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Originally Posted by EKE View Post
send message to /ra or /p or /i when click the icon:
just like " available battle rez: 0 , next battle rez: 1:35" etc.

also, when someone use battle rez in group, addon will send massage to group channel: "battle rez: OOO to XXX"
Certainly possible, but I wouldn't write such a thing, on principle. Consider boss mods. Today's boss mods just show timer bars and warning messages to you. You can turn off things that aren't relevant to your class or role. The original boss mods, back in vanilla, weren't like that that. They sent that information to the whole raid in the form of an endless stream of chat messages -- X in 30 seconds, X in 20 seconds, X in 15 seconds, X in 10 seconds, A on B, X in 5 seconds, X in 4 seconds, A on C, X in 3 seconds, X in 2 seconds, X in 1 second, X now!

What you're proposing is no different. When I'm playing a shaman, for example, I don't have a battle rez. Why do I want my chat box filled up with messages about battle rezzes? Those have nothing to do with me, and those messages are 100% spam to me.

People who do have a battle rez can use an addon that shows them -- just them -- that information if the default UI's display isn't enough. The rest of us don't need to know and don't care.
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