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NZBishop 05-22-20 01:35 AM

If X spell is on CD no equip weapon.
Hey guys looking at making a spamable macro for you evocation, this is what I have come up with:

#showtooltip Evocation
/equip [nocooldown:Evocation] Will of Arlokk
/cast Evocation
/equip [nochanneling:Evocation] Bloodcaller
/equip [nochanneling:Evocation] Tome of the Ice Lord

What I am wanting to do is 'always allow you to have your spirit staff in when you evocation is up and then instantly switch back to your Spelldamage weapons after and not let you go back to your spirit staff when evocation is on CD'

The [nocooldown:Evocation] part of the macro is not working and have been looking into scripts to try get it to work but it seems to be way above my head.

Any help will be much appreciated

Xrystal 05-22-20 05:33 AM

Are you allowed to change weapons during combat ?

Does noCooldown or even noChannelling macro conditionals exist ?

That could be my own lack of knowledge as I generally only have one set of armor on my characters.

Tim 05-22-20 08:46 AM

Neither "nocooldown" or "nochanneling" are valid conditionals. Macros cannot make smart decisions for you (ie: do X if X spell is ready/on cd/etc).

Your best bet is to probably make 2 gear sets (1 with spirit gear & 1 normal gear). Then make a button in WeakAuras to show on your screen when evocation is off cooldown and make it do all the swapping, casting, etc.

Seerah 05-22-20 12:01 PM

nochanneling is a conditional (unless they have removed it from the game?)

nocooldown is not.

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