06-11-17 05:49 PM by: Gethe

8.1 r19

New Error Catcher

!BugGrabber and Bugger have been replaced with a new addon: RealUI_Bugs. With this new addon I am able to integrate error alerts much more tightly into RealUI. In the future this will also allow for targeted debugging info to be added directly into the error report. Note: This will never contain a character's name or other information that could positively identify a specific character.

When an error occurs, there will be a one line chat output and the Infobar start button will change to a bug icon along with the total number of errors. To view the error you can click the chat link, use the new start menu item, or /error.

This is a required addon, and any other bug catching addons will be disabled if not removed.

Channeled Spells

The list of channeled spells has been fully updated. Additionally, haste is now account for so you'll be able to see new tick markers added as you gain more haste.

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