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Originally Posted by Dejablue View Post
Any word on invites for authors like Cairenn and crew have graciously procured for us with past expansions?
Yeah, she asked addon devs about it few weeks ago in WoWUIDev IRC and Discord servers, it wasn't done here because she only had a dozen of keys.

Cairenn: If I get another chance to get more folks in, it'll be announced in those 2 locations again.
Cairenn: It's not like the usual expansion betas, ya know?
Cairenn: I only had like a dozen keys
Originally Posted by Dejablue View Post
Also, anyone know if you have to be subscribed to WoW to get an invite? Their criteria was a lot more vague than usual.
Yes, to get invited into beta you have to opt-in and have an active sub.

But Blizz also said this recently:
That said, the amount of closed beta invites that we’re sending out is rapidly decreasing as we have met our current population needs for testing. We’ll regularly reevaluate the need for additional invites as we go through the testing process.

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