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So I just read these for the first time in my life.

2. No libel. No defamation of character. Don't come here and slam/flame anyone/thing. Don't come here sounding off that Blizz sucks, EQ sucks, mod_author_01 sucks, etc and so on. None of that. You want to post things like that, take it elsewhere, there are enough other boards that cater to that type of thing. This isn't FlameVault. See 1.
We know a lot of you like to have graphic signatures. We are going to ask that if you wish to have a graphic signature that you make them not exceeding the following dimensions and size limit.

Max Width = 350 pixels

Max Height = 150 pixels

Max File size = 30kb
Do not, repeat DO NOT, make usernames/post threads that:
- Negatively portray major religions or religious figures
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