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File: DropCount04-07-11
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You forgot to bundle it into a LootCount_DropCount directory...
File: Quest Completist v0.9302-24-11
Originally posted by spiralofhope...
Posted By: torin
Originally posted by spiralofhope I don't need to see my map cluttered with exclamation points unless I'm in the mood for questing. I hope that becomes configurable. It is configurable. Just click the zones button and down at the bottom is a choice for toggle map icons or something similar.
File: Altoholic02-09-11
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That's awesome news. I was looking into possibly doing maintenance on altoholic to fix some of the defects and that was looking to be a daunting task. I'm very pleased that you'll be doing it instead. :)
File: Altoholic02-09-11
Achievement Error after 4.06 patch
Posted By: torin
To fix the Achievement error you get after the 4.06 patch, you need to edit Altoholic_Achievements\Achievements.lua and go to line 114. The line starts with spaces and then . Change the first set of numbers from 5414:5419 to 5718:5719. Be sure to use a text editor and not something like word pad.
File: Altoholic12-27-10
Error using the Scroll Wheel.
Posted By: torin
I'm getting the following error when I try to scroll with my mouse wheel. I then can't see the alts that aren't on the first page. Date: 2010-12-26 23:29:00 ID: 2 Error occured in: Global Count: 6 Message: ..\AddOns\Altoholic\Frames\AccountSummary.lua line 227: bad argument #2 to 'format' (string expected, got nil) Debug:...
File: Quest Completist v0.9312-26-10
Two thoughts on QC?
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One, could you please spell it "consider"? It grates on my nerves to have an addon with improper spelling. Trade chat is enough for that. :) Two, could you put your e-mail address in a comment at the top of SavedVariables/QuestCompletist.lua? That way, I can just open it up and see the e-mail address to send it to.
File: Fishing Buddy12-22-10
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Originally posted by kyrel69 did they take away the auto recast after you pulled in the fish? There has to be a hardware event for the cast to happen. If you click easy cast in the options though, you just need to double click the water to recast.
File: AltManager12-03-10
Re: Re: Getting this to work for Stormwind Dailies
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Awesome! This works well. Thanks! Originally posted by ZergRael The new cata dailies are already implemented in the tasks list but are activated only on cata accounts (for cata beta testing purposes). I didn't know those quests would be added in 4.0.3 patch. Actually a lvl 1 char with lvl 1 cooking could take the daily cook...
File: Fishing Buddy12-02-10
Seem to be missing two features
Posted By: torin
There seem to be two features that I'm missing now when I use FishingBuddy. I use to be able have FB put out a random pet when I fish. I can't find that choice in the options page anymore. FB used to tell me how many fish I'd caught since the last time I had a skill up. Since my DK is now at 357 fishing, this gets to be impor...
File: AltManager12-01-10
Getting this to work for Stormwind Dailies
Posted By: torin
So, I can't seem to get this to work for the Stormwind Daily Fishing & Cooking dailies. I see that it works for the daily random dungeon and the weekly raid. But it's not registering that my level 80 has done the Stormwind dailies at all. I see that you autoflush lvls < 65. Does this mean for the SW dailies too? Those are do...
File: Altoholic10-18-10
Currency Panel
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This is a suggestion for future releases and I know (and want) bugs have higher priority. Would it be possible for the Currency Panel on the Character Info Tab to show the other types of currencies available such as Champion's Seals, Dalaran Cooking Awards, and Honor Points? Thanks.
File: QuestGuru10-14-10
Re: New QuestGuru
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Yay! Thank you for updating this. I was rather missing it.
File: Gatherer06-15-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Missing Notes...
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This got lost in my mailbox but I do have sort of an answer. I finally went back to AlphaMap3 and the tooltips show up again. They still don't show on the Blizzard supplied map but that's less of a concern now. :) Originally posted by Nechckn Torin, Sorry for the delay, time has been short as of late. Do you use the B...
File: Power Auras Classic06-02-10
New Aura types?
Posted By: torin
Is there a place where a basic explanation of the new aura types exist? I looked around on the Wiki and couldn't find any. I know that I could explore them in WoW but I can't get in there now while I can get here and other websites.
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu05-11-10
Re: Enchanting Transmutes
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Originally posted by Jayhawk Khaira, glad to hear that. :D Enchanters get a couple of transmute options, that share the same cooldown (much like the Alchemy ones). Can you tell me what the Enchanting Transmutes are? My Enchanter says that her enchanting transmute is ready but I can't find what that transmute would be anywhe...
File: ForteXorcist04-13-10
Yay Comments!
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Thanks for the Comments! And yes, I can see -what- has changed if I tossed it into WinDiff but comments can generally tell you the why rather than the what. (I'm paid to be a release engineer, so I regularly interact with the developers about this sort of thing :D )
File: ForteXorcist04-12-10
More verbose changelog entries please?
Posted By: torin
Would it be possible to have more detail than: v1.959.7 * A few fixes. v1.959.6 * Some quickies. ? I understand that this is a labor of love but I just have no idea what those mean.
File: Gatherer04-05-10
Re: Re: Re: Missing Notes...
Posted By: torin
I disabled HandyNotes and enabled MapNotes to try to fix this. I also disabled all addons except for the four that you mentioned and the tooltip on the world map still didn't work. Just a note that everything else works from making new nodes to receiving comments from guildmates to tooltips on the minimap. The only thing that do...
File: Gatherer03-31-10
Re: Re: Missing Notes...
Posted By: torin
Oh, I know that it's running. It works great except that when I bring up the world map, I don't get a tooltip that tells me what my cursor is hovering over. Tried installing mapnotes to get it to work, that didn't help either. Originally posted by Nechckn Torin, To verify that Gatherer is functioning, simply disable all oth...
File: Gatherer03-28-10
Missing Notes...
Posted By: torin
I recently cleared out all my addons and reloaded because I was having WoW Client crashes. I'm now using HandyNotes and notice that I don't get the notes on the world map as to what a particular node is. Do I just have a configuration wrong? Does Gatherer not work with HandyNotes? If not, what mapnotes addon does it work with? I...
File: TomTom02-26-10
Re: Re: Values for Continents & Zones
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Originally posted by Cladhaire You don't need to. Use the zone name and it works just fine. Thanks! All the examples I saw used numbers.
File: TomTom02-26-10
Values for Continents & Zones
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Being new to Lua programming, I'm not sure of all the resources. Where would I find the Continent and Zone mappings? Hoping that there is some way to do it other than going to each zone and doing message(GetCurrentMapZone()) in each zone...
File: SilverDragon01-26-10
Re: Re: SilverDragon disabled while on a Gryphon?
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Maybe I should rephrase that as "I don't want to go back and find some mob I flew over while traversing the continent." I'd be interested in an option that allows us to turn off rares detection while on non-directed travel... Originally posted by Nathanyel Actually, you can log out and back in, that will stop your flight at the...
File: SilverDragon01-25-10
SilverDragon disabled while on a Gryphon?
Posted By: torin
I haven't made it to Northrend or Outland yet, so I can't fly yet. Or at least all the flying that I do is by Gryphon/Hippogriff/Bat between cities. It's annoying when I'm in the midst of such a flight and I get told about a rare. There's nothing I can do about it since I can't stop the flight and that rare has now been "seen". I...
File: RantTooltip12-31-09
What's it do?
Posted By: torin
Could you put information in the Info tab so I don't have to glean what this does through reading 16 pages of comments?