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10-22-10, 05:21 AM   #1
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Where does YOUR nickname come from?

Pretty straightforward. Don't think a topic already exists (didn't search) and if it does, it'sp robably too old anyway.

Anyway my name simply comes from Led Zeppelin. But ofcourse having jsut Led Zeppelin is kinda lame imo so I just took Led. The ++ came a bit after that, imo it had a nice look.

Since then I'm hooked on it =(
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10-22-10, 05:38 AM   #2
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My nickname comes from my hunter I used to play in vanilla during that time she was my main character I have since gone through and changed my mains several times, I don't remember how I came up with the name but I like the name alot its unique and last I checked only a handful of queries on wowarmory shared the same name...Shame I dont play my hunter anymore.
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My surname is care. Most people have called me carebear since I was in school ^_^
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Mine's from the first novel I started writing, where the name of the main character was Jigain To'lerean. After I scrapped the project, some of those who had read what I had written thus far began calling me by that name, and... well, it stuck.

Funnily enough, my name is also protected by way of copyright law, being part of an original work of art. All right reserved!

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Originally Posted by Jigain View Post

Funnily enough, my name is also protected by way of copyright law, being part of an original work of art. All right reserved!
But if you scrapped it, meaning its not public, does that make it copyrightable? (no expert here)

Mine derives from Exuberant, i forgot why I liked it but ive been using it online since '04... Wasn't till later I say a Insulin inhaler named Exubera too... weird eh
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I got the name Ferous from my BC main Tauren Druid on Hydraxis server. Though I don't play her no more, I still like the name alot :P

a combining form meaning “bearing,” “producing,” “yielding,” “containing,” “conveying,” used in the formation of compound words: coniferous; pestiferous.
I thought it be a good resto druid name lol.

I started to do interface UI crap when I played Ferous.
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My initials are V G but most of the time the shortest is 3 characters so I just add o (letter, not number) to it. V six o, not v sixty. Sometimes I've used variations like v6oooo but also Vidgy, Vesix and a few others as fillers when you're not allowed shorter names.
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Best regards, v6.
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From one of my fav TV shows, La Femme Nikita (first original US series, not the lame new one) with Peta Wilson. When naming my DK, someone already had the name so I had to spell it differently. Peta Wilson has always been one of my most fav actresses.
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Originally Posted by Xubera View Post
But if you scrapped it, meaning its not public, does that make it copyrightable? (no expert here)
My lawyer says so at least, apparently an original work is copyrighted at creation and not at publication.

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10-22-10, 09:23 AM   #10
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The name "p3lim" comes from my first character, Pelim.

No idea why i swapped e for 3 though.
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10-22-10, 09:45 AM   #11
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My name comes from my first WoW character who was a night elf hunter. I hit randomize a few times and added an extra 'n'.

Since then I've switch to my paladin (hence my signature) and race changed/renamed my hunter. It sucked getting bug reports mid-raid during BC, I think it caused a Vashj wipe....
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10-22-10, 10:01 AM   #12
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Mine came about from my EQ days. I played a gnome mage for about 4 years. On vent during raids one of my guild mates took to referring to me as the midget mage. It stuck.

The 55 came about from an online card game called Sanctum where I was a magistrate (moderator) for quite a while. The 'mags' had number designations and i was Magistrate55. Combine the 2 and taa daa.

If you are still awake after all of that congratulations. =)

I think Hong Kong Phooey was a ninja AND a pirate. That was just too much awesome. - Yhor
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10-22-10, 10:15 AM   #13
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Because I'm Krazie

Mine comes from the nickname I was given by my friends, approximately 15 years ago, because I did a lot of off the wall crazy crap. Mostly like the stuff you see in the Jackass movies now. Stuck and I even have it tattooed on the back of my neck now.

/points @ avatar

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10-22-10, 10:39 AM   #14
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Read some of my posts. Pretty self-explanatory at that point.
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10-22-10, 10:49 AM   #15
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"Wing" was what my first character's name translated to in English. The "-" comes from a Japanese boyband that I loved as a kid, and in all honest, still love today.
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10-22-10, 10:52 AM   #16
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Might Sound odd but mine is my First Name

Easy as that...
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10-22-10, 11:57 AM   #17
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Mine has a long and storied history. :P

It started off as one of two main characters in a short story I wrote about 18 years ago, and was planning on turning into a book. Well, that never went anywhere. But 13 years ago, when I first started on IRC, I took one of those two names, "Taryl", and used it as my IRC nick.

We all know how IRC is, and after a d/c when my old nick was still on as a ghost connection, I shifted it to Taryble. Started joking about being the "Taryble Twentysomething Texan", or the "Taryble Texan". So the Taryble ended up sticking around a lot longer than anything else did.
-- Taryble
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10-22-10, 12:34 PM   #18
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Red face

Well I've played on-line games back when they were txt adventures only...I sucked at typing back then and you had to type /heal (name) . So really long goofy names would just end up dead. That name is mine and is my sole creation. I own it, I am it forevermore. Saaxz

He is almost always a Paladin type. Period

I am more well known by Elchion now days tho. I'm a fan of Chi not Ki pronunciations.

Tithulta is the creation of Raymond E. Fiest and he owns the name even tho i've borrowed it for years and years. Tithulta is the Pentathion Serpant Priest in one of Fiests books series. Very minor character who dies in the same scene he is introduced.

I also write and have several names of my own. Used to post the stories to a guild website until i started seeing people ripping it off as their own work. The final straw was when my villain name was stolen. Wow i'm goig to have to dig that old manuscript out. Happened sometime between 95 and 2k. He's in a game if i could only remember which. Was playing Realm at the time in the guild LanZburg.

WAKE UP!! Sorry I bored you all so badly.
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10-22-10, 01:16 PM   #19
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Mechrior was originally Mechorian which was an OC name I used for D&D WWWWAAAAAYYYYYY back in the day!!!!
Full version was Mechorian Dedaleus Hamarrassa Riorchitorian.

I originally picked up the nickname mech when I was a kid because I had a knack for taking things apart and putting them back together REALLY fast so they joked I was a robot! XD

I have pretty muched used the nickname Mech in some form or another for around 20 years now....

Nice thread btw!!!!
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10-22-10, 02:19 PM   #20
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The story of def9 handle goes back to the original Street Fighter in the things we used to go to play games at. They were called arcades. Thats right us crazy gaming addicts back in the day used to gather in these places or corner convenience stores and play our favorite games.

While street fighter was by no means my first game played in an arcade, it is the first one outside of pinball were I felt a need to compete with friends and other gamers.

The reason I started using DEF was due to the insane number of people that actually just hit AAA or put their real initials. A friend started putting ABC to save time and so we could see his ranking hence I had the ingenious idea of using DEF. This went on for years including other games like Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct.

Well then the world wide web was born and games like Command and Conquer Red Alert went online instead of direct dial modems. When I went to register my name back in Red Alert it required a number. So I added the 9.

This def9 nickname has carried me through my online career in rts, fps games and forums ever since.
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