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@SDPhantom So if i understand correctly, i'll have to change every values and other infos in the
UIPARENT_MANAGED_FRAME_POSITIONS group that you highlighted me in order to interact with the MultiBarBottomRight ?
It becomes really complicated for me, the simple fact of having opened the link you posted and seeing all these scripts gave me anxiety x)

Unless i misinterpret what i have to do in order to solve my problem, i think i just might reconsider wanting to move these bars.
It seems that a simple move is in fact a complex action that is tied to a lot of parameters and i didn't think i would get into this at the start.

I was thinking again using MoveAnything but there is not even an option to move the gryphons or the art background wich is a shame for and addon that is litteraly named Move Anything x)so i'll definitiely stick with default UI or use bartender i guess ^^.

Thank you anyway for your time ! I wish you luck in your futur API work ^^
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