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WoW Classic: API issues (GetShieldBlock, GetManaRegen)

Hi all,

Not sure this is the right forum for this, but thought I'd try here, first!

I've been trying to get various addons to work on WoW Classic (I'm in the beta, and had been playing the playtest/stresstest, too), and I've run into some weirdness with a couple API calls.

I've posted my issue on the main WoW:Classic Bug Forum, but figured I should post here in case this has been discussed outside of that forum, too.

Issue 1:
GetShieldBlock() is very inconsistent (and incorrect) in values it returns. Sometimes it's wildly off, and it seems to depend on the order in which gear is equipped (!)

Issue 2:
GetManaRegen() doesn't behave as expected (should return "base" and "while casting" values, but only ever returns "current","current"... and does not take buffs into consideration:

If I'm "doing something wrong", I'd love to know... or if something else is going on, that would be great to understand, too


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