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Pick for 7/1: BtW Quests (updated)

Picked by: Seerah - 07-01-18

BtW Quests:

Happy summer to those in the northern hemisphere! Whether you're sweating by the pool, or warming up by the fire today, you're probably prepping for Battle for Azeroth's release next month! Have a look at this new quest journal addon, BtW Quests, uploaded by Breen this past month. So far, it has support for Legion quest chains and most of the Broken Shore and Argus quests, among others. It's already received a few updates, and it looks like he has plans to add support for all other expansions/classic eventually. See how far along you are in a quest chain and what you have left to do to complete it.

You can try this addon out by downloading it here.

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