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carbonite maps

yes the default works as usual all the time, just carbonite map will not show up after the first time.
I have used default map after carbonite map refused to show a 2nd time from low level toon to 120 toon.
seems it glitches and then locks out. As I said I tried with only carbonite loaded, also with all my other mods loaded, does the exact same, but saying this, there is no loss of performance in game, with carbonite enabled alone, it registers on memory load as usual, this has only occurred since the last blizzard update.
one mod I thought that might affect was bartender 4, but all mods disabled cept carbonite, it does the exact same. I did a bare bones install of wow, then re installed carbonite, all to no avail.
1st time I knew of errors was when it would not complete quests, so reasonably I thought it was the quest module, so tried running with blizz quests and carbonite maps, still does the exact same.
any help would be appreciated
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