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Originally Posted by Cruniac View Post
Hey all,

I have started using Carbonite again for it's unmatched gathering profession convenience using the merged minimap. I'm using it with the imported GatherMate 2 node DB for Carbonite.

I have noticed a constant and gradual FPS drop the longer the game runs (and starts to drop again after reloading the UI, every time). I start out with 120-140 FPS and it gradually decreases with time in about a 3-5 minute duration. The FPS drain in the strongest after idling without moving for 1-2 minutes. It causes the game to run at 10-12 FPS until reloading the UI.

Please note that this FPS drop issue does not happen with default Carbonite, only after the GatherMate nodes are imported. Even after clearing the Cache folder and the WTF folder.

I have managed to find one workaround/fix without having to reload the UI. Just by touching the "Gather Node Transparency" slider (doesn't matter where I move it) in the "Trasparency..." menu the FPS goes back to the normal 120-140 FPS. Then the FPS decay starts again.

Is anyone else having the same problem? If so, can you also reproduce this fix? Do you have any idea on how to avoid the FPS drops in the first place? I hope this information helps with the development and a possible fix.

Thant happens to me but only in Garrison other zones are fine even when nodes are shown on the map.
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