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New Auction House addon - AuctionFaster


I am working on new auction house addon named AuctionFaster and I am looking for contributors or beta testers.

Why yet another AH addon?
Well, it is simple. I haven't found a single addon that lets me:

1. Quickly sell items from a bag without making any price rules or setting price myself
2. Quickly buy flasks/food/consumables without scanning all pages.

So what are the features?

1. It doesn't scan all the pages while you search for something (it is similar to default blizzard UI - has pagination)
2. It is veeeeery lightweight at least compared to TSM or Auctioneer
3. Lets you chain-buy things (you have a counter how many items you already bought and asks if you wish to buy next auction)
4. Automatically undercuts price by 1c without need to scan all pages. You will be 100% sure your auction is first in all AH addons
5. Has the ability to remember last set price and turn off undercutting
6. Automatically lists all sellable items in bag, no need to drag anything.
7. Has money inputs that understands strings like "2s", "2g5c", "9999g", "999g 40s 30c" so you don't need to enter gold, silver, copper separately.

How does it look like?

Buying interface:

Selling interface:

If you are gold maker you probably should stick to TSM. But most of the people usually buy few things and occasionally sell garbage from bag. This is addon for normal people. You will be able to have it turned on even in raids and it won't make your loading screens last forever nor produce any FPS drops.

It is still in early alpha stage - basic functionality works, buying, selling, listing, searching.

At most I can give it to 5 people as alpha/beta testers. If there will be more people willing to test I will select the best ones (those who has experience with software development).

If you are addon developer and wish to contribute, feel free to write PM.
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