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Feature request- "shared database"

I had an idea.. Not sure if it's a good one though, but I think it could be possible.

Would it be possible for Carbonite to "share" it's node/herb database with other Carbonite users?

I mean Carb writes it's own node database and even if you don't import it from the module it will remember them. Also if you find nodes after the import that are new, Carb remembers them.

I'm thinking possible drawbacks could be occasional high CPU and bandwidth usage when Carb gets a request for new nodes and finds it has a lot of new nodes to send, but limiters could be placed in like a simple query "has the user imported the database?" If the answer is no then Carb would refuse to send... If the answer is yes then Carb could send just the nodes that are new. You could even disable it entirely during certain times, E.G Raids, Dungeons and Battlegrounds.

Essentially you would never need to build the database again as it would be self maintaining.

I honestly don't know how hard this would to be to implement, but I think it could be a good feature.

I'm hitting the Submit New thread before I ramble further...
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I think it would be smart to only send a node while the sender is actively mining/herbing/othering it, similar to how gatherer shares nodes. Just one at a time, rather than trying to keep all the databases in sync across hundreds of active players.
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It actually wouldn't be too difficult to implement something like that as nodes get harvested, since everything is already in place... the global carbonite channel exists, the information is recorded anytime a node is harvested... would just be adding a listen / parse, and a send within the harvest event

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