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Bombaroo 08-17-17 10:58 PM

Carbonite maps and quest window gone
Having some serious trouble with Carbonite. It worked almost all day, then I logged in and it was gone. I checked Addons in the Interface and the Quest Module had vanished. Luckily I had a 3 day-old back up that I could take the Interface folder from. I deleted the current Interface folder and pasted the older one and it worked--carbonite came back as it should be. Then, I updated some of my add-ons via Curse Client and Carbonite crapped out again. I don't know what's going one but it's a bit frustrating. I'm afraid to update anything now since it seems any updates I do cause the quest module and map to vanish.

jeffy162 08-18-17 05:45 AM

Since you seem to be using the Curse (now Twitch) Client: on the addon list (installed addons that is) right click on Carbonite, and that's where you can choose what version you want to install. You might have to do this for each module. I'm sorry, but it has been a year, now, since my computer blew up and I am not familiar with the Twitch Client. They don't work on an Android and that's all I have had. Sorry.

Bombaroo 08-18-17 10:06 AM

Found the culprit
I updated all addons and once again a problem with Carbonite fully loading was immediately apparent. So, I disabled ALL addons and systematically enabled to find which was causing the Carbonite maps and quest module to not load. Turns out Bagnon is the culprit. At least the newest version. I will reinstall a previous version so that it will work. Hopefully, this can be fixed at some point.

R_OReilly 08-18-17 09:41 PM

Have you tried selecting the Alpha version of Carbonite Maps and Quest in Twitch? That fixes many of the issues from the latest WoW update. There also seems to be a cascading issue with addons using different updates of AceLibs. I don't use Bagnon but I saw similar conflicts with WeakAuras 2 this week.

Carbo 08-19-17 01:21 PM

Weak Auras is causing the problem because of an Ace3 event handling issue. You need to pull all your Weak Auras files out and replace them with the prior version which is .16. The Bagnon issue is caused by this also.

ircdirk 08-19-17 03:28 PM

My fault. Fixed. Download new version.

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