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Chr0nicxHack3r 01-28-21 04:23 AM

Trying to create minimap icon
Hello I am brand new to creating addons for WoW. I am trying to get into this just to expand some of my knowledge and I have an itch to try and create something for this game. Below are the steps I followed to get where I am.

1. Spent the last 4 hours looking around and reading several tuts on how to get started and trying to create the minimap icon.

2. Here is the main topic I used from this site actually. I installed LibDBIcon from the post and also used the bottom layout currently with Bunnies here.

(When I say I put in LibDBIcon, I went to the site on this post shared by Phanx. Click on File, and downloaded v9.0.1. I unzipped this and dropped all 4 folders into my Lib folder of my addon.)

3. I have sat for about 2.5 hours playing around with this and I just can't for the life of me get this to work properly and would love it if someone can help me.

Here is my github repository.

If someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Hope to hear back soon!

Chr0nicxHack3r 01-28-21 05:10 AM

I should probably also clarify that the Addon shows in game and it loads my message. Just for some reason I canít get the icon to show up on the minimap.

Rilgamon 01-29-21 03:59 AM

First of all enable Lua errors. And step by step resolve them.
Lua Code:
  1. /console scriptErrors 1
A good interface for Lua errors is Bugsack/Buggrabber.

Take a look at line 9
Lua Code:
  1. icon:Register("MyLDB", myLDB, savedVarTable)
Nothing in that line is declared before used. When removed your addon loads (if the used libs are provided) and the button shows up.

Chr0nicxHack3r 01-29-21 07:30 PM

For some reason when I try and run
Lua Code:
  1. /console scripterrors 1
Nothing happens and even reloading game or UI in game nothing shows?

myrroddin 01-30-21 04:52 AM


Originally Posted by Chr0nicxHack3r (Post 338398)
For some reason when I try and run
Lua Code:
  1. /console scripterrors 1
Nothing happens and even reloading game or UI in game nothing shows?

That usually means there are no Lua errors in your code. That doesn't mean your code works, just that it isn't throwing errors. Install BugSack as per Rilgamon's suggestion. You still might not have errors, but they will be a lot easier to read if you get them. Plus, you can review them later, as BugSack saves them until cleared.

Chr0nicxHack3r 01-31-21 08:18 PM

Oh ok awesome if 2 of you roll on it I will definitely have to download it and give it a try. Thank you guys for getting back to me!

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