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Originally Posted by Xrystal View Post
Even those given keys ( names passed to blizzard ) didn't necessarily get given access to the beta. I had to update nUI during the 2 stress tests I got access to. I've been checking every couple of days to see if I have been given access yet but no dice. And that is with a subscription active.
Sorry to hear that ;/ that is crazy that you had to do that; nUI has been around forever and with this mix of pre-WoD and 7.x/8.x I would like to see that you, and others, tested its veracity and stability.

And just to clarify for anyone reading this, I don't think I am special, and don't want to start trouble and certainly am not blaming WoWI, it's how I got into late alpha the last three expansions, it has been an awesome boon from Cairenn and crew and I am sure it wasn't easy.

Originally Posted by Cairenn View Post
Yeah, they asked me for a dozen or so names, then didn't even give access to most (any?) of them. =/
Yeah to go from dozens of bonafide authors both here and on Curse that will inherently test the content along with the UI to less than a dozen for Classic is concerning. In vanilla beta there were tons of addons, albeit no established authors yet that could get flagged via association or reputation; and the game is starting at 1.12 anyway; by way of example, just like Feral Druid tanks will be more viable starting with 1.12, post class pass, the UI may present interesting challenges. Certainly Decursive and addons of that ilk, those way too powerful, will not be available, it leaves a void, perhaps not in those specific addon's purview, but in the evolution of the UI/API and game itself.

I know my particular addon's domain of character stats is completely different than 7.x and 8.x and is using pre-WoD code/API. I have reluctantly subscribed to get in for stress tests that are coming, but it is not an ideal development environment.

Anyway, here's hoping the stress tests are enough and or that an open beta period is in store; for the sake of Classic's launch. I apologize if my tin-foil hat shocked anyone,

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