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Handynotes plugin/functionality for Carbonite

Quite some time ago a fan of CArbonite created Handynotes_Carbonite so the notes from there would pull into the CArbonite main map etc. Now obviously this is heavily out of date and with Legion around the corner will continue to become so.

Is it possible, while you guys are working on getting Carbonite Legion ready, to either update this Handynotes plugin OR to add Handynotes functionality into the new version?

If i have even half a clue I would look into it myself, but I do not have even a fragment of a sliver of a shadow of a clue when it come to LUA

Thanks in advance and thanks for all the work over the years on Carbonite, long time user and fan of the addon. (Old enough to have paid for it as a contributor back in the day)
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Handynotes_Carbonite is outdated and it shouldnt be used. Carbonites Notes module does the job now. Works with latest Handynotes.
Carbonite and Carbonite Classic Developer
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08-12-16, 07:08 PM   #3
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Sweet this answers my question as well yay
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If you get a LUA error like this:
307x Carbonite\NxMap.lua:7396: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'W' (a nil value)
Open Carbonite Options --> Notes Module
Set "Handnotes icon size" to something greater than 0.

In Carbonite Notes Ver. 7.0.3 (latest at time of publication) it is currently misspelled as 'Handnotes', not 'Handynotes').
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