Pick for 6/7: Spell Toggle (updated)

Picked by: Seerah - 06-07-15

Spell Toggle:

Spell Toggle offers players an alternate method to keybind multiple spells to one action button. Instead of using a modifier key (Alt, for example) to cast a second spell in your macro, you can use this addon to toggle the macro over to use the second spell. So, say you have the addon set up to toggle between Conjure Refreshment and Conjure Refreshment Table. You then make a macro that will cast the spell and toggle the spell if right-clicked. If you left-click the button, it will cast Conjure Refreshment. When you right-click the button, it toggles over to the table. The next left-click will then cast Conjure Refreshment Table.

Read up more on how the addon works here, and try it out yourself.

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