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Sharji 06-19-18 08:50 PM

StdUi - New widget library
I just wanted you guys know about new library that is being developed by me:

I suggest checking all the widgets, not everything is yet documented. Current look:

I aim to provide near enterprise level of documentation. It will have the best (at least one of the best) documentations for WoW library you have seen.

It will look the same no matter if you have elvui or any other addon installed. Its not related to Ace nor ElvUi.
Requires just LibStub.
100% Lua (no XML)

Has a lot of built in widgets
Works with blizzard UI
Does not create proxy object (except for ScrollTable)
Almost certainly immune to any changes blizzard will make in their code (none of the widget uses blizzard templates/code)
Can spawn new instance which you can customize
Will have a grid layout

Lemmie know what you think, contributions are welcome

saxitoxin 06-20-18 11:50 PM

I like this
Even if it is not my preferred standard style (since it is customizable) i really like the simplicity of adding widgets that this adds

Are you going to post the files for download here on Wow Interface when it is done?

runamonk 06-21-18 12:10 AM

Looking good!

Azgaurd 06-21-18 09:31 AM

Looks nice, Only thing I would like to see is an image widget.

I am looking to re-do my Setup Wizard and would love to use your library to handle it.

Sharji 06-22-18 05:38 PM

1. Yes it will be here + wowace + github
2. I will release addon to customize all addons using this library (with ability to override even new instances).

"Image" widget is just texture. Or Button + Texture.

myrroddin 06-23-18 01:04 AM

I found a typo in your font document example. You have "familly" and I assume you meant "family". Is that a typo in the docs, or a typo in your code? This could trip up someone.

Sharji 06-25-18 05:31 AM

Docs were updated.

Updated looks, new widgets, new options:

Some of them are videos, click on image:

myrroddin 06-25-18 09:53 AM


Originally Posted by Sharji (Post 328431)
Docs were updated.

Not quite yet. As reported earlier, you have a typo that is either in your docs or your code, or both.

Full config object should look like this:

font = {
familly = 'Fonts\\ARIALN.ttf', -- Font used across your addon
size = 12, -- Font size
effect = 'OUTLINE', -- Font effects
strata = 'OVERLAY', -- Font strata
color = { r = 1, g = 1, b = 1, a = 1 }, -- Font text color
colorDisabled = { r = 0.55, g = 0.55, b = 0.55, a = 1 }, -- Font color when widget is disabled

Urtgard 06-26-18 01:37 PM

Your videos are expired.

Sharji 06-27-18 01:01 AM

Im first focused on fixing real issues and finishing all widgets first.
Then i will check code for typos. Don't worry.

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