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Question new at this/looking for assist

hi all
i'm new to lua and to wow api dev in general and have one question about... SetPoint and hooksecurefunc

i figure most people reading this will already know what i'm asking but here it goes!

i have this project for my personal ui

- i am hoping you all know of a way around the issue here but basically i keep getting an error
tried to call the protected function 'TargetFrame:SetPoint()'.
you will see a line in the core.lua script that mentions 'filthy hack'
- this was added to stop the error from happening after a lot of failed tests which prevented securely updating the position, such as the following; which was ultimately removed since it doesn't solve anything

local f = _G['TargetFrame']

hooksecurefunc( f, 'SetPoint', function( self )

  --TargetFrameHealthBar:SetStatusBarColor( 1,0,1 )
  --hooksecurefunc( f, 'PlayerFrame_ResetPosition', function( self )

  local _ap, _, _relp, _x = self:GetPoint( )

  if _ap ~= frame_settings.target.anchor_point or _relp ~= frame_settings.target.relative_point or jlelz:round( tonumber( _x ) ) ~= frame_settings.target.x then


    self:SetPoint( frame_settings.target.anchor_point, UIParent, frame_settings.target.relative_point, frame_settings.target.x, frame_settings.target.y )


end )
i attempted to update the code.. a few times, in hopes i'd eventually understand the nuances of something like hooksecurefunc to get past this issue to no avail. if you all have any tips, i'd be grateful <3

thank you!

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