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Help me write proper lua/code for my addon


This is basically a request thread. I need help writing the right code in lua and copy paste it into my addon's core or make a new one with the help of: addon.bool.no/.
I just know enough code language to sometimes be able to alter an already existing addon in how it looks in the game in some very basic ways like colour, size, position etc.
So yeah Im pretty bad

I play on a wotlk private server that runs on patch 3.3.5, in case this will matter later.

I have an addon that I call "HideThings" and its this:

 --hides default target/focus buffs/debuffs
            TargetFrame.maxBuffs = 0
            TargetFrame.maxDebuffs = 0
            MAX_TARGET_BUFFS = 0
            MAX_TARGET_DEBUFFS = 0
            if FocusFrame:IsShown() then
            FocusFrame.maxBuffs = 0
            FocusFrame.maxDebuffs = 0
            MAX_FOCUS_BUFFS = 0
            MAX_FOCUS_DEBUFFS = 0
I found it on a thread on this very website some time ago and I would now want to add to it with other things I want to hide.

1. The most important thing and hopefully it isnt too much trouble.
I have two other addons called: LoseControl and eBar.
In those addons I have some frames that exists that I would like to be hidden during a condition.
When Im in a party OR raid where there are a total of 4 people OR when party3 exists (I do not know which of these are more logical) then I want these frames to be hidden, otherwise I want them to show:


2. I almost forgot and hardest thing.



These pictures show 2 things that are not frames I belive. They are a apart of the nameplate. The raidicon beside the nameplate and a kind of "threatglow" around the nameplate of that wolf when I aggro him.

I do not know what the raidicon is called when you refer to its visual at the nameplate but I think the threatglowing thing is called "threatglow".

I want both of these to be hidden since they do not match my UI as you can see.
Even if someone put raidicons on someone I do not want to see it beside their nameplate, and I do not want any glowing effect that seems to be coming from a standard blizzard nameplate UI.

Help me type these things into my addon "HideThings", because when I try diffrent things with my nonexisting experience with how to format lua I just make it stop working.

Would really appriciate you alot if you could help me in anyway!
Thank you all for reading!

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