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Carbonite conflict with HandyNotes 1.4.x

There is a conflict between HandyNotes 1.4.x and Carbonite 062315. HandyNotes 1.3.x seems just fine with Carbonite and I have been using both for quite some time.

Running either one is fine. Together there are errors right after login and the game map ends up being blank everywhere. I have reported this to HandyNotes as well. I know these kinds of conflicts can lead to finger pointing, but hopefully this is something that both mods can allow for.
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HandyNotes 1.4x

Hadn't previously noticed issues between HandyNotes & Carbonite, but I have seen some errors recently. I also have not been playing much lately as real life tends to trump my virtual selves...

I found this notice when I updated HandyNotes today:
NOTE: At the time of writing, HandyNotes v1.4.x does not work when Carbonite is installed. Please report this to the Carbonite authors if you want to see it get resolved, thanks!

Further down the HandyNotes description:
Changes from v1.2.0 to v1.4.0

HandyNotes now uses HereBeDragons-1.0 instead of the unmaintained Astrolabe
Plugins which referenced Astrolabe directly should be updated, and ideally not require anything the HandyNotes API does not provide
New HandyNotes API function: HN:GetContinentZoneList(mapFile), retrieve a list of zones inside a continent (Z -> mapID hash table)

Thank you
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I've already posted on the DEV forum about the reason of the breakage, and I hope the Carbonite authors will resolve it.
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