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Pick for 6/25: Aurora (updated) & Clean Icons (updated)


Are you getting bored with the art style of the default UI? Looking for a sleek new look, or want the default windows to match your minimalist UI? Aurora is one of a select few ambitious addons to restyle your entire user interface. It has a plugin system, as well, so skins may be written for other addons.

Feel like you're playing a new game - download the addon here.

Clean Icons

Clean Icons - Cold

Perhaps Aurora is a bit much for your tastes. Clean Icons is a series of texture packs that will reskin your icon textures. The author found that there were variations in the icon edges through expansions, and sought to give them all the same look. In the process, he created various styles for your icons (the "Cold" style is pictured above). The download is not a regular addon (so you can't install/update it with Minion), but rather a manual texture override - place the folder right in the root of the Interface folder in your WoW directory. As new abilities, items, etc. are added to the game, the file is updated with the new textures. But no need for you to download the large, base file again, as suicidalkatt puts these new textures in a separate "Patch" download so that you can just grab the recent additions. He figured he'd save you the bandwidth. (So be sure to add that "Patch" file to your favorites list!)

Check out Clean Icons - Cold here, and be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the other styles available!

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Are you the author of a mod that you think belongs in this spotlight? Just upload/update it to WoWInterface, and it will automatically be considered for that week's Pick.
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