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Since that stupid spammer's necro'd this thread and I had forgotten the thread even existed, I thought I would post this here in case anyone was searching for a solution to this problem in the future...

Originally Posted by Cesard View Post
Ok, then.... I did some research, and I got it working once more.

Apparently Blizz is messing with stuff having to do with Macs.. They've changed the default value of gxApi to "OpenGL" which is the old value.

I edited the config.wtf file and added the line:

SET gxApi "GLL"

and that fixed it once more.

Now, understand this is for Mac only.. I have no idea what's going on in the PC world regarding this issue, if it's fixed or what. But for Mac users affected by 3.3.2, this fixed it for me.

This should work until Blizz once again changes things.
Originally Posted by Master Redwing View Post
First off, thanks for this ui, it's amazing.

I was having the white bar problem on my Fiancee's Mac, and I tried to add the line SET gxApi "GLL" to the config.wtf file, but the game continually deleted that line, and the problem persisted.
I then tried typing /console set gxapi GLL in chat after logging in to WoW, and it worked like a charm.
Hopefully this helps anybody else stuck with this problem.

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