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Pick for 11/1: Rematch (updated)

Picked by: Seerah - 11-01-15


I first wrote about Rematch about 2.5 years ago when it was initially released. It has changed quite a bit over the years, especially with its 4.0 rewrite which was released early last month. Rematch is my go-to addon for managing my pet battle teams. You can search for pets based on their strengths, weaknesses or what type skills they have. When you save a team you can opt to assign that team to a certain NPC, such as a Grand Master Pet Tamer, and the addon will prompt you to load that team when you target them. Need to remember to Dive on round 3? Write it in the notes section. There are many more awesome features as well.

Check it out for the first time, or see what's changed, at its download page.

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