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enlarged chat

i saw an old mod called dock and really liked playing around with it, but after awhile decided it was just a bit too complicated and buggy, and apparently its abandoned too. but it made me realize something that i would like to see.

after trying out many chat mods and layouts for my chat windows, and completely failing at setting up a 1 window/multi-tab/tab blink notification setup i was after, i decided to use 4 different chat windows along the bottom

| gen | party | guild | combat |

now this is probably only feasible because i run at max res on 24" screen, regardless, its readable, but barely.

my idea is an animated chat window enlargement to a preset secondary location. that way, when my main objective is chat related, i can toggle a tiny icon on the desired chat frame, and BAM, i get a nice big text box to read. if you play around with dock at all you will see exactly what i mean. in fact, i think you can get dock to do this but it would be quite a headache.

so anyone up for this? i imagine many people who like minimal UIs would love this.
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While not exactly what you're looking for, maybe Chicchai could be of use to you... It will minimize a chat window after X number of seconds.
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thanks for this suggestion, wasn't what i wanted at first because it wouldn't look that great with spartanui, but i redid stuff without spartanui and its great! so thanks again. one little minor tweak i'm interested in for chicchai though, id like the minimized states to all be uniform to 3 lines, instead of 1 entery, no idea how to make that change but ill ask the author.

EDIT: little tweaking to code i know nothing about and i think i got it

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