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Pick for 2/11: PetBattleAutoForfeit & Select (both updated)

Picked by: Seerah - 02-11-18


Are you a pet collector working on getting Rare quality (or at least upgraded) versions of your battle pets? If you are not leveling a pet as you go, you may feel that battles without upgrades present are a waste of time. (For example, you already have an uncommon Emerald Proto-Whelp, and this battle is only offering you a common version.) This addon scans the rarity of the pets you are battling and compares them to what you already have in your collection, then giving you the opportunity to forfeit the battle as soon as it begins.

Just a little way that collectors can save some time. You can get it here.


Select has been around for a while (it will turn 10 years old this fall), and has been a previous Pick of the Week. With its current update, I thought it time to share it with a new "generation" of players so that they may enjoy its benefits. This addon allows you to create custom menus of spells or items to choose from. You can create a menu of mounts, of toys, of pets, of abilities... Whatever you wish you could select from on one button. Simply create a new /select macro and state what you wish for it to include in the menu - you can list each item/spell manually, or you can pull every mount with the word "Drake" in its name, for example.

Read up more on what this addon can do and how it works at its download page.

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