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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
Yeah, but why pay $15 for a chance to maybe have my account flagged for beta access sometime in the future?

I'm fine with waiting anyway, since I'm not interested in actually playing the beta, only in doing addon stuff, and addons aren't enabled yet. As it stands there's nothing about WoD that I'm really excited about... time travel and alternate universe themes are generally pretty good ways to lose my interest, and all of the gameplay changes seemed primarily aimed at making the game more attractive to Facebook/iPhone gamers, and I'm generally unhappy with the "pay to win" direction Blizzard seems to be heading with paid level boosts and such.

The only thing I'm even a little excited about is the character model update, but I lost most of my excitement after actually seeing the new models... the new female dwarf looks like a meth addict, and while I understand that the primary audience for this project are straight dudes, it's disappointing that they clearly spent hours and hours giving all the female models nice round backsides and giant breasts (with weird dark outlines on the cleavage to make sure you don't miss it!), yet the male models still have behinds as flat as Keanu Reeves' range of facial expressions (which looks particularly odd on a model like the male orc, when every other part of his body is covered in huge bulging muscles... I guess he skipped glute decade at the gym). Where is the love for the ladies (and gay gentlemen) Blizz?
have faith Phanx, you still have hope left in the blood elf males, maybe they will have that strong masculine behind you desire
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