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Snobold.com - Dedicated WoW Search Engine

I personally have been sick with all the fake links out there. I have been sick of spam URL's, phishing attempts and filtering through all the bad information on the web.

Did you know there are websites out there that take keywords on the fly and generate second level domain names and creates spam and keyloggers on the fly based on what you searched for?

How about all the websites that lead you to places that are gold supported, account sold.. and worst of all a URL that has some sort of background downloader or phishing scam/program that runs in browser.

Introducing Snobold.com. Its still in beta phase 2 but now its available for people to try it out. Snobold.com is a comprehensive dedicated search engine just for World of Warcraft.

Heres a few of the features:

-Dynamic URL scanning

When you input a url, or a search term it starts the process. The spider automatically starts to find URL's based off only TRUSTED, SCANNED url's that are maintained in a database. All URL's are scanned and checked using a java-applet before being cached.


How many times have you searched for information regarding a change or a rumor you heard.. then you find yourself on a website that has fake information. No more, only websites that are considered reliable sources are included in the engine!

Search Forums, Websites, Wikis!

Now when you search for something in particular and bold, such as human priest, or linen cloth.. no longer do you have to associate special tags, or filter nonsense out of Google, or Bing. You now just type Linen Cloth and you will be presented with only Linen Cloth from World of Warcraft.

Find Addons!

Can't rememeber the name of an Addon? Can't figure out whats going on with an addon? Type in a few words into the ADDON search, and find help and addon's that match what your looking for!


Snobold.com hopes and is aiming to be your only search solution to try and help eliminate the unwanted spam and fake links. Since only admins can alter which sites are searchable we offer one of the best guarantee's ever!

Currently, if you can find a URL or a domain which is linked to a dangerous 3rd party, or you recieve 3rd party malware from using Snobold.com, Snobold.com will give you 600$ USD in efforts to subside from the loss of your account, or your time. We believe so much in this product we are putting a cash value on it.

The cash value guarantee will be made available Dec 7th, with the final version of the system.

So please, enjoy using and testing Snobold.com, please help us spread the word. Never again get a virus by searching for WoW information. Never again get clutter in information!


-Kookie + Mayple
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Assuming this is all completely legit (too busy to check it out atm), then it's freaking awesome. =D

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There has been an update to the code resulting in a minor delay in which images display. No longer are dynamic URLS allowed to be displayed:


website.com/image?url<insert xxs here>

instead they are cached on the local server and displayed as such:

http://website.com?<insert random cache>
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