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I can't move the MultiBarBottomRight

Hi ! Just before i ask my question, i prefer to warn you that i'm a big newbie in this domain and that im not
very comfortable with English ^^ so it may be hard for you as much as me to follow my thoughts ^^.

Ok, let's get into it.
I'm trying to rescale and move my MainMenuBar and my MultiBarBottomRight in order to center my ui and have more visibility ( since you have to rescale all your ui only to rescale your bars via the default settings it's not an option ) and make it as my own little addon! I have no problem to make it work with macro's but as it resets each time i log, i want to make it permanent.

So what im doing here is that i use some scripts that i've found like :


(sorry if it's not correct, i've been trying so many combinations for 5 days that i deleted them day after day)

And i throw it into addon.bool.no/ and then put it in my wow folders.

So here's the thing, i've managed to make it work for the MainMenuBar, but as soon as i add some scripts for the MultiBarBottomRight, everything is breaking down . The bars are not even responding.

So all i want is to move these two bars a bit to the right of my screen to re-center them and then increase their size !

As time goes by i'm wondering if it is really possible? Maybe the art background is tied to the main bar so when you add the Bottom right one it fails ?

Again, sorry for my poor knowledge in API, but this is my last chance. I couldn't find anyone to help me on the french side, and i'm lost more and more as all my attemps are failing one after the other .

Thx in advance, Necta
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