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Torhal 10-07-09 11:11 PM

To hell with WinZip or WinRar...get 7-Zip. It handles zip, rar, and many other compression/archival formats - it's also completely nags to be seen.

Zukin 11-06-09 10:41 AM

Hi !
( Excuse me if I make mistake, I'm french... :) )
So. I wanted too install that UI :
I delete my folder Interface and my WTF folder and i replace it by the new folder Interface and WTF. So, I put my folder like that :
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\frFR\WTF
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Fonts
But it doesnt work ! that i don't have addon installed
The AddOns thing ( i don't know how to call it ) when I log-in is not here !
And Wowmatrix tell me
Thanks for helping !

Seerah 11-06-09 11:04 AM

First of all, the WTF folder goes directly inside your WoW folder, not inside the Data folder.

World of Warcraft\WTF
Second, since that UI page does not have instructions for installing, I will tell you this also:
  • Replace your Interface folder with the one that comes with the UI (don't just put the UI folders inside your current Interface\AddOns folder)
  • Make sure to rename the folders inside of the WTF folder to match your account name, your server, and your character

Third, that UI has not been updated since December of last year. You will need to updated the addons included and, at the very least, check "Load Out of Date Addons" at the addon selection screen.

If you don't wish to have to deal with updating the addons, then I suggest maybe trying this UI:

Zukin 11-06-09 12:11 PM

Thanks for your fast answer !
I did everything you just said, but it doesn't work.
I try with basic addons, it doesn't work at all.

I have to write my new Battlenet account right ?
And which character ?

Thanks for the UI, but i'd prefer a Mage UI and the problem i think is not the UI but my computer :D

Seerah 11-06-09 12:39 PM

No, don't use your account. Use your actual WoW account name.

For server and character, use whichever you choose. You may even copy the server and character folders as many times as needed to rename them for all of your characters.

Please post the path to the .toc file of one of the addons in the compilation. You most likely just don't have the UI installed correctly if you don't even see the addons.

For example, Bagnon should be
World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Bagnon\Bagnon.toc

Zukin 11-06-09 12:48 PM

Now the battlenet account is the wow account.
For Quartz :
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Quartz

But .toc is a file, not a folder, so i can't post the path to it. But I already check, there is one in all the addon folder.
Could you just try on your own computer and tell me if it's working please ?

Seerah 11-06-09 12:54 PM

No, the account isn't your WoW account (it's just what you use to log in with). People with multiple accounts can assign all of their accounts to one account, in addition to associating multiple games (Diablo, Starcraft) with their account. What you need to use in the WTF folder is your *actual* account name.

Back to the addon issue...
The .toc file should not be a folder, it's just a text file with a different extension (you can open it in Notepad). But I think it sounds like you have everything there correctly.

The next question is this: Right-click the shortcut you use to launch the game. Select Properties and see where it points to. This directory location should be the same as where you install addons to.

If that location does match where you've been putting your files, then what operating system are you using?

Zukin 11-06-09 01:19 PM

It points to :
C:\Documents and Settings\World of Warcraft\"
OF COURSE !! I'm so stupid i have to install addon in that Wow not the other... I'm so so stupid !

Thanks for helping, i'm going to try with that :D

EDIT : there are a lot of folder like
and the basic WTF
The same with Interface :

You think i can delete everything ?

Seerah 11-06-09 01:55 PM

The ones with numbers after them (dates) are backup versions the game created when you ran the Repair tool. You can remove them.

Zukin 11-06-09 02:14 PM

Thanks for all !
Just one last question : Should I delete Blizzard Addons ?

Seerah 11-06-09 06:16 PM

You can - the game will recreate them.

khantwo 11-17-09 01:31 AM

problem I am having,....
when I do log in,...i clicked the icon open, applied out of date sturf also,.....
looked like it was going to work..
still have no arrow on screen or quests showing.......why?

Seerah 11-17-09 09:59 AM

1. what addons are you trying to install?
2. when you open your addons menu (where you click "load out of date", are they all listed there?

khantwo 11-17-09 10:06 AM

wow quest helper-----
1. what addons are you trying to install?
2. when you open your addons menu (where you click "load out of date", are they all listed there?
I have installed the wow quest helper---
and I did not see anything just said load them........I did not see anywhere a list was available....when they are done with tuesday maintenance I can log in and look again.
but this hasn't answered my problem.

jumpenpanda 05-12-10 11:20 AM

Am trying to download carbonite addon and right now nothing seems to work, or pop up window.

I clicked "download"
A screen pops up confirming of 'open', 'save', and 'cancel'
Usually in the past 'open' works fine and opens another window with the files in it
-> When I clicked 'open': A window pops up saying its downloading files, and says complete! And then nothing shows up; read above is what I usually recieve.

I tried clicking 'save' . . . nothing happens, nothing pops up, no new recent addons updated
This happened to all the addons I try to update

Seerah 05-12-10 01:54 PM

When you click "save" (which is what you should do, btw), the .zip (or .rar, whatever format the addon is compressed to) gets downloaded to wherever you have your Browser set to download files to in its options. Then you will have to unzip/uncompress the file and move the folder into your AddOns folder in your WoW directory.

If you are unsure where your download location is set to, open up your browser's options/preferences window to see. Alternatively, you can search your computer for the name of the addon you have downloaded.

momsdruid 06-04-10 10:32 AM

vex inferface problems
I desperately need a new UI….. So I tried downloading one from your website, Vex interface (

I followed the following instructions:

1. Download and extract VexInterface
2. Go to your WoW directory and backup your Interface and WTF folders.
3. Remove those folders from your WoW directory and replace them with the new Interface and WTF folders you downloaded.
4. Open the WTF folder and rename the following:

YourAccount -> to your account name
YourRealm -> to your server name
YourCharacter -> to your character name

5. Start the game and type the following to change addon profiles to Vexione - Stormscale

/bar (for Bartender)
/sldt (for Data Text)
/sexymap (Change Scale to around 75% because it starts out too big)

I copied my old interface and WTF file and placed them in a separate folder on my desktop. I deleted the interface and WTF file in my WOW directory. I downloaded and extracted vexinterface into separate file on my desktop. I copied the new interface and wtf files and placed them in my wow directory. I renamed the necessary files. I started the game and it still did not work. So I closed out and went to curse and updated all the addons. I also opened the /bar and /sldt file and copied the vexione -stormscale profile, but the /sexymap did not have the same profile to copy so i left that one alone. Do I need to do the same for every addon i downloaded as well... and if so how? these directions do not say to change profile for all the other addons and i do not know how to open or midify them. Sorry, just not extrememely computer savy.

Once I opened it again it was now better but not as in the picture. I have some boxes that are overlapping and I can’t figure out how to move them. Also my text is not in the place it should be. My UI currently looks like this now:

I did notice that in the text file that came with the download it says “1680x1050 ONLY!” I am not really sure what that mean though. Also…. Nothing shows up in the black boxes at the bottom like it should, or like it looks in the picture. Is this something I have configure myself… and if so .. how?

Taryble 06-04-10 01:00 PM

The "1680x1050 ONLY!" text refers to the screen resolution at which you run WoW. Vexione's UI is only designed to work with the screen resolution of 1680x1050, which is a widescreen monitor.

The screenshot you uploaded is in a resolution of 1024x768, which is a normal monitor - this means that your screen doesn't support the resolution that Vexione's UI was designed for.

Lžnette 07-13-10 11:40 AM

Windows 7
Hi. I'm new here. I was reading through this thread and was trying to find a solution to my installation issues. I just got a new computer back in March. Unfortunately it has Windows 7 on it and I have no idea how to get to what I need on that thing to install it. I know how to do it on XP but that's about it. I'm not the most computer literate person either. I used to rely on my ex to handle this kinda stuff but well.. he's my ex now hehe.

Seerah 07-13-10 12:42 PM

Firstly, where is your copy of WoW installed to? If you're not sure, find the shortcut you use to open it (on your desktop perhaps) and right-click it. Then select "Open file location" (it's 3rd on my menu).

Lžnette 07-13-10 12:57 PM

C: Users>public>games>World of Warcraft

That's what it looks like.

Seerah 07-13-10 01:05 PM

Then inside the Interface\AddOns folder in that directory there, you will install your addons the exact same way that you did on XP. :)

Lžnette 07-13-10 01:07 PM

Ooh. I see it now. Thank you very much. :D

Shawdaynelf 12-26-10 12:03 AM

I am having roubles maybe some sort of help
Ok so i have followed all of the rules to downloading carbonite once again I have had it for 2 years up until pre cata and I have windows vista it shows correctly in the folders but it isnt showing up when i open wow. None of my other addons are in the addons folder either but i also use curse client what is causing all of this non sense? and what can i do to get it to work PLEASE help me

Seerah 12-26-10 12:39 AM

Where is your WoW installed to (ie, where is your shortcut pointing to)?
Where are you installing your addons to?

If the answers to the above questions are the same, then search your computer for your AddOns folder. If you have WoW installed to Program Files, then this would be the problem since you're on Vista. Ever since the 3.0 expansion, the default install path for WoW has been to a different directory due to the permissions that it needs to use addons and save their configurations. You would have been asked to move it when updating.

CainusLorre 03-15-11 10:58 PM

Addon Installation
i have some addons i want to use but have no clue how or where to install them if anyone can help with this please email me or hit me on yahoo messanger Monmouthfire845m thanks foir anyones help

Nobgul 03-16-11 09:28 AM

You can check out our how to install addons F.A.Q here.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

Seerah 03-16-11 04:23 PM

I'm curious if you read the OP? ;)

Nobgul 03-16-11 05:50 PM

Sorry I should have pointed my response at CainusLorre, or atleast included the quote from the question they asked.

Seerah 03-16-11 07:18 PM

Heh, I guess I should have, too. ;)

I was just wondering if you, CainusLorre, had already attempted the guide in the OP of this thread (which also links to the guide that Nobgul pointed out). Or if there was something in particular that he needed assistance with after reading through it.

vanya 04-30-11 10:58 AM


Originally Posted by Seerah (Post 88637)
Two different UI compilations? The easiest way is to have two separate Interface and WTF folders, renaming them depending on which character you're using. But you'll have to completely exit the game when changing characters. The other way is to use different profiles in your mods for each character.

This, is my problem (I know the post is old, but it at least shows I read it)
My roommate and I share my computer sometimes, so they made their own WTF and Addons folders, my problem is when I log in, it is running their addons, and I dont know how to make it show mine??

ps-can't ask, sleeping

Seerah 04-30-11 12:49 PM

Exit the game and swap their folders out for your old ones.

Othgar 11-12-11 06:49 PM

Install Walkthrough
So, a guildie of mine just convinced me to upload a video of how to install addons from here. I figured I'd share it with everyone my system runs Windows 7 Pro so there may be some slight differences on other versions of Windows.

Youtube video

Noble-Rogue 02-20-14 05:34 PM

need my mods.
1 Attachment(s)
Hi all. i used to play WoW all he time b-4 MoP. but my pc did not meet the MoP graphics requirements. when i played i used Curse Client to get all of my add on's. now i have a newer pc that runs windows 7. the problem is that Curse wont run once it is loaded. there is an issue while down loading and Curse is crappy when it comes to answering their tickets. i had one for 4 weeks without any response. so now i here. i have down loaded the Titan Panel. i have unzipped it using the built in extraction program on windows 7. and i have been sure to have it in the right file. please help me out here. ty in advance for any info yall can give.

Noble-Rogue 02-20-14 06:00 PM

figured it out.....

Originally Posted by Noble-Rogue (Post 290971)
Hi all. i used to play WoW all he time b-4 MoP. but my pc did not meet the MoP graphics requirements. when i played i used Curse Client to get all of my add on's. now i have a newer pc that runs windows 7. the problem is that Curse wont run once it is loaded. there is an issue while down loading and Curse is crappy when it comes to answering their tickets. i had one for 4 weeks without any response. so now i here. i have down loaded the Titan Panel. i have unzipped it using the built in extraction program on windows 7. and i have been sure to have it in the right file. please help me out here. ty in advance for any info yall can give.

i was opening and extracting from the add on's file. i fixed my issue by SAVING NOT OPENING to the downloads file then from there i extracted it straight to the add on's file. ty everyone

Seerah 02-20-14 08:11 PM

Glad you sorted it out. :) Just in case you run into this problem in the future, the method used for extraction in your screenshot created a new folder named after the .zip file to put the contents of the .zip file into. If you looked inside there, you would have seen a normal TitanPanel folder, which you could have just pulled out to the Addons directory.

Lexodus 08-13-16 03:48 PM

Gnome Sequencer Enhanced
Hi all, I've just started trying out Gnome Sequencer Enhanced on Mac (El Capitan) and I have followed all of the steps on the installation help page, but it isn't showing up in the list of add ons when I open the WoW game client. I was first trying out Gnome Sequencer (not enhanced) and managed to install it but deleted it when I found GS-E, do I need GS installed to have GS-E or are they standalone? If they are dependant, what should my path look like - applications/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons/GnomeSequencer/GS_E ?

Phanx 08-13-16 08:24 PM

Separate addons are installed separately. If AddonB depends on AddonA, your installation should look like this:

... AddonA
... AddonB

and not like this:

... AddonB
....... AddonA

In the latter case, WoW will not be aware of AddonA, so it won't load AddonB either.

Ging 08-31-19 02:22 PM

Mac Details! Classic AddOn Help Needed
1 Attachment(s)

I attached a screenshot of my path. I am a new Mac user so I hope this gives you a great idea of where I am struggling. I am trying to add the Details! Classic Damage Meter but I believe my pathing is all messed up. I checked and double checked that I do not have two paths to Wow and I read through these instructions very throughly as to not have to ask for help but I have now spent about 24 hours on this and I am calling for reinforcements. Can you please assist?

Thank you,

Seerah 08-31-19 02:48 PM

It looks like you might have folder-in-folder syndrome, as detailed in this thread. But I'm not entirely sure, as your screenshot doesn't show what's inside that DetailsClassic folder. (Hint: The folder name for the addon should just be called Details and is already named that way.)

Fathathyme 05-06-20 12:58 PM

Addon ClusterBleep
1 Attachment(s)
I have tried multiple times to install the latest Addon. I used Minion which was worthless and have since attempted multiple self-installs. I get the install loaded as shown in the attached screenshot, I reboot, I pray to the WoW gods, and [i]the add-on never loads[i]. Please give me a hint on what might be wrong.

Attachment 9443

Seerah 05-06-20 04:18 PM

1 Attachment(s)
It looks like you've pulled everything out of the Carbonite folder. It should look like this:

If you need additional assistance, have you looked through this?

Seerah 05-06-20 04:19 PM

Oh, heeeeyyyyy.... You're also missing the _retail_ (or _classic_) folder in your directory.

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