an option for the chat frame buttons in wrath, and added it as the default 2nd button when holding the CTRL key.
  • Rewrote the tooltip config menu options and moved things around.
  • Fixed a LogDebug error with MayronUI logging to prevent errors.
  • Updated TOC versions to not show the MUI addons as out of date.
  • Fixed Bag sorting bugs that previously showed Lua errors preventing the bags from being sorted as expected.

Change Log for 6.7.11
  • Fixed Objective Tracker from moving after cut scenes.
  • Made Renown frame movable
  • Moved Timerbar stacks counter outside of bar to avoid being cut off due to spell name overflow and added options to move it.
  • Fixed wow crash on install when playing the new Dragonflight race.
  • Fixed tooltip config locking error.
  • Fixed tab issues on MUI setup.
  • Fixed edit mode saving bug on install causing the UI not to install (seems like a less common bug only affecting some).
  • Fixed cast bar icon bugs
  • Added tooltip realm names on retail with option to hide it.
  • Added support for Wrath Ulduar patch.

Change Log for 6.7.8
  • Added Player Power Cast Bar to show encounter-related info and config options to enable/disable it + customize its appearance.
  • Added Font Size as an option to the cast bar appearances.
  • Fixed Covenant sanctum minimap icon that would show when it wasn't available, causing a Lua error on click.
  • Fixed minimap addon icons from showing after cutscenes in the wrong place.
  • Fixed bug causing check buttons to be clickable when disabled in the MUI config menu.

Change Log for 6.7.7
  • Added missing Evoker cast bar for Flame Breath in Dragonflight
  • Fixed Tooltip bug for Shadowed Unit Frames showing wrong information on mouse-over.
  • Fixed Talking Head Frame from not being reskinned and put at the top of the screen by default.
  • Fixed "...loading" issue on Evoker tooltips when they don't have a spec.

Change Log for 6.7.6
  • Fixed installation/setup bug causing game to crash.
  • Fixed switching MayronUI profile Lua error bug.
  • Added options to show/hide arrow buttons on the side action bar.
  • Added more localization that was missing.
  • Added option to change just the combat font and not only the master font.
  • Updated the UI widget styles on the config menu for color switching, title bars, and radio buttons.
  • Added nicer error handling for LibHealComm Lua errors to show better info in the chat frame instead of a Lua popup.
  • Updated Bartender preset to use MUI font.
  • Updates to various data text modules to support Dragonflight's Evoker class.
  • Updated version to support 10.0.2.

Change Log for 6.7.2
  • Fixed MUI popup bug causing the Dragonflight pre-patch bartender popup to not disappear for some users.
  • Fixed the broken MUI symmetrical panels mode.
  • Fixed the Blizzard debuff aura frame from showing after using the editor tool.
  • Fixed the default aura frame position when disabling and enabling buffs and debuffs.
  • Fixed Professions Menu frame "strata" to always appear above chat tabs.
  • Prevented chat tabs from randomly changing frame "strata".
  • Updated Patron credits tab (thanks!).

  • Fixed Bartender4 layout settings for Druids and their different stances
  • Fixed installation bugs with Bartender4 (this will require you to use the migration popup for Dragonflight pre-patch again if you haven't already).
  • Injected addon settings will once again replace previously found settings instead of attempting to merge them.

  • Fixed bugs to make the UI work for the Dragonflight prepatch.
  • Updated MayronUI's preset settings for Bartender4 that are compatible with Dragonflight's new bar system.
  • Added a popup to allow users to migrate to using the new Bartender settings.
  • Added Leatrix Maps to the full UI pack on wowinterface.

  • Added a new feature to move all minimap addon icon buttons into the minimap's right-click menu.
  • Added fix for max camera distance
  • Added new Config menu options to enable/disable these changes.
  • Added fix for Objective Tracker Lua error on login in retail WoW (Frame ObjectiveTrackerFrame is not movable or resizable)
  • Fixed LibHealComm Lua error for Wrath classic.

  • Includes fix for MultiCast Lua error.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Updated embedded libraries to avoid Lua errors in Wrath content (LibHeadComm4.0 was one of these broken libraries).
  • More movable frames for Wrath Classic.
  • Bug fixes where code wasn't being executed for wrath due to only checking for Burning Crusade Classic expansion levels.
  • Enabled totem bar with auto-migration code.
  • Fixed some Lua errors affecting Wrath Classic.
  • Updated for latest version of retail and wrath classic with new toc file.

  • Added shortcuts for MUI slash commands (type `/mui help` to see all commands)
  • Changed the default SUF profile to MayronUI instead of using the Default profile to preserve user settings
  • Instead of overriding ShadowUF and bartender settings, MUI will copy over the MayronUI profiles and will preserve other custom user profiles to make the installation easier for new users.
  • Added migration code for users using the Default ShadowUF profile, which will rename it to MayronUI.
  • The MUI installer will auto close when you are in combat and will not let you open it or install the UI while in combat.
  • Fixed TimerBars in healing layout (the target field should not have been auto-created and present in the healing layout).
  • Fixed bug where the Layout tool showed the timer bars as disabled despite being enabled
  • "Inventory" should have been named "Bags" on the data text, so I've reverted it back to "Bags".
  • Fixed timer bars flickering when changing layouts.

  • Fixed Friends data text bug preventing other locales from opening the list.
  • Fixed bug when opening up the layout switch tool where some addons would cause a Lua bug.
  • Added options to show/hide and edit the data text labels.
  • Updated toc version.
  • Updated SUF default profile settings.
  • Updated all addons in the UI pack.

  • Fixed for patch 9.1.5.
  • Season of Mastery support for the classic version!

  • Fixed a bug preventing the user from adding more Timer Bar Fields.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the user from resetting their currency using the data text bar.
  • Added more missing locale support.
  • Added support for LFG icon and LFG movable frames (BCC only).
  • Support for Burning Crusade patch 2.5.2 (BCC only).
  • Added Bagnon Guild Bank into the UI pack (BCC only).

  • Fixed interrupts when channeling spells to deplete correctly
  • Fixed many reported Lua bugs reported on GitHub.
  • Updated Shadowed Unit Frame default settings.

  • Added fixes for Russian font (name's appeared cut off with a [] symbol).
  • Added fix for "fieldNames" is a nil value (Lua error), which broke MUI config menu for many
  • Improved Lua error reporting
  • Fixed modifier key bug which broke the ability for chat frame shortcut buttons from switching when modifier key was down.

  • Fixed bug where timestamps broke the chat highlighting feature
  • Fixed profile manage bugs (including copying from profile and creating a new profile)
  • Fixed chat timestamp bugs clashing with the custom chat alias feature
  • Added ability to change the color of timestamps in chat.
  • Fixed Lua bug complaining about `data` being nil for popup windows.
  • Added missing localizations for all locales
  • Added zhTW, koKR, and esMX localization#

  • Fixed edit box config options.
  • Fixed broken Aura submenus in config options.

  • Fixed database bug which prevented new users from installing the UI.

  • Fixed chat channel bug when first logging in.
  • Fixed Shadowed Unit Frame LibHealComm Lua error.

  • Added Chat text highlighting feature with customisation in the MUI config menu (see Chat Frame > Text Highlighting).
  • Added custom chat aliases feature with customisation in the MUI config menu (see Chat Frame > Custom Aliases).
  • Added options to change X-Offset and Y-Offset of main container frame in the MUI config menu (see General submenu).
  • Fixed a Layout Tool bug when switching between layouts and changing profile options.
  • Fixed config menu bugs.
  • Reskinned checkboxes and sliders in the config menu.

  • Fixed tooltips config menu from not loading.
  • Fixed professions menu for TBC profession levels.
  • Many users were experiencing bugs with out-of-sync addon versions between MUI_Core, MUI_Config and MUI_Setup so I am putting all 3 into the same downloads folder because they must be installed together.
  • Fixed german locales.
  • Updated button sizes across MUI windows to fit text.
  • Updated MUI config menu to show more options and moved some buttons to different locations/cleaned up.

  • Many Minimap improvements: You can customize every "widget" by position, size, and whether it should be shown or hidden. Some widgets cannot be hidden (like the new mail icon).
  • The missions icon (i.e., covenant sanctum) for retail now shows by default.
  • The tracking icon now shows by default on both BCC and retail (it was previously broke on BCC).
  • Added reputation bar dynamic colors with options to adjust the color values for each "standing" (e.g., "Hated", "Neutral", "Friendly", etc...).
  • Added many missing translations for different languages.
  • Added Chinese and Italian language support.

  • Fixed cast bar status bar color for TBC Classic.
  • Fixed professions menu bugs.
  • Updated SUF default settings.

  • Fixed bug for non-enUS language/locale users causing the UI to break (or at least the timer bars to stop working with a Lua error showing)

  • Added options to disable different types of tool tips while in combat.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some addons external to the MUI pack from showing their tool-tips.
  • Added blend mode option to cast bars and changed the blend mode by default.
  • Updated the default settings of timer bars slightly.
  • Updated the injected addon settings for Masque to fix confusion caused by the action button checked border color.
  • Updated bartender and SUF injected default settings.
  • Fixed version number appearances across the UI.

  • Added Tool Tips module (must have TipTac disabled for this to work)
  • Removed TipTac settings from the list of addon settings injected by MUI_Setup
  • Fixed channeling bug caused when an enemy delays you from casting and the status bar went to 100% rather than depleting in the opposite direction.
  • Updated ticks for classic spells, such as Drain Life for warlocks (previously, there were no ticks on the cast bar for this spell).
  • Added reaction colors to unit names.
  • Fixed a timer bars bug when showing all buffs and debuffs (not just yours) and another player casted the same debuff on the target as you but only 1 showed.
  • Added alpha value to allow you to show timerbars of other people's buffs and debuffs as a different alpha value.

  • Fixed focus cast bar.
  • The tracking icon on the minimap is gone (still accessible by middle clicking the minimap).
  • The sort bags functionality is fixed.
  • The resource bars menu on `/mui config` has been fixed.
  • When installing the UI, the nameplates range/distance CVar is set to maximum range.

  • Updated in prep for BC Classic
  • Updated Timerbars to support classic unknown expiration time auras
  • Added Close/Cancel button to tooltip that shows when filtering timer bars
  • Fixed text wrapping issues with long-timer bar aura names
  • Added bug fixes and feature requests by Monkey:
    • Fixed chat tab highlighting and skinning issues when in pet battles.
    • Fixed disable event handler Lua error caused by buff position resetting.
    • Added ability to set the strata of action bar frames.
    • Added Quest count tracker data text module.

  • Updated for patch 9.0.5
  • Resource bars now show percent remaining and have been formatted correctly.
  • Fixed reported Lua bugs.

  • Rewrote parts of the engine to optimize the UI for improved performance and lower memory usage.
  • Disabled SUF raid frames as they were causing low FPS drops. Updated SUF settings.
  • Fixed Minimap settings in MUI config.
  • Fixed several other small bugs reported from github.
  • Patched up many memory leak bugs for rare use-cases.

  • Fixed game-breaking bug affecting error handling.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from clicking on a quest on their objective tracker while in combat to open the map.
  • Fixed bugs with the new report feature after multiple user tests.
  • Fixed bug with changing status bar textures that caused an error.
  • Improved error info on report feature.

  • Added New Feature: Report Issue. When you receive a Lua error you will see a "Report MayronUI Bug" button on the Lua error window to submit the bug to github. You can also access this report window using `/mui report`
  • Added "Not Interruptible" color to casting bars
  • Fixed channeling casting bar bug when changing targets - it would not update correctly.
  • Fixed the buggy quest colors on the objective tracker (shadowlands only) and added levels to quest titles.
  • Added ability to change the texture of resource bars in the config menu.
  • Added "Left to right" check box to casting bars to invert their horizontal growth.
  • Added ability to move the side action bar panel horizontally (X-Offset).

  • Added "Volume Options" datatext item.
  • Fixed bug causing migration issues to break the UI for previous users trying to update the UI.
  • Fixed target castbar interrupt bug causing it to look like it was still casting.
  • Updated zone map reskin, which also allows you to resize it.

  • Fixed "modkey" bug.
  • Updated module system and MayronObjects (core engine stuff)
  • Updated translations.
  • Included all the newer Setup code to prevent Lua errors from appearing when installing for some users.

  • Fixed chat frame Lua bug that showed when logging into the game
  • Fixed Lua bug caused by changing MUI config options ("options is a nil value").

  • Fixed pulsing bug
  • Fixed errors when disabling name panels
  • Improved AFK notifications.
  • Upgraded MayronObjects.

  • Added the ability to have up to three rows of bartender bars controlled by MUI
  • Added the ability to toggle a copy chat window when clicking "Whispers" and "Guild chat" on the AFK display if you received those types of messages while AFK.
  • Added target class color gradient to the unit frame panels - can be disabled
  • Added resting indicator to unit frames panel and name panels - player name will be cyan color and unit frame panel will have a pulsing/flashing effect - can be disabled
  • Replaced many textboxes in MUI config with sliders and all sliders now have an override small textbox underneath.
  • Added covenant option to the minimap menu that shows when right-clicking it, as well as all older mission UI panels.
  • Added ability to increase row spacing between bartender bar rows at the bottom of the UI if "Allow MUI to control selected bartender bars" is checked.
  • You can now select "None" on a bartender bar dropdown in MUI config to only have 1 bar per row for more customize.
  • Each row height is now calculated based on the largest bartender bar to help make it easier to customize the UI.
  • Added three keybinding options to immediately switch between 1 to 3 bartender bar rows at the bottom of the UI.
  • The tutorials after installing the UI reflect the changes with these new key binding options.
  • Updated the injected Bartender settings in MUI_Setup - I recommend doing a custom install in `/mui install` and checking bartender in the custom install tab before installing again to get the latest settings that work with the new third bartender bar row.
  • Fixed many configuration bugs.

  • Added Food and Drink Castbar
  • Fixed bug when entering the world and casting
  • it now works as expected
  • Added MayronUI specific keybindings
  • Added option to toggle food and drink castbar
  • Added special taintLess script to avoid taint issues for dropdowns
  • Fixed Lua bug caused by changing Auras to status bars
  • Updated version control for tutorial menus
  • Added disabling logic to MUI config menu to prevent Lua errors

  • Added option for change X-Offset of Chat frames
  • Added option to change the alpha of action bar panels
  • Fixed questInfo Lua error bug with objective tracker
  • Added option to hide voice icons on chat frames
  • Removed Recount from the UI pack - most people replace it with !Details.

  • When installing the UI, the chat frame now positions itself correctly after install.
  • Fixed problem with enabling=/disabling chat frame icons using config menu.
  • Fixed bug with cast bar square icon causing Lua error after 9.0.1
  • Updated LibMayronObjects in preparation for big update.
  • Updated addons in the UI pack.
  • Updated MUI addons to shadowlands patch.

  • Fixed friends list on datatext bar
  • Fixed copy chat color highlighting
  • Fixed a few small config bugs.
  • Added TipTac back into the UI pack now that it has been updated for 9.0.1

  • Fixed border around chat edit box
  • Moved and reskinned the talking head frame for quests to the top of the screen
  • Fixed borders around expand/retract button and resource bars
  • Fixed the reskinning of minimize/maximize objective tracker buttons.
  • Fixed data text currency "Todays Profit" value.
  • Added fix for expanding/retracting the bottom UI while in combat.

  • Contains the updated version of MUI_Core from curseforge that fixes several UI breaking bugs.

  • Updated for patch 9.0.1
  • Fixed cast bar problems.

  • Fixed cast bars from fading away or not appearing while casting.
  • Fixed mini-map ALT+Click.
  • Updated ShadowUF and TipTac settings (injected when installing the UI + custom install with addons checked).
  • Updated a few addons included in the UI pack.

  • Fixed bag sorting - some items in the inventory would break this.
  • Fixed MUI profile manager.

  • Added ability to filter timer bars based on whether they are a buff or debuff (not just if they originated from you).
  • Added new dropdowns in the datatext specialization menu to assign a UI Layout to a spec. When changing specs, the layout of the UI will change accordingly.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

  • Fixed Objectives Tracker (it was previously missing).
  • Fixed ChatFrame clamping issue causing it be misplaced after reloading the UI.
  • Fixed mail box icon.

  • Moved all MUI addons (excluding MUI_Config and MUI_Setup) into MUI_Core.
  • Added enable/disable buttons in config menu to disable each module.
  • Datatext Concurrency menu item now shows the correct "Today's Profit" value.
  • Fixed Lua error showing in config menu for cast bars.
  • Added more localization.
  • Many other small bug fixes.
  • Added version control between classic and gen6 to keep code consistent between versions.

  • Added credits tab to the MUI setup window + updated information tab
  • Fixed bug for selecting the Unit of the TimerBar fields in config
  • Added more translation support thanks to individual members of the community
  • Updated the appearance of the expand/retract button to show an arrow to avoid confusion
  • Updated Leatrix Plus

  • Added feature to reset the currency of the DataText currency module by right-clicking the currency button on the DataText bar and either selecting an individual character or all characters.
  • Added the ability to right-click a TimerBar to add it to either the whitelist or blacklist (and optionally enable the whitelist or blacklist depending on your preference)
  • Fixed a strange reputation bug causing problems when installing the UI for some
  • Updated addons and added additional translation support for German and French users.

  • Updated Mayron libraries to support new features included in MUI Classic
  • Fixed Layout bug in MUI Config

  • Fixed support for newer version of Bagnon
  • Added Bagnon back into the UI pack by default
  • Updated toolkit functions + some code cleaning
  • Updated LeatrixPlus and Recount
  • Removed Bagnon as the new update, and old edited version, were both causing UI crashes.
  • Updated all addons to their latest versions.
  • Updated AFK window to include newer allied races.
  • Included pull request changes from GitHub for updates to MUI_DataText.
  • Updated Data Text settings and fixed Data Text update bug.
  • - Fixed on login Lua error which broke the UI (to do with Objective tracker)

  • - Replaced AuraFrames with MUI_Auras with config menu settings
  • - Fixed Quest/Objective tracker
  • - Fixed datatext config menu bug
  • - Added fix for Movable Frames (world map frame bug)
  • - Moved improved engine code from classic to retail
  • - Fixed the MUI_Setup addOn "change profile" dropdown in the custom install tab menu
  • - Added a checkbox for enabling and disabling the AFK display
  • - Fixed localization problems with class names (unknown class name Lua error)
  • - Fixed QuestInfo, EncounterJournal, and Tooltip anchoring Lua error bug
  • - Updated addons
  • - Added better error detection
  • - Fixed Objective Tracker bugs (sorry about that!)
  • - Updated TipTac setup import settings
  • Fixed Movable frames Lua error for patch 8.2
  • Fixed MUI config side bar button background textures for patch 8.2
  • Includes some small Objective Tracker reskinning
  • Added support for using MUI_Chat with WeakAura chat links.
  • Fixed bug with Layout Switcher
  • All blizzard window shortcuts using the MUI_Chat frame are now blocked in combat to avoid Lua errors caused by code taint.
  • Fixed bug where losing a stack on an aura would not update the TimerBar
  • Added options for the MiniMap, available in "/mui config", to enable the zone text and control its appearance.
  • Updated Recount and LeatrixPlus to newer versions in the addon pack.
  • Added the ability to have multiple data text buttons of the same type. This allows multiple "None" (blank) data text buttons for those using external data text addons to place ontop of blank areas on the data text bar.
  • Updated TipTac and Recount
  • Fixed MUI_Setup bug where people who were using MikScrollingBattleText found an error with a missing addon injection step (removed MSBT legacy injection settings)
  • Added MUI Config slider for editing the height of the datatext bar
  • Added a "/mui version" slash command to be able to easily find out the version of MUI in use (useful when reporting bugs)
  • Fixed bug when trying to move the MUI Castbar.
  • Updated default ShadowUF settings (party frames looks better, especially for healing) + swapped around the health and mana text on portrait frames as they were in the wrong order
  • Fixed OrderHallCommandBar (with help from @Monkey#6302)
  • The TimerField "Target" is removed by default in the Healer Layout
  • Fixed bug where swapping layouts would cause a Lua error if a Timer Field was missing on one of the layouts.
  • Fixed Database bug that people have been reporting
  • Updated AFK title bar to show "Gen6" instead of "Gen5".

  • Fixed missing Action Bar menus in MUI Config
  • Fixed the ability to remove and add Timer Bar fields
  • Fixed Layout switching bug for MUI_TimerBars
  • Fixed bug with Objective Tracker anchoring (Emergency release for 8.1.5)
  • Fixed Bagnon
  • Fixed problems with MUI Config
  • Moved TimerBars into its own database (so settings might have reset)
  • Experimental: You can now change the layout of MUI_TimerBars in the Layout Switch Tool but seems buggy
  • Fixed bug with unlocking and moving Timer Fields (that hold the timer bars)
  • Updated ShadowUF settings (you will need to use the MUI Installer and override the old ShadowUF settings to apply these changes)
  • Fixed some config setting bugs
  • Updated default MUI ShadowUF settings.
  • Updated default MUI bartender settings.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the TimerBar width, height, and spacing settings would not update without a reload.
  • Fixed a bug where TimerBar icons sometimes appeared outside of the TimerFields.
  • Fixed a ShadowUF anchor to MUI Panel bug.
  • Fixed bug that prevented TimerFields from functioning correctly.

  • Fixed bug that prevented disabling TimerFields.
  • Fixed bug where pressing the unlock button (for timer fields) would cause a Lua error if the field was disabled.
  • Changed execution pipeline to not call the same function more than once.
  • Updated resource bars:
    • If using default settings, a highlight texture shows when mouse hovering over a resource bar
    • Hovering over a resource bar will only show a tooltip and not the text (no duplicate info showing to confuse users)

  • Fixed Battle.net chat messages in copy chat feature

  • Added new feature to copy chat messages
  • Fixed Layout Switch Tool
  • Fixed Battle.net Notification Frame (when someone comes online)
  • Added 3 new icons that are anchored to the Chat Frame SideBar:
    • Added new icon to toggle the new copy chat messages feature
    • Added new icon to toggle chat emotes
    • Added new icon to set the player status (available, away, busy)
  • Fixed problems with enabling/disabling the chat frames (caused icons and positions to change unexpectedly)
  • Added new chat frame options to show/hide the new icons
  • Fixed latency cast bar texture
  • Fixed Data Text button font size

  • Fixed Cast Bar latency display
  • Fixed levelling up player level text update

6.0.0 (MayronUI Gen6)
  • An all-new engine powering the UI with a ton of functionality and improved performance (the biggest new engine change ever done for MUI)
  • An all-new database system
  • Added a ton of new config options
  • Moved DataText code into its own addon and fixed many bugs
  • All new TimerBars code with more options and a better blacklist / whitelist system (that now works)
  • Profile Manager options inside the config menu and on the Setup window
  • Movable Blizzard Frames
  • Added Bagnon back into the UI pack with injectable settings in the config window (1 bag/inventory frame)
  • Removed Grid because it is out of date and also led to people asking "why do I have 2 raid frames?" when one was the Blizzard raid frames and one was grid. I will leave it up to the user to add a better raid frames addon from now on
  • Better support for placing voice chat icons on any of the chat frames in any corner
  • You can now enable/disable the tab bar for each chat frame corner
  • A ton of new slash commands for managing profiles
  • Many bugs fixed and improved coding standards

  • Fixed SmartTell (clicking on friends/guild members to whisper them) for datatext friends and guild modules

  • Fixed cast bar and channeling bar bug that caused the bar to sometimes disappear when hit in combat

  • Fixed TimerBar issues with debuffs
  • Fixed issues with datatext modules

  • Updated Grid
  • Added Azerite Bar with Azerite options
  • Added more localization

  • Updated to include more localisation
  • Updated to fix experience bar
  • Re-added Grid all updated for BFA (plus a library quick fix)
  • Re-added AuraFrames
  • Fixed scrollbar bug
  • Fixed AFK window for new BFA races
  • Fixed bugs with datatext buttons
  • Other minor bug fixes

  • For patch 8.0.1
  • This is a very rushed update to fix the core fundamentals
  • AuraFrames is missing from the UI pack as it is no longer being maintained by the author. I will eventually try to replace or fix it.
  • The timer bar configuration menu does not seem to be working but the bars are still showing up.

  • For patch 7.3

  • Updated EventManager API and fixed reputation bar lua error

  • Fixed The AFK Model for Undead characters (Lua error will no longer show)
  • Re-position troop icons on the Order Hall Command Bar
  • Removed MikScrollingCombat Text from the UI as it seems more of a personal preference AddOn
  • Updated the MUI ShadowedUnitFrames default configuration to show the warlock soul shards as a bar instead of icons
    -- this should fix the spamming of icons, but you'll need to re-inject settings using "/mui config" and checking ShadowedUF in the list of addon settings to override (in custom install tab) before pressing the install button.
  • Updated LibMayronDB
  • Moved the talking head frame back to the bottom of the UI screen but slightly higher.
  • Updated many addons in the UI Pack

  • Updated leatrix plus.
  • Fixed talking head frame positioning.
  • Removed OmniCC and Postal as they are now obsolete.
  • Updated all addons.
  • Redone the code used to expand and retract all UI related frames.
  • Right clicking a datatext window after left clicking will play the correct animation.
  • Moved the "TalkingHeadFrame" (the portrait dialog box that shows up during Legion events/quests) to the top of the screen away from the bottom part of the UI.
  • Updated for patch 7.2
  • Fixed a bug caused by tracking a reputation at exalted status.
  • Preparing code for new framework (coming soon).
  • Extracting the zip folder will no longer show a root level folder. All addons are contained directly inside it to avoid confusion.
  • Updated for patch 7.1.5
  • Fixed a few bugs with MUI_TimerBars
  • Added option to show LeatrixPlus Music Player in the MiniMap right click menu + colour coded them
  • Fixed some incorrect text in the config menu
  • Updated individual AddOns
  • Fixed the MiniMap right clicking bug

  • Added a new Reputation Bar at the bottom of the UI (to match the artifact and XP bar).
  • Added options to alter the font size of the artifact, xp, and reputation bar text.
  • Fixed the DataText money bug that broke the profit gained value.
  • Updated MUI Bartender Saved Settings to have the Bartender reputation bar disabled by default.
  • Updated the DataText Guild Module to show tooltips (can be disabled via MUI Config).
  • Updated the DataText Combat Timer Module so that numbers do not twitch as much.
  • Fixed a bug with the EventManager API.
  • You can now change the DataText bar's frame strata and level using the MUI Config menu.
  • Fixed dropdown menu tooltips.
  • Updated Leatrix Plus

  • Fixed bugs with the datatext module.
  • Updated the Recount Saved Settings to prevent a bug with the details window not showing.
  • Fixed other technical bugs and tweaked the MUI engine.
  • Fixed DataText Money Module bug preventing it from working with different language locales.
  • Added many MUI Config Options:
    -- You can now disable the DataText module (the entire bar will be hidden)
    -- New options to alter the appearance and position of the chat frame edit box (the chat input box)
  • Fixed the rested state bar to update correctly
  • Fixed a Lua error: "MUI_Core\bottom_ui.lua:560: attempt to index field 'panel' (a nil value)"
  • The artifact bar now hides when you un-equip artifact weapons.
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from being able to right click on selected chat tabs.
  • Updated AddOns in the UI pack using Curse Client (such as Grid).
  • Updated Grid Saved Variables.

  • The Guild DataText for different localisations should now work correctly.
  • Changed the appearance of labels in the Guild and Friend DataText modules
  • By default the guild ranks of guild members will show in the Guild DataText.
    -- This can be disabled in the MUI Config menu!
  • Optimized the performance of the TimerBars module so that switching targets in combat will not increase memory too much.
  • Cleaned up TimerBars code.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the ability to unblock datatext modules while in combat
  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Fixed the Class Order Hall Command Bar issue
  • Fixed a TimerBars bug
  • Fixed the "IsRootParent" Lua error from uploaded a few minutes ago (sorry about that!)
  • Engine has been optimized for better performance
  • Fixed a mistake where a default value was incorrectly set to disable the unit frame panels.
  • Added an option to disable the target name panel class color.
  • Updated the Order Hall bar to fix a problem where too many troop portraits would overlay the "Area Name"

  • Added many options to the MUI Config Menu, Bottom UI Panels menu:
    -- You can now disable the Unit Panels
    -- You can now disable the Action Bar Panels
    -- You can now disable MUI from controlling the positions of Shadowed Unit Frames
    -- You can now disable MUI from controlling the position of Grid in the Healing Layout
  • Restructured the layout of options in the Bottom UI Panels menu.
  • Fixed tooltips in the TimerBar menus

  • Added Config Menu Option (General Tab) to change the theme color.
    -- You no longer need to visit the install menu to do this.
  • Added Config Menu Option (Bottom UI Panels Tab) to change the height of the action bar panel.
    -- There are 2 height values for when the panel is expanded or retracted.
  • Fixed a bug preventing your character's equipment set to change when using the datatext spec module.
  • Fixed a Lua error caused when changing targets.
  • (Hopefully) fixed a bug preventing the list of Guild names showing correctly when using the datatext guild module.
  • Fixed artifact and xp bar related bugs when using the Config Menu.
  • Added a Spark effect to TimerBars.
  • Added Config Menu Option (TimerBars tab) to disable the spark effect.
  • Changed the default values of TimerBar appearance values.
  • Added the ColorPickerPlus AddOn to make changing color values easier.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player level text from updating correctly when the player levels up.
  • Fixed a level up bug

  • Fixed the Mirror Cast Bar
  • CastBars are now theme colored by default.
  • Added options to change the gradient effect across the unit frames.
  • You can now disable the gradient effect
  • The gradient effect is anchored to the portrait bar and not the unit frame so that it should not appear if you have the portrait bar disabled.
  • Updated the config menu
  • The expand and retract animation effects for the Bottom Panel and Side Bar Panel by default are faster.
    -- You can now adjust the speed of these effects in the config menu.

  • The Cast Bar module has been redeveloped.
  • The Player Cast Bar now shows channelling tick indicators and latency.
  • The Config menu now shows a ton of new CastBar and SideBar options, plus many more...
  • Fixed many existing CastBar bugs such as CastBars appearing extremely large when SUF portrait bars were disabled.
  • Fixed a bug with MUI DropDownMenu's.
  • Added the ability to prevent MUI from controlling Bartender Action Bars.
  • Added the ability to decide which Bartender Action Bars sohuld be used with MUI for the Bottom panel and Side panel.
  • Updated many AddOn saved settings used with the Setup menu.
  • Fixed a bug with the Spec datatext module to do with DropDownMenus.
  • Fixed a Color Picker bug.
  • Fixed a memory leak problem with MUI_CastBar [beta]
  • Fixed a GUI ScrollFrame bug
  • Fixed chat tabs and the chat scroll indicator
  • Fixed a TimerBars bug
  • Added a mouse over effect and tooltips showing in the buff and debuff manager windows (for TimerBars)
  • Updated AddOns in the UI Pack using Curse Client
  • Fixed a GUI DropDownMenu bug [beta]
  • Added many new config menu options
  • Fixed an AFK bug for those who are running WoW not using the English language
  • Fixed a problem with enabling the "symmetric" option, causing no target names to appear
  • Fixed a few Lua errors
  • You can now disable the Master Font option/feature
  • You can now change which modifier key/s cause the expand/retract button to appear
  • There is an option to unblock datatext buttons while in combat
  • Many other things.. [beta]
  • Changed how the TimerBars system works. It now tracks everything by default and will dynamically generate the list of auras to track
  • TimerBar fields now have an option to track auras that you did not apply. This option is disabled by default. [beta]
  • Updated SUF and Grid AddOn settings
  • Fixed a TimerBars bug [beta]
  • Fixed major problems with tracking debuffs for the TimerBar module
  • Fixed minimap right click menu options
  • Fixed the AFK window

5.0.1 [beta]
  • Added new TimerBars module
  • Added a "Master Font" option in the general tab of the config menu
  • Added general options to control the Objective (Quest) tracker
  • The Master Font option alters the in-game combat text + nameplate text
  • Updated for patch 7.1
  • Drastically altered the MUI engine
  • Fixed many bugs
  • Added support for LibSharedMedia
  • Improved the MUI dropdown Menus [beta]
  • The level of the target now shows with the correct difficulty colour.
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Moved config menu options to better locations. (Gen5 beta)
  • You can switch between datatext modules without a reload of the UI.
  • Updated the config menu to include many new working options!
  • Added 2 new data text modules (must be enabled in config menu)
    - Added a money data text module
    - Added a combat timer data text module
  • Added an option in the config menu to enable Classic mode from Gen4 ("Always Symmetric")
  • Attempted to fix the Objective Tracker bug (not confirmed if fixed)
  • many more tweaks with the config menu... (Gen5 beta)
  • Updated the MUI Config menu to now work correctly
  • Added many new WORKING options to the config menu
    - Many options are still missing
    - More options will be added over the next few weeks!
  • Added the option to show XP and Artifact XP text over the bars (check the config menu)
  • Fixed many bugs (still need to fix the objective tracker) (Gen5 beta)
  • Change the looks of the Class Order Hall Command Bar (the top bar) so that it no longer Overlaps anything important
  • Added a new artifact bar ontop of the XP bar!(can be disabled in the "MUI_Core/bottom_ui.lua" file)
  • Updated Bartender and Tiptac AddOn settings
  • Added a Tooltip for first time installers to notify them about the expand/retract feature
  • Added a armor durability colour indicator to the data text (Gen5 beta)
  • Fixed a BN Toast notification bug
  • Fixed a profile related lua error (Gen5 beta)
  • Added MUI_Font and MUI_StatusBar into the game
  • The Game Font is set to MUI_Font by default (will add the option to disable this in GUI in future)
  • Updated SUF and Recount saved settings (Gen5 beta)
  • Fixed major problem that caused the installer to appear during each character log after switching characters
  • Fixed Bottom Left chat frame problems:
    - You can now position your chat frame perfectly in the bottom corners of the screen without it repositioning itself
    - You can now right click chat tabs with no blocking
  • Fixed the Objective Tracker
  • The Objective Tracker is no longer movable as this was a temporary fix to another problem
  • The Player's name now turns red while in combat
  • The bartender artifact bar is now positioned and enabled by default
    - (if you want the new settings, type "/mui install", go to custom install, check "Bartender4" from "AddOn settings to Override", then install) (Gen5 beta)
  • Added Grid back into the UI pack and made changes to the Healing and DPS layouts
  • Fixed the positioning of cast bars
  • Fixed the chat buttons so that they now work correctly during combat
  • Fixed the Compact Raid Frame Manager for those using the top left chat frame
  • Fixed a few Lua errors
  • Updated the following AddOn Saved settings (injected during the installation process):
    - Shadowed Unit Frames
    - Grid
    - Recount
  • Added right click options to the MiniMap to show Leatrix Plus and to Toggle Recount
  • Recount now positions itself after an installation of the UI
  • NPC's no longer show up as class coloured on the MUI Name panel
  • Objectives Tracker has been fixed but is no longer anchored to the SideBar. Instead, it is now movable.

5.0.0 (Gen5 beta)
  • All code has been redone!
  • UI runs on a new engine
  • Extremely efficient compared to Gen4
  • Tons of new artwork
  • New Setup menu
  • Can enable/disable chat frame artwork on "custom install" tab in setup menu
  • Can change theme colour in "custom install" tab
  • BottomUI has a new expand/retract animation effect
  • New datatext AddOn built into the UI to replace SLDataText (built by myself)
  • A new spec/equipment manager datatext module that lets you assign loot specialization on right click
  • Special animation effects added to UI menus.
  • AFK Window now has smoother animation effects
  • New profiling system
  • New database system - very efficient on memory
  • No more Ace Libraries
  • New Config menu - still in development and very buggy at the moment
    - You need to change most config options by editing the ".lua" files but this will be sorted soon!
  • Reskin module currently not available but will be coming back shortly! (it's in development)
  • New cast bars that have fixed many bugs
  • Cast bar AddOn is still very basic and will be improved on in the future!
  • New XP Bar that shows below bartender action bars.
  • Removed many AddOns that were too buggy/out dated but there are plans to re-add them over time.
  • Bazooka had to be removed due to broken plugins.
  • Fixed MiniMap issues.

-- WARNING: This is a rushed update for patch 7.0.0. I am focusing on Gen5 and Gen4 is low priority but at least you can now use it again.
-- I hope it's at least somewhat playable :)
-- Had to remove some addOns that are not currently up to date for Legion pre-patch

-- All AddOns updated
-- Chat Art "Tab Background" now works
-- No more Lua errors when altering Chat options in MUI Config
-- Updated the Glyph Frame
-- Fixed a bug where ItemTextFrame font colours were not changing to white correctly
-- Fixed mui config menu check boxes
-- Cleaned up some code.

-- Renamed the UI Pack back to Gen4 (I originally put Gen5 as a typing error)
-- Fixed a major bug with the SpellBook which caused a MayronUI_ReskinUI Lua error to block interaction with buttons
-- Fixed TalentFrame issues
-- Reskinned only a few elements when the MasterPlan AddOn is enabled.
-- Attempted to fix the Character Frame tooltips issue for stats
-- Tweaked the TalentFrame reskin slightly.
-- Removed BasicChatMods - it shouldn't have been in the UI Pack!
-- Fixed file structure and green square issues
-- Updated to support 6.2.0

-- Fixed the Side bars issue (hopefully) to stop buttons disappearing
-- Fixed a problem with the Compact Raid Frame Manager not showing if the player has not enabled the top left chat box
-- Reskinned the entire Archaeology Frame to look very different
-- Fixed many smaller bugs
-- Updated the Ara Broker plugin
-- Fixed bugs in the config menu and how the install process works

-- Attempted to fix strange lua errors caused by compatibility issues with other AddOns (Auctioneer)
-- Reskinned missing textures
-- Fixed the Compact Raid Frame Manager and altered how it works with the UI to act differently
-- Attempted to fix the Side Bar issue where buttons to expand and retract the side bar disappeared
-- Tweaked with the Reskin of the class trainer window.
-- The compact Raid Frame Manager will never again block your Chat Frame Window!

-- Fixed bugs with the tooltip
-- Fixed bugs with the Character Frame
-- Reskinned missing elements with the GarrisonUI Frames
-- Tweaked the Reskin for tooltips
-- Reskinned more buttons to the newer style
-- Fixed AFK Window options in the MUI config menu
-- Fixed many ReskinUI Bugs

-- Fixed a Bug with the Compact Raid Frame Manager due to a Blizzard Update
-- Updated the ReskinUI Module

-- Fixed the Tooltip issue caused when exiting the AFK Window
-- Fixed a Tooltip issue causing some tooltips to not be Reskinned
-- Heavily altered code and style for the following window Reskins in the ReskinUI Module:
-- Achievement Frame
-- LFD and PVP Windows
-- Talent Frame
-- Garrison UI Frames
-- Reskinned missing features and fixed bugs
-- Added a new option in the MUI Config menu for the ReskinUI Module that allows you to alter the colour of buttons during mouse over.
-- Many other tweaks with the ReskinUI module.
-- Fixed bugs in all modules
-- Fixed the Advanced Character button to save its state globally
-- Fixed compatibility issues with other AddOns outside the UI Pack.
-- Restructured a lot of the code in the ReskinUI module

-- Altered the appearance of the Quest Frame with the ReskinUI Module
-- The AFK Window no longer shows while viewing the Auction House / Frame
-- Altered the appearance of the Auction Frame with the ReskinUI Module and fixed bugs
-- Reskinned the wow Token frame viewable from the Auction Frame
-- Fixed Setup window bugs
-- Altered the Bartender4 saved settings to avoid monk issues and to stop bar 7 from hiding with the selfy camera.
-- Altered how the Scroll Frame and Text works on the Setup Window
-- Altered the text content in the "Top Tips" section of the Setup Window
-- Fixed a Chat Frame bug where clicking on a URL would cause a Lua error or not show the Copy URL Box
-- Altered how Hyperlinks (also for items and quests etc..) work for OnEnter, OnLeave, and OnClick scripts.
-- Removed a bug where disabling the ReskinUI AddOn while the module was enabled would cause a Lua error.
-- Reskinned icons that should have been reskinned on tool tips.

-- Added new features and options for the AFK Window
-- AFK Window now will show a tooltip when first shown with update 4.6.8 which tells you about the new feature
-- AFK Window now has the ability to be expanded and show a Whispers, Guild Chat, and clock feature
-- Whispers and Guild Chat inform you of any messages you missed while you were AFK in a nice, clear display.
-- Fixed a camera control bug.
-- Fixed problems with the AFK Window
-- Altered how the AFK Window shows and hides and removed a bug.
-- Fixed a massive ReskinUI bug that caused many frames to not get Reskinned
-- Fixed AFK Window bugs

-- Separated the ReskinUI Module into its own AddOn.
-- If you do not use the ReskinUI Module, the MayronUI AddOn memory would be roughly half the size.
-- Added options in the MayronUI Config Menu to alter/disable the AFK Window
-- You can now rescale the Player Model in the AFK Window
-- Updated Leatrix Plus
-- Fixed a problem where the Character Helm and Clock Check Buttons with Leatrix Plus now shows correctly with the ReskinUI Module.

-- AFK Window now hides when attacked while AFK
-- AFK Window now shows the player's name, level, spec, and class
-- While AFK, the camera will rotate very slowly
-- The Player Model during AFK has been rescaled to be slightly smaller
-- The Draggable box around the Player Model has been made smaller and the Player Model can be moved closer to screen edges as a result.

-- Added a new AFK UI screen for when the player goes AFK:
-- This hides the rest of the UI and shows a timer counting up
-- A model of the player will show which can be interacted with
-- The model can be clicked on to cause a hitting animation
-- The model can be picked up and dragged around the screen causing a falling animation
-- The model's rotation will turn to face the center of the screen when being dragged
-- The player will then fall down the screen when let go and hit the ground (the panel below)
-- The AFK frame goes away by either pressing ESC or by walking forward to break being AFK.

-- Heavily altered the ReskinUI Menu
-- Added new options and altered structure slightly for the MayronUI Config menu (/mui config)
-- Added new ReskinUI feature for Title bar effects which can be disabled in config menu
-- Fixed BottomUI and ChatFrame bugs
-- Fixed bugs with the new Advanced Character option feature

-- Added a feature where an Advanced check button is on the Character window with the ReskinUI Module enabled.
-- When advanced button is on, item level for each gear slot with durability percent will show
-- Character Frame Reskinned is now slightly wider and stylised slightly different
-- Fixed a few ReskinUI bugs

-- Updated and modified Bagnon to support Bagnon's latest update with MayronUI Reskin style
-- Updated Chat Box Module to fix bugs
-- Added extra frames to be Reskinned with the ReskinUI Module
-- Made it possible to have Movable Blizzard Frames WITHOUT Reskinning them with the ReskinUI Module!
-- Fixed a lot of ReskinUI Module bugs
-- Updated all AddOns
-- Fixed a SLDataText_Guild bug by modifying the code
-- Added options in the Config menu for the ReskinUI module.
-- Grid MayronUI Settings overridden during installation will not show Party Frames in DPS Mode by default to avoid overlapping with Shadowed Unit Frame Party Frames.

-- Updated the UI to support WoW Patch update 6.1.0
-- Removed BottomUI Bug
-- ReskinUI has been updated to reskin the new Heirloom menu and many more reskin tweaks
-- Updated the ChatFrame module and fixed the Mounts and Pets button for 6.1.0.
-- Updated all AddOns

-- Fixed Cast Bar bug where Appearance table was missing, causing a Lua error.
-- Added Bagnon back and altered Bagnon code to match MayronUI's default Reskin
-- Altered the ReskinUI module to support reskinning of Bagnon Icons and made Bagnon frames fully movable.
-- Altered Blizzard Bag container code in the ReskinUI module to reposition bags correctly under certain events.
-- Fixed many ReskinUI bugs, include how some Skinned Icons would revert back to the Blizzard Icon style (such as in the Profession windows)
-- Reskinned more windows I had found such as the Raid Lockout window.
-- Updated all AddOns

-- Fixed bug where Item reward choices on the Quest Frame would cause a Lua error
-- Fixed a bug where item reward choices would not get their icon border colors updated to the rarity of the item for the first time opening the Quest/Map Log.
-- Fixed bugs with the Void Storage Window.
-- Updated all AddOns that needed updating.

-- Loot Frame no longer bugs when more than 10 items are being shown
-- Frame Frame now can so up to 50 items (like there's ever going to be more than 20 items)
-- Loot Frame now makes a 2nd row of 9 loot items in the Loot frame once the number of loot-able items exceeds 9.
-- Frames no longer move by themselves if you close a frame such as the talent frame while the character frame is showing.
-- Removed Spell Book frame bug from occurring while in combat and trying to open it
-- Removed some World Map Frame bugs
-- Updated all AddOns
-- Fixed Encounter frame bugs with enemy models
-- Updated bartender settings so that the default MUI Bartender profile settings will not show the Blizzard Vehicle UI

-- Fixed Shadowed Unit Frame AddOn temporarily till the author fixes it to remove Lua error and bug
-- Added LFR indicator to Minimap
-- Fixed bug where Objectives Frame Tracker would move position randomly
-- Changed the Garrison Report icon
-- Added better support for Leatrix Plus
-- Added options to the list that shows when you right click the Minimap
-- Updated many AddOns
-- Many internal code tweaking and bug fixing.

-- You can not use the "Toggle Garrison Report" keybinding again
-- Many bugs with the Garrison Building frame have been fixed with the ReskinUI module:
-- Buttons now are selected correctly with selection borders showing correctly for tabs
-- Tooltips now show up on mouse over
-- Buttons are skinned much more efficiently so no chance of bugs occurring on mouse up
-- AddOns updated and Model folder removed (should not have been there!)
-- Leatrix Plus also updated
-- MiniMap bugs fixed!

-- Fixed many bugs
-- Updated MiniMap to show a better replacement indicator for Garrison Missions
-- Updated MiniMap dungeon Difficulty indicator
-- Added extra actions for right clicking MiniMap
-- Updated Shadowed Unit Frame Settings
-- Updated AddOns
-- Fixed bug where the LFD Popup window would not be skinned correctly
-- Made the Talent Frame selected talents look nicer
-- Changed the Achievement Frame skin slightly.

-- UI Supports the new Shadowed Unit Frame Update
-- Shadowed Unit Frames now appear on top of the MUI Bottom frames rather than behind (bug fix for new SUF Update)

-- Removed the chat spamming of AddOns being loaded in-game from version 4.3.0
-- Fixed quest tracking coloured progression
-- Fixed problems with the Quest Log

-- Fixed Cast Bar bug where bar would disappear saying the cast had failed when your character was still casting (in dungeons mainly)
-- Reskinned all Garrison Windows
-- Made more windows save their positioning when re-opened after dragging to a new position.
-- Fixed bugs and updated AddOns

-- Fixed Garrison windows
-- Fixed bugs
-- Quartz cast bars (if installed) while appear over the Shadowed Unit Frames
-- Fixed the Name Text background frame behind the target name text from not appearing
-- Updated the ReskinUI module to skin more frames and fix bugs.

-- Removed the Debuff/Buff filtering as it is too confusing and does not work half of the time
-- Made the garrison minimap icon smaller and in a better place. Reskins with the Reskin Module.
-- Made some frames save their positioning with the ReskinUI module when dragged.
-- Added option to disable the function to Save frame repositioning in the MUI Config Menu (ReskinUI Tab)
-- Updated all addons.

-- Updated Shadowed Unit Frame settings
-- Updated bartender settings
-- Changed how clicking on talent frame's works to make it feel better.
-- Removed Objectives Tracker from hiding in combat.
-- Objectives Tracker with the option enabled will now instead hide when entering instances or engaging a boss fight.
-- Made Quest Reward border's show the colour of the rarity of the quest reward like most other icon borders.
-- Updated MUI Config Menu.
-- Changing Shadowed Unit Frame's profiles with the BottomUI Module disabled will no longer cause Lua errors.
-- Fixed other minor things.

-- Removed the "Choose a different Resolution" feature from the MUI Installer
-- Added a Slider to "Choose a Different UI Scale" to the MUI Installer
-- Choosing a different UI Scale from the installer and pressing install will now re-position Recount, Omen, and Bazooka to suit the new UI Scale (as well as the Chat Frame).
-- Fixed the Pet Battle Reskin so that Buffs and Debuffs finally appear in the correct place.
-- Fixed a bug with the Objectives Tracker which showed the popup box with the message "MayronUI has blocked.." after the expand and retract of the objectives tracker after combat.
-- Fixed other smaller bugs/features.
-- Updated the Saved Settings to be transferred across in the MayreonUI_SetupDate for Bazooka, Bartender, and Grid.

-- Fixed multiple Cast Bar Bugs:
-- Cast Bars now position correctly
-- Cast Bars no longer cause a Lua error to occur when anchoring a bar to the Shadowed Unit Frames
-- The Target of Target cast bar now works correctly
-- Cast bars now scale correctly with the Shadowed Unit Frames if anchored to them
-- Grid now anchors itself to the Bottom of the UI for animating when the BottomUI Expands and Retracts
-- Grid now positions itself correctly for all UI Scales and Resolution types
-- There is now the Option to unanchor Grid in the MUI Config Menu
-- Fixed a Lua error when using TotemTimers and trying to install it if the player was not a shaman
-- Included TotemTimers into the UI Pack
-- Updated Bartender / MSBT / Grid settings in the MayronUI_SetupData
-- Added and adjusted more Frames to be Reskinned differently.
-- Fixed the Toggle Bag Buttons to anchor bag buttons correctly.
-- Fixed the sound not working for the clicks and installation sound
-- Made it possible to change the Width of the cast bars if they are anchored to the SUF Unit Frames
-- Cast Bars now have their width and height values adjusted correctly when anchored to a Shadowed Unit Frame through the MUI Config Menu regardless of the Unit's Scale.

-- Fixed a bug where if you open up the Talent frame with a Chat Art Button then if you attempt to switch talents, a Lua error prevents you from doing so.
-- Reskinned missing Quest Frames
-- Added support for Mik Scrolling Battle Text to replace Parrot as Parrot has been abandoned.
-- Added setup data to be optionally imported during installation for Mik Scrolling Battle Text and TotemTimers
-- The UI Pack does not include TotemTimers but I have added my own Settings for it due to popular demand.
-- I have added Grid and a few plugins into the UI Pack with new saved settings but many Plugins for Grid are still incompatible so some will be missing.
-- Fixed bug to do with SUF moving position when switching between layouts.
-- Reskinned the Mirror Timers (shows when going underwater etc..)

-- Fixed bugs with the Auction Frame - It did not show stack text on icons.

-- Fixed MayronUI from blocking Blizzard functions: You can now use the Quest Tracker items and Queue for specific battlegrounds with the PVP UI without errors showing.
-- Added the old Gen3 Flashing background behind the chat tabs when you have scrolled up the chat frame.
-- Clicking chat tabs now sends the Chat box scroller to the bottom like it did in Gen3
-- Fixed Pet Battle bugs (Icons are positioned better)
-- Level of pets now shows up correctly in the Pet Journal
-- SLDataText hides and shows correctly during pet battles
-- Added a new Bag/Inventory button to show the Bag Buttons and hide them on click. This is a visual button on the Backpack. This will allow you to swap bags around in the bag bar without going into bartender settings.
-- Added Key Bindings into MayronUI (Interface > Key Bindings > MayronUI)
-- Key Bindings are available to play the expand / retract animations for side bars and the BottomUI.
-- Updated all AddOns
-- Fixed other Skinning bugs.
-- Re-positioned the Battle.Net Toast frame to show correctly!

-- Fixed the Talent Switching Bug! Switching Talents should no longer cause the MayronUI has been blocked error message.
-- Fixed the Monk (Mistweaver) Mana Tea bug where using this ability would cause the game to crash/freeze.

-- Fixed the Alpha and Height options in the MUI Config Menu for altering the Portrait Gradients
-- Fixed System error messages for the World Map Frame when opening it in combat
-- Fixed bugs with the Layout Switch Tool
-- Fixed other System error messages to do with the Mounts / Pet Journal
-- Removed the Quest Log option for the Chat Box buttons since the old Quest Log has been removed.
-- Adjusted some skinning issues.

-- Added TipTac back into the UI Pack
-- Updated All AddOns
-- Added support for Moving the Objectives (Quest) Tracker
-- Fixed a bug with the positioning of the Quest Tracker Frame
-- Fixed bugs in the MUI Config Menu

-- Fixed a bug where Quest Objectives were not coloured correctly and wrong percentage values where shown
-- Fixed SLDataText as it was trying to search for Guild Levels which has been removed in Patch 6.0.2

-- This version works only on the PTR/Beta and Patch 6.0.2+ (coming out October 15th)
-- Reskinned a ton of frames that some how I missed and Reskinned all new 6.0.2 Blizzard interface frames.
-- Missed frames include the Pet battle frames, pet talent windows, guild finder frame, guild tabard and guild registration frames, and much more..
-- Tweaked and made better the ReskinUI module. Talent frame looks much better
-- Fixed the ready check bug where the ready check frame would show when you were the one giving the ready check.
-- Added new MUI Config Options to change the master colour theme to another class theme or a custom colour of your choice!
-- Added extra colour tweaking options for frames in the BottomUI module.
-- Fixed many many bugs.
-- Temporarily removed grid, tiptac and Parrot because there is no WoD version as of yet.. :(

-- Added short cuts on the Right Click menu of the Mini-Map to toggle MUI Config Menu and the MUI Installer
-- Added a general menu in the MUI Config Menu that lets you toggle the auto hiding feature of the Watch Frame / Bags and inventory when entering combat.
-- There are options to adjust the Portrait gradients controlled my MUI over the shadowed unit frames:
-- You can hide, change alpha, and increase the height of the portrait gradients.
The Durability frame and vehicle seat indicator frames are now anchored to the Watch Frame / Side Bars and are positioned much better.
-- Option in the MUI Config Menu to alter the Scale of the Minimap.
-- Ability to change the Modifier key of the Expand / Retract button in the MUI Config Menu
-- Removed Bagnon from the default UI Pack as that was not meant to be in there!
-- Fixed a bug with green skins over the bottom tabs of the Achievement Frame with the ReskinUI module.
-- Fixed more skinning bugs
-- Fixed an issue with the re-positioning of the bags/inventory frames
-- Fixed the miss-spelling of the "Living Bombs" filter included in the SUF white list for Shadowed Unit Frames so now it will show correctly.

-- Added option to Disable Automatic anchoring of the Unit Frames (Shadowed Unit Frames) to the Bottom of the UI like how Gen3 worked. This is in case you decide you want to re-position them somewhere different and do not want the UI automatically re-positioning them for you.
-- Fixed a bug where changing the Layouts from DPS to Healer would un-anchor Shadowed Unit Frames causing it to appear out of position.
-- Added support for Grid so that the default DPS profile will move the grid frames from the bottom left corner to the top left if you enable the Bottom Left chat art and disable the top left in the MUI Config Menu.

-- Added Grid saved settings with support during installation to be injected and positioned correctly.
-- Grid by default has been added to the Layout's so this will switch profiles when the Layout switch button is clicked.
-- Altered the saved settings of the Shadowed Unit Frames
-- Fixed various ReskinUI problems: Sending mail and typing in the body of the send mail frame use to be nearly unreadable due to incorrect font colour.
-- Added Classic Mode for the BottomUI module to no longer hide the background art behind the target unit frame when there is no target. Type "/mui config" and in the BottomUI tab go to Art Work > Unit Frames and enable Classic Mode.
-- Fixed graphical problems with the Priest UI.
-- Enabling the Bottom Left chat art and disabling the Top Left will now automatically switch the chat frame position
-- The Bottom Left Chat box by default now has all the same functions as the Top Left chat box.
-- Both Bottom Left Chat Boxes by default have the Tab background hidden.
-- Fixed a problem with having the Chat Box in the Bottom Left corner would have it move position on a UI Reload.

-- Fixed Bazooka bars being positioned incorrectly (too tight together)
-- Fixed Watch Frame expanding after combat if retracted before entering combat
-- Fix the blocker frame during combat which now stops tool tips from showing by mousing over data text at the bottom (for clickers).
-- Fixed Aura Frames (Buff AddOn) showing Debuffs in the wrong location.
-- Fixed many Shadowed Unit Frame settings
-- Fixed Reskin settings for the Guild Frame with the ReskinUI module.

4.0.2 - Beta:
Altered the way the MUI Unit Frames Background frame works:
-- Added options to alter the center, left, or right width of the MUI Unit Frames Background frame in the MUI Config Menu by splitting the frame down into 2 separate frames.
-- Fixed a bug which made the Unit Names frame options to change their width and height not work
-- Added option to move the Unit Names X Offset
-- Added Option to move the MUI Unit Frames Background frame's Y Offset in case you do not want to stretch its height to distort it.
-- Added Option to change the Data Fields Texture and Colour.
-- Fixed a compatibility error with using Bagnon - No longer darkens action buttons.
-- Fixed a Cast Bar bug that made Fishing not show a cast bar.
-- Made a second Bazooka profile that will switch to the bottom left corner if you have the Bottom Left chat box art enabled and not the top left corner art! This will trigger when enabling / disabling chat box art from the MUI Config Menu.

4.0.1 - Beta:
-- Fixed the Chat Box artwork options bug in the "/mui config" menu.

4.0 - Beta:
-- Currently only works with WoW MoP and not for the Pre-Patch
-- Polished out the graphical looks of the UI
-- AddOn memory is roughly 5 - 10 times more efficient
-- Complete overhaul over all the code. The entire architecture is completely different and runs faster and more efficient than ever before!
-- Added 2 additional modules: ReskinUI and Cast Bars
-- All major functions of the UI have been divided into Modules which can be enabled and disabled
-- The installation window has had a major upgrade.
-- The installation window now has scroll bars / drop down menus / real Blizzard styled Buttons and more.
-- The installation window now allows you to decide which AddOn settings you want injected during setup.
-- The bonus features system has been scrapped.
-- Many unpopular settings in the "/mui config" window have been removed and many more beneficial ones have been added
-- You can now decide what the chat buttons on the chat art do in the config menu.
-- You can enable up to 4 chat art frames for each corner and customize their buttons to do something different from the other chat art buttons.
-- I have added a Layout Switch AddOn tool which allows you to create your own Layouts (like the default DPS / Healer Layouts) which allows you to decide what AddOns in each layout should switch to which profiles when you switch layouts.
-- The Mini-map is now draggable and re-sizable while holding down the correct modifier keys.
-- A MayronUI_SetupData AddOn has been added to store all the AddOn settings to be injected during installation so that the over all UI is less in memory as this AddOn only loads when its needed.
-- Removed Grid, ClassTimers, Quartz and DragEmAll as the last 2 have been replaced by my own Cast Bar mod and ability to drag Blizzard Frames with the ReskinUI module.
-- Grid is now an optional download as the Blizzard Raid frames work well. I might bring it back in future but most people seem to use VuhDo or other Raid mods and I do not have want include VuhDo as profile switching is impossible with that Mod! ClassTimers would not move correctly with the Expand/Retract Animation.
-- Removed XLoot, Xloot-Group and other smaller mods.
-- oGlow has been replaced for my own version of that mod contained in the ReskinUI module.
-- Now should support every single resolution! (Not experimented with running WoW across more than 1 monitor)
-- Many many more less vital upgrades....

-- Fixed bug where you could not disable Game Menu Frame from being skinned in the options menu
-- Fixed a bug where sometimes unit frames would be repositioned in the wrong location after pressing the switch button to change from DPS to Healer layout.
-- The Install Window is now draggable.
-- Updated the Parrot and Omen settings which are imported during installation to place them in better positions.
-- Altered the frame levels to overlap correctly
-- Omen is now skinned and an option is provided in the "/mui config" menu on the Skinning page to disable this.

-- Added a Skinning Page in the "/mui config" window to have full control on the appearance of elements that are skinned such as recount, and a few Blizzard frames. I will add more frames for skinning in future.
-- You can select which border to use and alter the border appearance of skinnable frames.
-- Fixed many buys including the Lua error which showed when you right clicked on the mini-map and selected to open the MayronUI configuration menu.
-- You can right click on the Quick Swap Menu for a short cut to get to the MayronUI configuration menu.
-- The configuration menu, graphs and more from the recount addOn have been skinned rather than just the main recount frame. I may expact on this to make other addOns skinnable in future.

-- Fixed the Side Bars from loading incorrectly which caused a whole load of issues such as the quest tracker/watch frame not being anchored to the side bars so it did not move when you expanded/retracted the side bars. Also the frame should load correctly when you enter new instances and login.
-- Fixed an issue with the chat frame having the wrong frame level and frame strata.
-- Fixed bugs and rearranged options in the "/mui config" menu.
-- Added an option which allows you to change the speed of the animation of the side bars expanding and retracting.
-- Added an option to make the Expand/Retract button on the bottom of the UI only show by mouse over rather than with a modifier key. You can also permanently hide it.
-- Fixed an issue where a Lua error would show up and cause the "/mui config" slash command not to work if you tried using it more than once.
-- Removed the blue, circle ring graphical bug from the Mini-map.
-- When you enter combat, if the expand / retract button is showing it will now disappear.

3.4.5 - Large Update!
-- Fixed a bug where dragging chat windows would not move the chat tabs with them after finishing.
-- Neatened up the URL copy box.
-- Changed the color of the URL's in the chat box.
-- Skinned the Chat Frame Edit Box to match the UI.
-- The Border of the new Chat Frame Edit Box skin changes color depending on chat type.
-- Altered the way the MayronUI Configuration Window loads. It now loads when you first use the "/mui config" command. This should save on loading time.
-- The chat frame now will show up on top of the faded black background during installation in case someone wants to talk to the player and the player cannot read it clearly.
-- Fixed an issue with Bartender and Masque where selecting a warrior stance would not give any indication which stance is now active! - You will have to reimport the addOn settings through a complete installation to apply this.
-- Altered the appearance of the stance bar.
-- Completely rewrote the code for how MayronUI resets and reimports saved settings by using the "/mui reset" command.
-- Added a better welcome message during installation only.
-- Moved eAlign into the MayronUI_Core/Core.lua file so now it no longer shows up as an addOn in the addOns list but it is still there.
-- Fixed many bugs with the Chat Frame in general.

-- Added a new event which saves unit frame positioning once the player logs out. This fixes the issue of unit frames always moving back to the original position after the player alters the target of target position in the "/suf" options.
-- Removed ActionProfit addOn
-- Altered the way the Compact Raid Frame Manager works for better performance and cleaner code. I also fixed a bug with it.

-- Updated tiptac to remove the green border issue, however if you have already installed the UI and do not plan on a fresh install you will need to select the Skinner border again manually by going into the "/tiptac" options to the backdrop menu and selecting Skinner from the drop down list for the border option.
-- Altered the Configuration menu around and fixed a few bugs.
-- You can now alter the alpha value of the Mini-maps border (in case you want to hide it).
-- Altered the way the unit frames are positioned so that you can have all profiles of shadowed unit frames with different target of target frame positions (which all unit frames are anchored to).
-- Fixed a bug where you would receive a lua error if you were using a custom Shadowed Unit Frames profile.
-- Fixed the Mail icon on the mini-map from being green.
-- Added Arena frames and Arena Target Frames to the default configuration. You will need to reset the UI and install it again to inject these new addOn settings
-- Altered the unit frames slightly
-- Updated Bagnon and ClassColors
-- Bagnon now has been skinned and adjusted so that the Void storage and guild bank bags now match the rest.
-- Many more smaller things...

-- Added a new option in the "/mui config" menu!:
-- You can now alter the way the side action bar buttons are shown (the arrow buttons you press to expand and retract the side action bars). You can either have them always hidden, shown on mouse over, show when you hold down a modifier key of your choice, or always visible (default).
-- Fixed many bugs in the Configuration menu.
-- You can now alter the Y Offset of the side action bar background panel without any Lua errors
-- I took out the X Offset option for the side bar background panel which was bugged. I don't think this option is really necessary or useful in anyway.
-- Fixed an issue with the Skinner border not being registered and was missing from addOn drop down menu's that handle borders.
-- Fixed a bug with !ClassColor which caused Lua errors about trying to concatenate a nil value.

-- Modified a bunch of code in the !ClassColors addOn to fix an issue where server names would appear next to every single name in the chat box. Now it only shows if a player is not from your server. It was showing your server name even in guild chat when you knew everyone is from your server which is not helpful to know.
-- !ClassColors has been added to the list of addOns not to update by yourself.

-- Added addOn !NoTaint to fix taint issues.
-- Fixed minor bugs with MayronUI Configuration menu, "/mui config"
-- Updated all addOns including Bagnon.

-- Updated MayronUI, Bagnon and a few other addOns.
-- TidyPlates_ThreatPlates no longer needs modifying and is now safe to update via Curse Client
-- Fixed a bug where targeting any thing while in a Pet battle would cause a Lua error.
-- If you have class timers enabled, the UI will now hide the bars while entering pet battles and show again once you leave one.
-- Fixed bugs where disabling Shadowed Unit Frames and/or SLDataText addOns would result in Lua errors.
-- Added an option to bring back the Blizzard Chat Frame buttons on the left side of the chat window. -- This can be found inside "/mui config" chat options.
-- Blizzard chat frame buttons have been slightly resized, rescaled and repositioned to fit inside the MayronUI Chat Frame Art.
-- Fixed the Compact Raid Frame Manager while the move compact raid frame manager option is disabled in the "/mui config" menu
-- Fixed a bug from occurring during the setup/installation process which occurred if the user did not have any of the supported resolution types.
-- You can now disable addOn profiles from switching themselves automatically not just when pressing the Layout Siwtch button but also during Player Login or reloading the UI. You can do this in the "/mui config" menu.
-- Adjusted the skinning of the Game Menu Frame and Static Popup frame.

-- Added options in the MayronUI Configuration Menu (/mui config) to move the edit box (the box you type messages in on the chat box)
-- Fixed a bug in the MayronUI Configuration Menu (/mui config) to fix the "Enable Layout Switch button" so that it shows and Hides correctly rather than a Lua error being displayed.
-- The Game Menu Frame will not appear too tall if AddOn Control Panel is installed and fully updated.

-- Fixed issue with MayronUI Action bar background panel height altering itself when it was not meant to
-- Added more options in the "/mui config" configuration menu such as the abilitiy to turn on and off Blizzard UI windows from being skinned (The game menu and dialogue boxes).
-- Fixed bug where altering the action bar panel height while the BottomUI was expanded would cause a Lua error
-- Altered the appearance of the Compact Raid Frame Manager window while the Bottom Left Chat Box is enabled.
-- Added option to disable the UI from adjusting the UI Scale automatically during the installation process.
-- Made the quest tracker options in the MayronUI config menu global rather than per profile.
-- The Game Menu Frame and Dialogue boxes now alter according to the class color or custom color being used.

-- Re-wrote most of the Core code to run better
-- Un-locking and re-locking the Shadowed Unit fframes or quarts cast bars while having the bottomUI expanded will no longer alter their positions back to the lower position.
-- Disabling bartender action bars will no longer cause a Lua error
-- Added support in the in-game menu to be able to alter which bartender action bars should fade in or out
-- Added support to re-position and alter the Mini-Map
-- The Setup / install menu now allows you to pick a different resolution to install with in case the resolution detected was incorrect.
-- Altered some Graphical elements in the UI: The resolution detection menu works and looks different, the StaticPopup menus and Game Menu has been skinned to suit the UI.
-- Fixed an issue where dragging a chat box frame by the tabs would cause the tabs to move position.
-- New Supported Resolution: 1280x1024!
-- Many more bug fixes and minor updates!

-- Altered how the Shadowed Unit Frames align into position in order to try to fix bugs with unit frames altering position incorrectly.
-- Fixed a bug where disabling Shadowed Unit Frames would cause Lua errors.
-- Fixed an issue where unlocking the Shadowed Unit Frames would cause them to move down if you have the bottom UI expanded to show the second row of action bars.
-- If you encounter any additional bugs with this new update then I hear older versions work but I have tested this countless times and I am sure it should work but you never know :)

-- Fixed the Bonus Features bug with the Scale being too larger for smaller resolutions. - Minor update:
-- Fixed the chat font size issue where the chat font size would reset to the Blizzard size rather than the one set in "/mui config".
-- Fixed an issue where altering the class colors in the "/mui config" menu while having the bottom part of the UI expanded would cause the unit frames to move down.
-- Made some of the code more efficient slightly.

3.1.1 (large bug fixed)
-- Fixed the issue with login in to find the Unit frames have shifted back to its original position below!

3.1.0 - Major Update!
-- Added in-game options by using "/mui config"
-- "/mui config" slash command fixed
-- MayronUI Bonus Features has been altered to scale correctly with the resolution type.
-- MayronUI install window has been updated.
-- The in-game config menu comes with color wheels to alter class colors / custom colors with ease!
-- Added support to easily modify the appearance, size, and position of all MayronUI panels and more..
-- Altered the structure of the code to remove redundancy
-- Added new addOn "!ClassColors" for support with modifying the global class colors without breaking the UI (Thanks to Phanx for writing the addOn and for helping me on the forums with adjusting my color wheel code to support it).
-- Altered the chat box so that you can now easily reposition the chat box, re-log and it will not move back to its original place.
-- Fixed many minor bugs
-- Altered tiptac (tooltip addon) so that while mouse hovering over abilities, the anchor point will be near the mouse rather than on the bottom right side of the screen.
-- Bartender buttons will now activate on mouse up rather than mouse down so you can drag abilities without them activating. You can alter this back once you have installed it in the "/bar" options if you prefer.

-- Fixed the UI Scale bug that caused things to be out of position including the Bonus Features window.

-- Fixed the installer!
-- Finally got the detection to work correctly and load the correct settings so no longer will you be forced to install the wrong UI elements and have the UI messed up :)
-- Please report if this works for you or any bugs.

-- Updated MayronUI AddOn
-- Fixed a major bug!
-- Altered the way the MayronUI Installation window works. Instead of re-installing the entire default MayronUI AddOn settings every time you install the UI, it will now only do this once and then setup the UI for another alt while keeping any addon settings intact. This means that when you customize the UI and press the Install button a second time then you will not loose all your changes!
-- Added a slash command "/mui reset" to reset the MayronUI profile so that then ext time you install the UI, the default MayronUI will be installed and remove any alterations in case you want to revert back to default.
-- The Installation window has had many bugs fixed and small graphical alterations.
-- Option to enable or disable UI re-scaling during installation has been added to the Core.lua file
-- The font has been changed for the entire UI to support more characters used in different languages.

-- Updated MayronUI AddOn
-- Updated Shadowed Unit Frames AddOn
-- Fixed major bugs with the Chat Frame module:
-- Fixed the Chat Tabs issue where the highlight flasher box that appears when you scroll up the chat box would move position
-- Fixed the Chat Frame art buttons from not changing when you mouse over them
-- Fixed a big issue where the chat art would duplicate itself. The low alpha panels would become thicker as they duplicated.
-- Fixed the Compact Raid Frame Manager and also skinned them
-- New options are available in the Core.lua file
-- There is now an option to change the font type for the Chat Box.
-- You can now disable the Compact Raid Frame Manager from being re-positioned while the Top Left Chat Box is enabled
-- You can open the Compact Raid Frame Manager while in combat if you use the Bottom Left Chat Box.
-- I have disabled the [Party frames for Healing mode for 1920x1080 resolution which was a bug.
-- The Talent button in the Chat Frame should now work correctly thanks to almty1 for his alterations.

-- Fixed issue where Bazooka Data Text and icons on Chat frame did not show after Installing
-- Fixed issue where pressing the SLDataText Friends button on the bottom of the UI would cause a Lua error thanks to the line of code provided by Aeger.
-- Removed the "/mui options" slash command as that option is now available in Core.lua and it gives Lua errors.
-- Fixed Quartz so that you can now update it when you like as before I had modified the code but now the modified code is inside the Setup.lua file.
-- Fixed the sound effect with Bonus Features Confirm button to play the correct sound when one of the boxes has been checked
-- Fixed an issue with the PVP button that opens up the PVP window on the Chat Frame where if you are level 10 to 14, it would not let you use this to open the PVP window up when you should be allowed to after level 9.

-- Added the Option to disable the Layout Switch Button which will also stop it from showing
-- Added the Option to enable Time Stamps
-- Added the Option to alter the font size of each individual Chat Frame rather than just the global font size
-- Fixed the Chat module to notify you when you have scrolled up the chat box and lets you click a flashing button to go back to the bottom.
-- Added Options to move the Edit Box
-- All of this is in the MayronUI/Core.lua
-- Updated Leatrix Plus which now by default has some key settings turned on such as Sell Junk automatically and more.

3.0 (Major Update - The largest update in the History of MayronUI!):
-- No more kgPanels! All of the panels and MayronUI elements are now its own addon. This makes the UI much more lightweight and efficient in performance.
-- Code is much more efficient and works much better. No OnUpdate scripts to lower FPS at all.
-- You can now right click a unit frame and select that Unit as Focus without getting an error which was caused by Chatter.
-- Chatter has been removed and replaced with Built in MayronUI chat settings to make the appearance work the same. You can copy URL links and alter the Chat Font to any amount you want still and can reinstall another Chat addon or Chatter again if you wish.
-- The Bonus Features window has been re-designed to remember which bonus feature is currently enabled so that now you can disable a feature without having to use the install window again. There is now a new feature added as well:
-- Bonus Feature added to Switch Target and Focus units around for Healing Layout. Many have said they would rather heal in DPS/Tank layout due to the switch of the target and focus frames. Now you have the choice to alter this. All that will change is the Grid positioning and the larger mana bar on the Player frame.
--No more renaming WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/ to install the UI! MayronUI will inject addon settings into your current WTF folder.
-- MayronUI Options added to the Core.lua file which let you alter the colors of panels, to disable addons from moving up or down when you press the Expand and Retract buttons (in case you want to customize the UI to have unit frames, cast bars, class timers or grid frames somewhere else higher on the screen and no longer need them to move when you want to open up the second row of action bars).
-- You have the option to disable an addon from changing profiles when you click the switch Layout button on the Chat window in case you want a custom profile to be used.
-- These two key options should greatly help a player to customize their UI without being tied down with restrictions like before where you would run into issues by not following the rules of the UI which felt horrible.
-- Expand and Retract buttons and the Side Bar buttons will now animate by fading in bartender action bars and dynamically move out while moving other elements with them if needed. If you choice to have the quest tracking frame on the right side next to the side bars, this will move with it.
-- The Quest Tracker position has been fixed to load in the correct place on login.
-- Many chat window buttons on the Chat Art can only be used if the player is level 10+ or 15+ so a message will show up in the Chat window if you press it rather than nothing
-- The Warrior Action Bar setup as been altered so when you create a new warrior there will be abilities on your action bar rather than showing up on the wrong bar.
-- I have removed the Pet Battle art as I did not think it was working well. I may try to make it much better in the future but only if I can find a way to re-skin windows entirely.
-- The Expand and Retract buttons no longer switch any profiles so the amount of different profiles needed for separate addons has been halved. This means that many profiles like "MayronUI2" in the Shadowed Unit Frames profile list have been deleted.
-- Auction_Profit has been added
-- 100's of little UI tweaks.

-- Fixed bug where Bonus Features - Enabling the Bottom Left Chat Box would cause grid and shadowed unit frames to not set-up correctly and overlap the chat box
-- Altered my Core.lua addon and kgPanels so that the Quest Tracker can be easily moved to the Left hand side. You can also now type "/mui options left" to move it to the left.
-- Fixed kgPanels where an OnUpdate script was not needed so now the UI will ahve better FPS performance slightly.
-- Fixed the Bazooka Bar 1 bug where many icons flooded over the chat frame if you install new addon! Finally!!
-- Removed "/install" and "/bonus" and replaced it with either "/mayronui install" or "/mui install" and "/mui bonus" and also addoned "/mui options" where new options will be added to this in future!
-- Altered Bagnon so Inventory and Bank do not clash together and are on different FrameStrata levels.
-- By default Saved Settings the Bank and Inventory bags have a spacign of 2 up from 0 and are 95% in scale rather than 90%.
-- Chatter now has a default font size of 11 rather than 10 as many including me were finding 10 too small.
-- Updated all addons including ones that were Modified such as Quartz
-- Altered a lot of the Core.lua addon code to run better and merged the Setup.lua code with it

How to update without doing a complete reinstall:
1. Download UI Pack newest version
2. Delete your Interface addons that come with the new Interface folder and add the newer addons from the Interface/AddOns folder into your current one. DO NOT merge them, usually results in errors.
3. Go into the new versions WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables/ folder (the one for your resolution) and copy the following ".lua" files and put them in the same location but inside your current WTF folder and choose Copy and Replace:
Chatter.lua -- Not as needed as the other two so if you have heavily customised Chatter then you can avoid it.

-- Fixed Bagnon bugs (Every item showing up with a blue glow)
-- Updated all addons that needed updating including MayronUI/Setup.lua

-- Updated the Setup window (MayronUI/setup.lua)
-- UI now supports the 1280x800 resolution!
-- Updated many addons
-- switched the old xLoot and xLoot Group with the newer version that combines them all together.

-- Updated Recount to allow all solo data to be collected by default setup
-- Updated Shadowed Unit Frames for all resolution, UI Layouts and UI Scale types to fix bugs where lines would not show up between bars.
-- Updated Shadowed Unit Frames so that health bars now turn a light grey when a unit does not give experience or loot due to another player already attacking that unit first.
-- Updated Shadowed Unit Frames so that the Power bar background shows as just black. It was the only way to fix the tapped enemies issue but also shows the remaining power much clearer.
-- Fixed many other unit frame bugs to make it pixel perfect. I had to adjust Quartz Cast Bar positioning to fix this.
-- Fixed the positioning and configuration of most of the special combo points for classes on the Shadowed Unit frames such as holy power, shadow orbs, combo points and many more. Others such as the rune bar is disabled still by default as it messes with the layout of the unit frames and is best left for other addons such as RuneItAll which is an optional download to handle this.

2.8.1 (Small Update)
-- Fixed the Mail Icon from showing up as a green square bug
-- Fixed the Quest Tracker from moving on its own bug

2.8 (Large Update)
-- Updated Unit frames for a whole new look. It takes advantage of the full space inside the Box so no more empty space for the cast bar!
-- All new cast bar style to fit over the top of the unit frames. Quartz has been modified to have a "HIGH" frame strata to achieve this.
-- Adjusted kgPanels position, class timers and Grid.
-- Changed Code in KgPanel scripts to fix bugs and to support a new feature with the Quest Tracker
-- The MayronUI folder has been merged together with the Side Bars and Setup addon to form only 1 addon and the Core.lua file has been expanded upon and simplified. The code is now more efficient.
-- The Quest Tracker (Watch Frame) now moves when you press on the buttons for the side bars.
-- Fixed many bugs with the Bottom Left Chat Box option in the Bonus Features window (/bonus). Now if you are in Healing Mode and press it, the profiles will load correctly.
-- Fixed many other smaller bugs and tried fixing the issue of border linesn ot showing up correctly in Shadowed Unit Frames.

-- Fixed Many bugs including Frame Strata and Levels issues
-- Made using the UI without the Chatter addon much easier and better supported.
-- If chatter is disabled you can still use the BottomLeftChatBox art option and both chat box art's for both corners will not longer be displayed.
-- Name Plates will no longer show through many frames including the Recount Window
-- Fixed Bazooka and SLData Text from the position of data text on resolutions lower than 1680x1050 so that they are positioned correctly.
-- Fixed Bazooka bug where the bars should have been locked for the MayronUI2 profile (bottom left chat box profile).
-- Updated lots of the code used in the MayronSetup addon to fade dialog boxes in and out as well as the blackdrop.
-- Changed the welcome message to now appear shorter
-- Removed WhoFramedWatcherWabbit addon and instead just use a line of code to better position the quest tracker under the minimap
-- Replaced addon PhanxBuffs with Aura Frames as there were too many bugs with PhanxBuff's (most likely due to my modifying of the code which I no longer wish to maintain).

2.4.4 (small update)
-- Fixed kgPanels bug where pressing the button to change to DPS/Tank mode from Healer mode would load the incorrect Gird Profile to show in the top left corner if your chat box was also in the top left.
-- Fixed a MayronSetup bug so that now when you press the cancel button and reload the UI or log out and in again, the box will not show up anymore.
-- Fixed a MayronUI (folder) bug

You do not need to do a full re-installation if you are currently using this UI to get the new changes. Just go into the Interface/addons folder in the new UI Pack version and copy the MayronSetup folder and the MayronUI folder, go into your current Interface/addons folder, delete the old addons that you wish to replace the paste the new ones in. Then go into the new WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables folder and copy the kgPanels.lua file and paste it in the same location but in your current WTF folder.

2.4.3 (small update)
-- Updated MayronSetup to show the Bonus Features window correctly
-- Updated Bagnon

You do not need to do a full re-installation if you are currently using this UI to get the new changes. Just go into the Interface/addons folder in the new UI Pack version and copy the MayronSetup folder and/or the Bagnon folders, go into your current Interface/addons folder, delete the old addons that you wish to replace the paste the new ones in.

-- Fixed an issue where the Left side arrow that opens up the Raid Compact Manager Window would open up nothing while in Healing Mode only.
-- Fixed Recount Windows position on many resolution types.
-- Updated OmiCC and oGlow.
-- Updated file structure to remove some redundant files.
-- Fixed some code in the MayronSetup addon to work better with the bonus features setup.

-- Fixed the Arrow button that was meant to open up the compact raid frame manager window from randomly showing up and not opening anything when clicked
-- Fixed an issue where pressing the healer and dps layout switching button would load up the wrong profiles
-- Fixed a bug with MayronSetup when used with the bottom left chat box which would cause the wrong shadowed unit frame profile to be loaded if a second row of action bars was visible
-- Adjusted Shadowed Unit Frames and Omen only slightly for the 1920x1080 resolution type

-- Changed MayronSetup, folder structure and adjusted the entire UI elements to support multiple UI Scales as well as the option to not make the Setup addon automatically set the UI Scale for you without asking first.
-- Added support for the Compact Raid Frame Manager.
-- Fixed many coding bugs in the kgPanels folder
-- Updated all addons including all MayronUI addons and modified addons
-- Added support for the Pet unit frame and Pet action bar
-- Tweaked many addon settings

-- Updated MayronUI.lua file so that the 2 right bars have their backgrounds anchored to them so when you move Bartender bar 3 and bar 4, they now move the backgrounds with them and the expand and retract buttons.
-- Updated MayronSetup to now never turn off by itself and instead will just become inactive after pressing install for that one character. You can now gain quick access to both the install window or the bonus features window by typing "/install" or "/bonus".

-- Updated the way Grid works and looks
-- Updated PhanxBuffs positioning of debuff's and the debuff count text area.
-- Updated many other addons using curse client - Minor Update
-- Updated MayronSetup -- Changed the size of text (and how they scale with the art around them) and the box art as well as moving the Confirm button lower on the Bonus Features Box (Trying to fix the looks of it on lower resolutions)
-- Updated the Leatrix Plus addon
-- Updated the text in the MayronSetup addon to hopefully show up correctly for all resolution types
-- Deleted some files in the WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME folder so that you do not need to copy over keybinding and macro files to keep your characters saved keybindigns and macros.

-- All lua code in the kgpanel scripts have been completely overhauled! Everything is much more efficient and offers many changes:
-- Bartender, Shadowed unit frames, class timers, grid and other addons are no longer mandatory for the UI meaning that you can turn them off and the UI will not cause errors. The only addon needed with kgpanels is Quartz.
-- The UI became much more user friendly, now if you have an incorrect profile, instead of causing UI bugs the UI will just not let you do certain things and will post a message in the chat box with a reason. For example if you are using a custom bartender profile then you cannot use the expand and retract button as the Ui does not know what you are trying to do rather than causing lua error on your screen.
-- You can now have any custom profile you want for Shadowed unit frames, quartz, bartender, classtimers and grid. This is useful for alts to have multiple grid profiles for tracking different things for different classes etc...
-- New addon created for the UI: MayronUI[Side Bars]!
-- The right side bars are no longer apart of the kgpanels addon and instead have their own unique addon. This is so saved variables can be used so you can have 2 bars showing on the right of the UI and it will not effect any other character like it use to.
-- MayronUI Setup now have 2 lines of code (which the user can delete if he or she wants to) which sets up the UI scale for the user when you press the install button. This will afford any Config.wtf file errors
-- MayronUI now scales itself with the UIParent so the text will be readable (unfortunately because of this, the background elements which use to be hidden show so I've increased the background fader alpha from 0.8 to 0.9)
-- Removed the bars auto switching feature when you get in or out of a vehicle
-- Fixed the pet battel frame for classic mode
-- Many UI tweaks and updates
-- Added sound to the button clicks in the UI (minor sounds)

2.2.3 - Small Hot Fix
-- Updated the MayronSetup addon:
-- It now does not show up on the opening cinematic after creating a new character
-- Sound files now work for the Previous and Next buttons

-- Updated the following Saved Variable files (WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVaraibles):
-- You can now change the scale of recount by unlocking the window and the background panel will scale in size with it.
-- All buttons in the UI now have the click sound added to them
-- The LUA error which sometimes shows up on login saying that the Retract button failed to identify a nil value no longer shows up.

-- Updated MayronSetup:
Fixed 2 bugs. One was that there was a line of code which setup the wrong casting bar profile so it was in the wrong position. The other was to fix it so the buttons now play sound like they use to!

Just download the latest version and replace the MayronSetup addon you have with the new one in the Interface/Addons folder!

2.2.2 - Small update
-- Updated MayronSetup Addon. It now shows the Setup Box all the time except after pressing the Install button where the Bonus Features box will appear only once. No longer you will find yourself looking at the Bonus Features box when you need the Setup box to appear!
-- Updated MayMap to show the correct version number on login as well as the toc version number.
-- Updated all addons with Curse Client (except the modified addons that you should not update as explained on the information page)

If you do not want to go through a fresh update then just download the UI Pack and get the MayronSetup addon out of the Interface folder (as well as the MayMap if you use it) and replace it over the current version in your Interface folder.

-- Fixed a few settings:
WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables/Grid.lua + .lua.bak
WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables/Recount.lua + .lua.bak

-- Removed the grid frames background for MayronUIH2 Grid profile
-- Turned on the Recount option to record and display data when in an Instance Party.
-- Changed a few settings in the MayronSetup addon so that the Bonus Features button shows correctly and changed the way the font is displayed on the setup box.

-- Updated all addons for patch 5.2!
-- Added a new Bonus Features window which is apart of the MayronSetup addon to make the UI much more user friendly. You can now simply press Bottom Left Chat Box and everything is setup automatically for you.
-- I've changed the structure of the WTF folders because the 1920x1080 and 1680x1050 folders could be used with much more resolutions types if you do not change the UI Scale so I've merged them together.
-- Now works with 1366x768 resolution and possibly more but they have not been tested as of yet.
-- Changed the way the three buttons on top or below the chat box works so that you can now gain access to 6 new buttons up from 3 (new ones are LFD, Mounts/Pets and PVP). You now need to press and hold the Control Key to see these and the shift key to see the new ones.
-- Change the Expand and Retract button so you need need to hold the Control key rather than the Alt key to show them because the Alt key could bug and set stuck. They also now actually Hide rather than setting their Alpha to 0 so now you can easily click on the Target of Target frame (or Focus Target for Healing Mode).
-- Changed most of the code in the KgPanel scripts to make it much more efficient and less likely to cause any FPS issues
-- Thank to Phanx (author of Grid and more) he helped with the MayronSetup addon by re-writing most of it in order to get the Bonus Features window to work as well as making the code much more efficient.
-- Removed Totem Timers and put it in the Extra addons list on the download page.
-- Many more smaller changes that I cannot think of at the moment

-- Fixed the issue where Grid Raif frames would either show when they are suppose to be hidden or hide when they are meant to be shown when changing between DPS / Tank to Healer layout or when pressing the Expand and Retract button on the Healing Layout.
-- Fixed the width of the Bazooka icon's so that they do not overlap the chat frame.
-- Updated all addons including PhanxBuffs so that the Debuff times always show.
-- Updated SLData Text so that the gold is easier to enable and in a better position when you type "/sldt config" rather than being behind the DuelSpecQ plugin.

-- Updated all addons including the ones that were modified such as Bagnon and PhanxBuffs.
-- Updated MayronSetup so that the background UIParent does not show up while the MayronSetup box is up
-- Updated Tidy Plates: Threat Plates so now all Debuff icons by default show ontop of the nameplate. Now instead of using the white list to add your debuff icons, you now use the black list to add ones that you do not want to show.
-- Updated KgPanels with a new "Classic - BottomLeft Chat" Layout so you can set it to have classic mode with the chat frame at the bottom.
-- Added addon: GridIndicatorCornerIcons - works very similar to GriddBuffIcons as it allows you to assign icons for buffs on the frames to multiple possitions and have the actual buff icon rather than a coloured square.
-- Fixed the issue where Grid does not let you set solo Layout to anything besides none and the frames not showing so now you can configure them while solo once again.

To gain the above changes without reinstalling the UI, copy the files below and place them in the exact same location but in your current WTF/Interface Folders:

WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables/KgPanels.lua + lua.bak

-- Updated KgPanels so that when you press the "D" and "H" button to change the layouts from DPS to Healing layout while using Gird, you no longer have the dialogue box appear and need to reload the UI. That bug has been finally fixed
-- I've had to remove GridStatusHots because that addon was the cause of a few lua errors when changing Grid profiles.
-- I've replaced PhanxChat with Chatter as there is an option to auto replace it so you should no longer need to drag the chat box up to the correct position after installing it.
-- I've deleted a few lines in Tidy Plates:Threat Plates so that the message "additional options can be found by typing /tptp" will no longer show. - Nothing Major
-- Just updated Treat Plates so that the Debuff icons on top of the name plates are only yours and not everyone elses in the raid. Its an easy option to turn on if you want to do that. Or you can just get the .lua file from the WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables folder and put it in the same location in your current WTF folder.
-- Just fixed a small spelling error in the text of the MayronSetup addon.

-- Drastically updated MayronSetup addon. Now looks much much better with the F.A.Q's updated and better presented! Definitely worth getting! You can just download the new UI pack and copy MayronSetup from it into your current Interface folder.
-- Updated KgPanels so that when you press "D" or "H" to change layouts, it prints a message in your chat box to tell you what layout you just activated.
-- Deleted MayronExtra and merged it with MayronUI which is now its own addon. Also merged reflux into MayronSetup so if you choice to use the new version of this addon then you can delete Reflux.
-- Updated a few addons using curse client
-- Replaced Tidy Plates: Neon theme with Threat Plates and customised them to match the UI much better! This is what they look like except I have turned off the health text on the bar: http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/7882/newnameplates.jpg

-- Leatrix Plus Updated: Auto Quest disabled by default
-- Shadowed Unit Frames Updated: Incoming heals disabled sicne it seems buggy at the moment. Also Text adjusted so that the names for the player and target frame will always show and text is properly aligned.
-- KgPanels Updated: Adjusted the width of the bottom menu box as it was 1 pixel out for some reason. Also fixed the colours of the background frame of the layouts that do not use class colours.
-- TipTac has been modified slightly.
-- All addons updated

If you have another version of this UI currently installed and wish to not have to do a fresh installation then you can just update the addons yourself as that is not too important but to gain the above changes you will need to download and copy the saved settings and place them in the same location in your current WTF folder:

WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables/Leatrix_Plus.lua + lua.bak
WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables/ShadowedUnitFrames.lua + lua.bak
WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables/kgPanels.lua + lua.bak
WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables/TipTac.lua + lua.bak

-- Updated two files in the WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables location that you can copy over rather than freshly installing the UI:

and in the Interface folder, the addon called "MayronExtra" has been updated with the new version number on logging in.

-- Bartender has had the VEHICLE profile updated to work with vehicles.
-- KgPanels has a "Classic" Layout to get the background panel back underneath the target frame when there is no target (or focus for healing mode)

-- Forgot to update the border in MayronSetup and MayMap addons. Its not a vital update you can't live without except if you want the border fixed for the F.A.Q menu in your UI if you have instaleld version 2.0 then just download 2.0.1, go into Interface folder and copy "MayMap" and "MayronSetup" addons and move them into your current Interface folder and replace the old ones!

-- New Re-designed artwork!
-- UI Scale tweaks
-- Changed the Unit Frame Texture
-- Removed Broker_LFG
-- Changed the positioning of Gird in Healing Mode
-- Removed the target Classtimers in Healing Mode
-- Updated all addons
-- Added PhanxChat to replace chatter as I had many bugs with Chatter
-- Removed Burning embers and other bars for warlocks. Please use and download NugComboBar or another mod for this as they work much better. Using the bars that come with shadowed unit frames clutters the Unit Frame too much!
-- Removed two buttons on the bottom action bars; one on each of the rows of bars.
-- Removed a KgPanel behind the chat box art, behind the three buttons and adjusted the three buttons art so that they work well on their own and can be moved without any issues.
-- Many other smaller issues fixed!

-- Updated all addons in the Interface Folder for 5.1

-- Updated Bartender4 so that bar 9 and 10 will not cause problems when entering or leaving a vehicle
-- Updated KgPanels so that it works perfectly with entering or exiting vehicles

If you do not wish to completely reinstall the UI to gain these new changes then you can copy the following files from the new UI pack to your current UI in the same location:

-- Added a WTF folder for 1600x900 resolutions

-- Changed the global font to something very similar to prototype. The reason for this was because the new font type supports more symbol types.
-- Resolution 1440x900 has gained the ability to change the art to the bottom left chat box mode
-- Resolution 1440x900 has had its UI scale lowered! Hopefully this will not appear too small.
-- Replaced the Aura Frames buff addon with PhanxBuffs which has been slightly modified. This is because the old buff addon uses much more memory and I did not think it was needed. Also PhanxBuffs has the ability to use a safe method of cancelling buffs by clicking them twice.
-- I've added code that minimizes the bottom UI to only using 1 bar when entering a vehicle however this only works out of combat since you cannot switch profiles while in combat.
-- Changed the buttons connected to the chat box
-- Added Broker LFG which is connected to the left of the chat box art. This means the LFG icon is there rather than on the Minimap.
-- Added a data broker that switches your specs on click and you can assign equipment sets to each spec. Replaced this was the gold information since you can see this in your inventory anyway.
-- Replaced Docking Station with Bazooka. It is the same type of addon except much less buggy and I prefer it. It allows you to scale down the UI or change specs without moving the icons to very inaccurate places.
-- Fixed many Bartender stance switching options:
-- The rogue stealth will no longer cause duplicated abilities on your action bars
-- Monks will no longer have duplicated abilities on action bars for all of their stances
-- Warlocks now have the 2 bars enabled for demonic fury etc...
-- Updated all addons and added other minor changes.

-- Added new art and code for the Pet Battle System so that the UI does not look like a complete mess when entering one
-- Made the UI slightly smaller
-- Fixed the issue for 1680x1050 and 1440x900 resolutions where the bottom broker data text was not positioned correctly.
--Detached the Chat box art from the chat box tab and positioned it perfectly in the top left hand corner of the screen. This is so that the dockingstation icons are perfectly aligned and you do not need to worry about it. I just hope that if people want to place the chat box in the bottom left, they use the correct Layout art in the KgPanels and do not leave the wrong art on its own up in the top left.
-- Many settings were tweaked around, nothing too major.
-- 1680x1050 - the right bars and party frames were changed in order to fit the new UI scale.
-- All addons updated

-- Bartender Action Bars set up for Monks correctly
-- KgPanel Art does not show behind Name Plates
-- Monk Class Colours corrected and now look much better!
-- A lot of the code in the KgPanel Scripts + MayMap + MayronSetup has been changed to work better
-- Fixed all bugs including ones in the lower resolutions.
-- Addons updated in Interface Folder.
-- Put the level text on Name Plates
-- Many more smaller things that I cannot remember right now...
-- Updated all addons including Bagnon and Class Timer
-- Do not update Bagnon yourselves as I have modified it.

-- Now supports Monk class colours with the UI art!
-- When you have no target in dps mode or no focus in healer mode, the background art will disappear!
-- Changed the Mini-map so the time works like the original wow mini-map so that when you right click on it, you can select server time or 24 hour mode. I disabled the SLDT time option.
-- When there is a new event on Calendar, text will appear below the mini-map saying "New Event!"
-- Right click the minimap to show a menu where you can get access to the Calendar!
-- Updated all addons.

-- Removed Aloft and replaced for Tidy Plates
-- Added addon oGlow
-- Added addon SimplePowerBar
-- Added addon EasyWorldMarker
-- Changed the Looks of MayMap (Minimap) slightly
-- Made Buffs and Debuffs slightly smaller and aligned them better with the Minimap
-- Removed the Alt power bar from unit frames since SimplePowerBar shows this much better.
-- Fixed the Mirror bar controlled by Quartz for 1440x900 and 1680x1050 resolutions so that its aligned in the center
-- 1440X900 resolution now uses the default Layout for kgpanels so that it has the Class Colours enabled on first setup
-- Turned off toggle actions on key press rather than on release in Bartender for all resolutions for default setup.

-- Updated all addons in the Interface Folder
-- Grid no longer breaks the UI if you choose to have it disabled or to use another Raid Frames mod.
-- Added new layouts for KgPanels. You can now turn off Class Coloured art so that you can set your own colours to the panels in the KgPanels options ("/kgpanels config").
-- The layouts for having the chat box in the bottom left hand corner instead of top left hand corner have been changed. The chat box art is now no longer anchored to the chat box in these layouts so you can resize the box easier without it affecting the art.
-- Fixed many bugs with Shadowed Unit Frames such as the out of range fader being mixed up.
-- MMinimap is now called MayMap as there already was an addon called mMinimap which Curse Client thought the UI was using so when you updated the addon, it replaced it with the other addon.
-- MayMap has been updated so that the Instance Difficulty shows up.
-- In the WTF folders, the Realm and Character folders is no longer needed so you now just have to rename the ACCOUNTNAME folder only.
-- Updated MMinimap so that it does not overlap the time.
-- Updated MMinimap and MayronSetup
-- Updated Shadowed Unit Frames and corrected the settings for it.
-- Repositioned DockingStation icon bars on the left of the chat box for resolution 1449x900.

-- Updated addons
-- Fixed Minimap - No longer have icons over lapping.
-- Made the UI more user friendly for Priests. When mouse hovering over buttons, they change colour properly.
-- Fixed many bugs including Grid not showing properly for when in a party of 5.
-- Resolution 1440x900 has been setup better. I had to reduce the amount of buttons in the right bars so that they fit better with Omen.
-- SUF updated. If there are any bugs with this please let me know as I thought I saw one but it has not happened since.
-- A lot of the code in MMinimap has been tweaked and works better now.
-- Updated over 24 addons
-- Swapped qMinimap with my own minimap addon: MMinimap. Credits go to the author of qMinimap for giving me the idea of the right click menu but it has my own options in there with the F.A.Q for the UI instead of just being apart of the MayronSetup addon. Also Credits to the author of Wanderlust for the idea of Raid difficulty indicator however the code was created myself and updated for this patch.
# WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables/kgPanels.lua and kgPanels.lua.bak changed: Deleted Minimap Frame only
# WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables/Grid.lua and Grid.lua.bak changed for 1920x1080 version only. Will do the same for the other resolutions when I have time which should not be long: Fixed the problem that show in party was set to none for Healing Mode. You can fix this yourself if you are using another resolution if the grid frames do not show up when you have 2 bars at the bottom showing.
-- MayronSetup addon updated to remove spelling errors in the F.A.Q.

Only 2 things changed so you can just switch the files from this pack if you want to keep all your addons the same:

# Addon Files Changed: MayronSetup
- added a much more epic Setup box!
# WTF/account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables/kgPanels.lua and kgPanels.lua.bak changed:
- When switching chat box to the bottom left corner by changing KgPanels Layouts. The code is now identical to the default Layout so that its all updated. Before it was using the old methods such as not having to hold down Alt to show Expand Retract.

- Updated addons
- The lua error that you got on login from XLootGroup is gone.
- Replaced SexyMap with qMinimap that should never be updated as I have altered the lua settings. The reason was because wit the new SexyMap update, the profile system has been changed so that it does not auto setup with the MayronSetup addon and was a pain.
- Addon added: Who Framed Watcher Wabbit. I use to use this before I got SexyMap. It lets you move the objectives tracker.
- Fixed problem with using Glyphs at the Glyph window except SLDataText_Guild still says its blocking this but if you press ignore, it lets you use them. Addon author said he does not get this issue so cannot fix it.
- With the updates, you no longer get lua errors on mousing over the guild data text while not in a guild.

- Just fixed a few inconspicuous things...

- InspectFix has been removed
- You now need to hold Alt while out of combat in order to see the Expand and Retract buttons
- Many many bugs were fixed.

- All addons updated for Patch 5.0.4!
- Made chat box smaller
- Replaced MoveAnything for DragEmAll. You can now drag blizzard art frames around. MoveAnything was currently not updated so could not use it.
- Removed the Quick Swap Menu. It was a fun feature but not very useful. I do not think we will miss it. Reason was that it was very hard to maintain so many profiles especially for creating new updates for the UI and was a nightmare for me.
- The old Quick Swap menu button which I now just call the Left Chat Button now switches UI modes from Healer to DPS. This is indicated with a D or H on the button.
- The Raid Finder button has been replaced with the Spell Book when you hold shift (This can be found on top of the chat box). This is because the raid finder window has been merged with the LFG window in patch 5.0.4
- Replaced Wanderlust wityh Sexy map as Sexy Map is no longer as buggy as it use to be and kept getting errors with Wanderlust on the PTR as its not been updated. Sexy Map has nicer features such as the Mining Hud feature and can be moved easier.
- You can still change the Chat box from the top to the bottom by switching the art which is going to be covered in the F.A.Q section.
- Fixed many bugs including the KgPanel FocusN for the Healing Mode (was the background behind the focus unit name) so that it updates its class colour with what the focus unit class was and not the target.
- Made the chat box smaller as before it was far too wide and tall. Sorry it took so long to fix that!
- Added Glamour which moves the Achievement Notification as well as LFR, LFG reward window at the top so that it is out of the way of Grid Frames for Healers.
- Replaced JPack for BankStack. Does the exact same thing (packs your inventory in a tidier order) except it has slightly more features. Only reason I switched to it is because JPack no longer works and is not yet updated for patch 5.0.4 but I have no reason to switch back to it.
- The addon "Who Framed Watcher Wabbit" has been removed as Sexy Map has the ability to move the Quest Tracker.
- oGlow had to be removed temporarily as there is no current update for patch 5.0.4 and was causing lua errors.
- And much more smaller things that I cannot think of right now...

- New Chat Box art
- Had to move Docking Station to fit the new Chat Box
- New MayronUI Quick Swap Menu
- This new Menu now has an option to switch the Chat Box art for art that supports the chat box being positioned in the Bottom Left hand corner of the screen instead of the Top Left position.
- Added a WTF folder for 1440x900 resolution!
- Fixed the issue with the Healer Mode not being able to change from class colors tothe Dark Theme for Shadowed Unit Frames
- Cleaned up all the code to work more efficient and fixed all bugs where there was a chance that pressing the Extend and Retract button would mess up the bottom part of the UI.
- Added new profiles to change the Grid Raid frames on DPS Mode to the Top Left hand corner when the Chat box is in the Bottom Left hand corner. This will change automatically when the option in the Mayron UI Main menu has been selected.
- Fixed bug with Aloft showing the boss skull icon as well as level and elite symbol when targeting a boss
- On the Healing Mode I switched the target unit frame and target cast bar with the Focus unit frame and focus cast bar as well as replacing target of target with focus target. This is so healers can set focus for the boss unit frame and can see its buffs and casting abilities. For tips on how to heal like this with macros, see the instructions on the Description page.

- Mini-map is now in the Top Right corner of the screen!
- Buffs have had their number of buffs per row reduced from 16 to 10 and an extra row has been added to make 3 rows. Same applies with Debuffs
- Buffs and Debuffs have been moved to the left hand side of the newly placed Mini-map location.
- Shadowed Unit Frames now uses their Party Frames for DPS mode instead of Grid Raid frames. Only works in a 5 Man group or less.
- DPS Mode Raid frames have had major changes. They are now much smaller and do not show health deflicts and incoming heals indicated as text. (They do still have the corner shown up as green for incoming heals however). Healer Raid frames are the same
- Omen has been added and been placed on top of recount
- Recount has been moved to the bottom right hand corner.
- Bug with Quarts cast bar has been fixed. It now shows orange when an uninterruptable spell is being cast by the target.
- Aloft Nameplates has replaced Tidy Plates. I prefer them to level with as well as their looks.
- 1680x1050 resolution has been thoroughly tested and Iíve fixed all bugs.
- Addon oGlow added
- Addon AddOn Chat-Message-Hider added but has been merged with MayronExtra. This hides all annoying text on login in the chat box.
- Updated all addons.
- Parrot has been changed to show incoming damaged to you on the right hand field like it should have been doing.
- The right hand spell bars have been raised higher to make room for omen
- The tool tips have been changed slightly in looks to try and fix that bug where the background color turns blue sometimes but I was unable to fix it, for now.

- Removed the Fix button hidden in the top left hand corner used for fixing the bars at the bottom for when setting the UI up for alts.
- Changed the way MayronSetup addon works to fix the problem above. Using this will now make the UI load and setup correctly for alts regardless of how many action bars you had open at the bottom on the last character you logged on with!.
- Removed SellJunk as Leatrix Plus was doing the same thing as the addon (sell grey items). Type "/ltp" to access this in-game.
- Fixed the problem with Omen icon showing up on the side of the recount icon if you choose to install it. This is shown in the dockingstation addon (the icons on the left of the chat box).
- Included my Omen saved settings but not the addon itself so if you like them then you will not have to set it up yourself.
1680X1050 Resolution fixes:
- Made Grid less wide so that it does not collide with anything in DPS mode
- Changed the size and position of Recount so that it fits in the UI better

- Anchored the bottom bar panel that includes the data text better so it should no longer move and is positioned correctly.
- Turned off the Blizzard Vehicle art that shows up when entering a vehicle that should of been disabled but was not.
- Made Doom Cooldown Pulse smaller
- Removed ShieldsUp and will provide a link as a recommended addon for Resto Shamans.
- Fixed many issues with the WTF 1680x1050 Folder:
- Moved Doom CooldownPulse to have it centered like the 1920x1080 version
- Moved Combat Text further into the center to match the same ration as the 1920x1080 version
- Moved Blizzard frames away from chat box like the 1920x1080 version
- Fixed the problem with the Global Cooldown and swing timer bar being positioned correctly for when the 2nd action bar is showing at the bottom.

- The UI now supports resolution 1680x1050! I've added a new WTF folder for them to use.
- I've parented and anchored KgPanel art better.
- The button on the right center of the screen that opens up the first bar on the right has been parented to the right of the UI so when you change resolutions or UI scale, it should stay in the correct position and not move off the screen.
- Same with the bottom panel that has the data text on top of it.
- I've included the saved settings for the Death Knight Rune bar so you can manually move it into your Death Knigths Saved Variable folder for it to transfer over the correct settings.

- Buttons for spells and abilities (bartender) has been reduced in size.
- Unit Frames (ShadowedUF) has been heavily changed in terms of appearance.
- Quartz cast bars have been changed to suit the new Uni Frames. They are now positioned on top instead of inside the frames.
- Added class colors to the background art of the unit frames as well as the player and target panels behind the names.
- Changed and tweaked many unit frame panel art such as the side of the minimap frame and other smaller things.
- Parrot combat text has been changed. The combat text area next to grid while on dps mode has been deleted and added into the two main fields on the left and right of the character.
- Added warnings to reload the UI when changing Grid profiles as when your in a raid I noticed that changing profiles usually made the raid frames disappear and only reappear when you reload the UI. To add this I have had to add the addon MayronExtra which should be enabled all the time.

- Fixed issue where Shadowed Unit Frames use to hide the health bar on the player frame in Arenas as well as hiding the cast bar and aura frames for all units also in Arenas
- Added addon Move Anything - I moved all Blizzard Windows that where blocking the Chat Box.
- Removed 2 profiles from Class Timers for the Healing Mode because since I have changed the size of the DPS mode timers to look exactly like the healer mode timers, there is no longer any need to have a different profile for both. This means that the healing mode has gained the target timers.
- Changed a lot of lines of code to make the UI run better.
- While changing the lines of code I also was able to fix many errors.
- I have parented many KgPanel's to the correct element on the UI:
The chat box art and buttons are now parented to the Chat Tab 1 (General Tab)

Fixed the WTF files so that people out of Europe will not experience any more errors when trying to login.
Fixed the problem where you could not close down the UI Menu in combat.
Added addon Shieldsup - A very useful shaman addon for tracking shields, earth shield especially.
Repositioned eclipse bar for druids and death knights rune bar so that it does not interfere with the second action bar on the bottom.

Errors fixed:
- Fixed code error where Grid - Dark theme button did not work
- Fixed code error where death knight text was not class colored
- Fixed bug with the edit box (the box you type in) on top of the chat box that had a background error

- 3D Portrait bar has been changed to a standard 3D portrait
- Quartz cast bar has been incorporated into the player, target frames
- Spell/ability bars on the action bars have been made smaller
- Removed the button background art on the background frame - this means you can change the size of spells or padding etc manually without the background button art showing incorrectly.
- Made the right side buttons that open up new action bars always showing but have reduced their size.
- Added two new addons to help with druid eclipse bar and death knight rune bar.
- Swapped BasicChatMods with Chatter to fix the edit box error.
- Moved the edit box to the bottom of the chat box instead of on top
- Added a close button shown as an "X" in the top right hand corner of the UI Menu
- Changed the looks of the tool tips (Tiptac) in order to fix the bug with the tool tips sometimes randomly showing up as blue instead of grey
- Changed the way the stance bar shows so that its vertically instead of horizontally.
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07-29-18 07:07 AM

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Unread 01-19-24, 07:54 AM  
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Originally Posted by cmsgirl
Originally Posted by [email protected]
Originally Posted by Tibbetts
Anyone know why he discontinued?
I don't know, but anyone can now take his work and continue it on github. I do not have the know how to keep it going but would love if someone could.
A working version of it is available here: https://github.com/cradzwill/MayronUI-Official
(click the green CODE button then click download zip)
I'm not sure if that person is going to continue keeping it updated, but they at least made the previous version work for now.
Thank you!
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Unread 01-10-24, 09:20 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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Originally Posted by [email protected]
Originally Posted by Tibbetts
Anyone know why he discontinued?
I don't know, but anyone can now take his work and continue it on github. I do not have the know how to keep it going but would love if someone could.
A working version of it is available here: https://github.com/cradzwill/MayronUI-Official
(click the green CODE button then click download zip)
I'm not sure if that person is going to continue keeping it updated, but they at least made the previous version work for now.
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Unread 01-10-24, 03:54 PM  
[email protected]
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Originally Posted by Tibbetts
Anyone know why he discontinued?
I don't know, but anyone can now take his work and continue it on github. I do not have the know how to keep it going but would love if someone could.
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Unread 01-02-24, 09:49 AM  
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Anyone know why he discontinued?
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Unread 11-20-23, 03:20 PM  
[email protected]
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Anyone out there help keep this thing ALIVE!

Anyone out there help keep this thing ALIVE!!!

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Unread 02-01-23, 03:40 AM  
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Originally Posted by edoras2727
The ui won't let me switch talents
Did you solve this? Do you get any error messages popup on the screen? Does it work when you only disable the `MUI` addons on your addons list?

If you have already reported this issue on GitHub then feel free to ignore this message.
MayronUI Discord communitymayronui.com
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Originally Posted by dayloon
Sorry if this is a stupid question but is there any way of changing the UI scale so the interface doesn't take up so much of the screen ?
Changing it in the Blizzard interface menu will work just like it does without using any addon, and you can also change it in `/mui install` > custom install tab (sometimes it's good to have the correct UI scale before installing but it's no longer required like it used to be - I just leave it there for convenience reasons).
MayronUI Discord communitymayronui.com
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Unread 02-01-23, 03:37 AM  
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Going forward, I'll only be posting change logs onto the change log tab instead of also adding them as comments here. You can view the most recent change log for 6.8.1 on that tab as well:

MayronUI Discord communitymayronui.com
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Originally Posted by Setzer
Anyway to have the Dragonflight guide icon appear on the mini-map? Only way I can get it to show now is by going into configuration for the mini-map and enabling test mode. Otherwise it doesn't show up at all.
I'm hoping someone can help with this as I don't play DF much. I'm asking community members for help debugging this and I'll announce it here and on discord when a solution is found.

Sorry for the inconvenience with this. It'll be my top priority now that MUi version 6.8.1 has finally been released.
MayronUI Discord communitymayronui.com
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Unread 01-04-23, 03:02 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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Anyway to have the Dragonflight guide icon appear on the mini-map? Only way I can get it to show now is by going into configuration for the mini-map and enabling test mode. Otherwise it doesn't show up at all.
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Unread 12-25-22, 09:43 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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The ui won't let me switch talents
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Unread 12-24-22, 05:46 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Sorry if this is a stupid question but is there any way of changing the UI scale so the interface doesn't take up so much of the screen ?
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Unread 11-28-22, 04:54 AM  
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Originally Posted by edoras2727
When i install this UI it keeps closing the game
This has been fixed in the latest update, but also the temporary solution to this was mentioned on the #announcements channel on the MUI Discord server:

The crash is caused by Shadowed Unit Frames in a scenario where the UI is installed but the Shadowed Unit Frames MayronUI preset settings has not been installed. Usually, restarting the game fixes it but if not try installing the UI on another character with Shadowed Unit Frames enabled, and then you should be able to log onto the other character that was experiencing the crashes. If this doesn't solve it let me know in the ❓mui-help-and-support channel.
MayronUI Discord communitymayronui.com
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Unread 11-15-22, 07:59 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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When i install this UI it keeps closing the game
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Unread 11-01-22, 06:24 AM  
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Originally Posted by Clubwar
How i can close this windows tooltip? the close button is out of windows size. Is the tooltip for LFG or band
You could try SHIFT+Drag the minimap to see if the tooltip follows along with the minimap so that you can close it.

If that doesn't move the tooltip then you could try disabling all addons and then closing the tooltip (you often need to do some sort of tutorial step it's asking you to do).

There might also be a way of disabling tutorial tooltips like that in the Blizzard interface options but I've not checked.

Originally Posted by Clubwar
And how remove that tooltip windows is over mouse? i like put in other zone
You can do this in the MUI config settings. Type `/mui config` and go to the Tooltips menu and you can change it from Mouse Over to in a corner of the screen.
MayronUI Discord communitymayronui.com
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