04-19-22 10:37 AM by: Xrystal
No one has contacted me since my last news post. But, good news, for now at least. I have just watched the DragonFlight video and based on what they have said so far ( Deep Dive still going on as I type ) I can honestly tell you I will be playing for at least the first 6 months as per each expansion so far.

My Addons

I will keep you updated as I learn more. The changes in the UI they have made may mean removals of my addons or a restart of my Xrystal UI idea to fit in with the new UI system they have designed.

nUI Status

Whether nUI will be adversely affected I don't know but where possible I will get it working for day to day game play but may have issues with dungeon and raid running as I don't usually do those. I will also attempt to get a Wrath Classic version of nUI once I know which version of wow it is based on.