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Pick for 3/11: Neuron & PokéBandage (both updated)

Picked by: Seerah - 03-11-18


Did you have a dream last night of a creative setup for your action bars? Wish you could set up your buttons to mirror the layout of your keyboard? Want your buttons in an arc at your character's feet? Neuron (previously Ion, originally Macaroon) can do all this and more. It can be your only action bar addon or you can use it to supplement your current action bars. It is super customizable, you can have as many buttons as you want/need, and each button can be a macro - without taking up any of your basic macro slots.

Read up more on the features and try it yourself here.


You finished a pet battle and you open your journal to heal all of your pets. But Revive Battle Pets is still on cooldown for 2 more minutes. So, you open your bag and dig through looking for your Battle Pet Bandages - because if you wait for the cooldown, you'll just forget. But what if you didn't have to dig through your bags for your bandages? What if there was a button to use your bandages right there in the pet journal? PokéBandage offers you this convenience.

You can get this addon here.

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