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The old Legion Beta category has been cleaned out and repurposed as the BfA alpha/beta category. If you had an addon in that category previously...
  • if it was a duplicate of a project, it was deleted
  • if it was a main project that had the Legion Beta category tagged as a secondary category, that tag was removed
  • if it was a main project that had the Legion Beta category listed as its main category, it was moved to a different category (often one that was already tagged as a secondary category)
  • there were a few remaining addons in that category that were deleted, as they only existed to experiment with new features or to fix bugs that existed at the time

That said... As Dolby mentioned above, please use the new BfA category as you update/write your addons to be compatible with the new expansion. Dolby listed the several ways you can do this in the OP. Using this category will help users find the addons for BfA so that they may help you with testing and feedback. Please ask here if you have any questions about the process or the new category.

If you wish to create a thread about writing/fixing your addons on the alpha/beta, or any new/outdated API, you can use our PTR forums.
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