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11-23-19, 12:35 PM   #1
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CharacterInfo Frame disappears after /reload

As the title says, If I /reload or relog on a different character, my character frame disappears. It cannot be recalled by any keybind (character, skills, rep or honor keybinds don't work) and it can't be manually recalled by clicking the character button on the Micromenu. The only way to fix it is fully relaunching the game client.

I have tried a new WTF config and went on addon by addon to try and replicate it so I could fix it but no luck, it's kinda mind boggling and mildly annoying at this point.

Addons that I have that might mess with the Character frame are:

This is the error that pops when trying to open the frame after a reload:

Message: Interface\SharedXML\SharedUIPanelTemplates.lua:426: 'for' limit must be a number
Time: Sun Nov 10 22:33:03 2019
Count: 21
Stack: Interface\SharedXML\SharedUIPanelTemplates.lua:426: 'for' limit must be a number
Interface\SharedXML\SharedUIPanelTemplates.lua:426: in function PanelTemplates_UpdateTabs' Interface\SharedXML\SharedUIPanelTemplates.lua:412: in functionPanelTemplates_SetTab'
Interface\FrameXML\CharacterFrame.lua:14: in function `ToggleCharacter'
[string "TOGGLECHARACTER0"]:1: in function <[string "TOGGLECHARACTER0"]:1>

Locals: frame = CharacterFrame {
0 = <userdata>
selectedTab = 1
tab = nil
(for index) = 1
(for limit) = nil
(for step) = 1
(temporary) = nil
(temporary) = nil
(temporary) = nil
(temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = "'for' limit must be a number"
GetTabByIndex = <function> defined @Interface\SharedXML \SharedUIPanelTemplates.lua:419

Anyone can figure this out? Even a script command that force recalls that frame so I could macro it would be useful at this point.
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11-24-19, 10:27 AM   #2
A Chromatic Dragonspawn
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So it's fine without any addons?

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12-01-19, 07:35 PM   #3
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Yup, found the culprit as well, it was DejaClassicStats, basically slowing anything related to the character frame down for some reason.
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