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Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
As far as whole files are concerned, p3lim is correct. However, if you meant snippets of code within files, you're welcome to browse this archive. Here's the very first archived UI export, PTR build 4115 of patch 1.1.2 (4125).
That's awesome, and exactly what I was looking for. How is that a thing? Looks like someones personal site? I wonder how similar that will be to the code in "Classic"

Originally Posted by p3lim View Post
Dan was one of the programmers working on the user interface for WoW, being one of the few resources addon developers had to influence the default UI and its capabilties for addons. Afaik he moved on to a different project.
But if Dan is gone, how are they ever gonna talk to him!? Very cool that addon devs have contributed to the actual code

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