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Originally Posted by Cidrei View Post
In the comments on InFlight, totalpackage says "the last update prevents saving times if you have the guild perk. I am waiting for a solid solution on how to handle that," which I assume is what is occurring.

I also posted some code in the comments to allow recording of flight times with or without the perk, along with a couple of related bug fixes if you'd like to take a look.
Originally Posted by MacDubhgal View Post
Still looking for an answer to my query (above - from 4 days ago)... Any ideas as to why In Flight appears to have stopped giving accurate (or any) flight times? Thanks!
Ah HA! And I say that in all earnestness. I'm usually good about reading update texts and patch notes/change logs and the like... Somehow missed the Guild Level disclaimer. At any rate, this latest release (5.2.001) seems to have fixed the problem. Just did a test run back and forth in Jade Forest. Neither showed correct flight time (or any). Then I exited game and reloaded WoW and tried it again. Accurate data both ways! Hurray and Thank you!
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