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Hello everyone,

I am currently developing a transpiler that allows to convert the language Typescript into a WoW compatiable LUA (@wartoshika/qhun-transpiler). With a powerfull transpiler in my back, i started developing a modern framework as a base for other developers and as a starting point to take a look at existing source code (@wartoshika/wow-QhunCoreTS).

There is currently no existing complete documentation because i am still in the heavy developement phase. I will add them when both projects become stable released.

My questions are now related to both of the projects.
  • Do you think, that using a different language for LUA can harm the performance of addons?
  • Do you think, that the generated LUA sourcecode is good enough (performance and quallity perspective)?
  • One important thing is that typescript does not support multi return values but there is an easy way with full type safety to get all return values. Does this argument mattern?
  • When you hear about decorators, classes, static typing... Can an average addon developer benifit from a setup and language that introduces more powerfull paradigms? (Those, that are used by Typescript are common for every larger object orientated programming language, and a wow addon dev is in most cases no addon dev only and knows about those paradigms (or others))
  • Are thinks like reactive programming with observables and promises, repositories for quering the saved variable database... a bit to much?
  • The developing environment should be a node-js capable client witch can download the transpiler, framework and autocompletion for the WoW-Api from the node repository online (even other existing projects using typescript can be used in the wow context)

I can provide example files or a gist with generated LUA source code if you like.

My daily business is the full stack development of web applications. Those things are everywhere in this environment. But this may not be the case for addon developing in an environment that is not my daily business.

I appreciate every comment or thought of yours. One goal of this is to gain a base knowledge of this community of developers and if my idea can fit into this place.


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