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BossHawg 05-17-15 08:31 AM

map zoom / scale
This has been an annoyance for me since 4.x, where I would zoom in on the map using the + or double clicking, then when I move the map zooms all the way out so the entire world is seen.

In older 4-5x versions the map zoomed out only when moving into a new zone.

So what settings will keep it at the zoom/scale that you pick even when moving across zones?

... and is the best place to get the latest updates for this?

jeffy162 05-17-15 10:25 AM

Set the map where you want the zoom to be, then right click the map and choose "Save Map Scale". Then any time you want to set the map back to how you want to see it, just right click the map and choose "Restore Map Scale" from the menu. You can also set a key binding for this: esc > Key Bindings > Other > NxMAPSCALERESTORE.

You might want to UNcheck the "Auto Scale" box at the top right of the minimized map, also. and are the only two sites that have Carbonite and its' modules legally, so one is as good as the other to download from.

EDIT: This is from ircdirk's signature:

Latest beta version of Carbonite (with all latest fixes) always available at GitHub:

ircdirk 05-18-15 06:49 AM

Always try to use development version since last curse/wowinterface release is quite old.

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