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Pick for 5/22: ls: Wishlist (new) & Petship (new)

Picked by: Seerah - 05-22-16

ls: Wishlist:

Crafting some grand item and need to keep track of all of the reagents necessary to create it? Collecting Pet Charms to get a Magic Pet Mirror? ls: Wishlist makes it easy to create a list of items that you are collecting and keeps track for you of how many you have in your inventory, and remembers how many you would like to have.

Ditch the Post-Its and check this addon out here.


This is a new addon currently in development that aims to recreate the original Hunter mechanic where you needed to earn loyalty/friendship with your pets, and keep them happy. If you long for the "good ol' days", or were looking for something like this for your role playing needs, jeruku is hard at work adding in his planned features.

Give this first version a look and provide your feedback at its download page.

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