I am still waiting for my Dragonflight invite but alas, so far no joy. If anyone does have access let me know

But, I thought in the mean time I would see what the general current user base and past and future user base thoughts were towards nUI in the new expansion.

So, here goes.

In the event that nUI becomes all but useless in Dragonflight is there any part of nUI's feature set that you wish you had but either don't want to have the rest of nUI or the rest of nUI is just too much for your set up ?

What part of nUI's unique features do you find you use the most ?

Post responses here as a Dragonflight Feature Request or preferably on curse ( https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/nui/issues/162 ) if possible. Thanks,

If I don't see anything on either site by the time Dragonflight is on PTR I'll start considering the best features I feel could work separately in the event nUI is even more of a pain to bandage.