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Textures mouseover.highlight spacer


I was pretty much looking up all WoW Textures but I couldn't find the help/blue-highlight which appears with mouseover on talents.


There are many similar textures and I checked all of them (at least I think so).

When I checked with a clean (default) UI its still the same two blue borders and no button or talent/highlight textures are involved.

Basically I want to disable/hide it.

It looks bad even when in theory it should help people to navigate.

I also have similar issue with the spacer between the MailFrames and its paper.


I replaced all paper/background and inset-textures but these seem to stay.


I used the Texture-Mirror on Github and TAV also looking up fstacks.

If someone already dealed with similar issues or knows how to fix this I really appreciate any help

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It looks like you are referring to the blue lines at the top and bottom of each talent row when you mouse over them which are defined in PlayerTalentRowTemplate.
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Yes, thank you I missed that at the very bottom

I dont get why some large textures have to be this inconspicuous

There are alot of textures who look basically the same and with the mailframe I got: this (OpenMailArithmeticLine) but it isn't for the mainwindow.

I guess the frame is called MailFrameInset but I cant find the texture neither can I hide it.

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Ok, so I found the mail paper background here: https://github.com/Gethe/wow-ui-text...ive/Stationery.

But I can't find the lines between the MailItemFrames: https://imgur.com/a/fNZkTN8

When I replace all textures within the MailFrame folder it still seems to be generated.


From the code it should be related to the MailItemBorder but changing doesn't affect it.

Any1 know how to hide or replace it?

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