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LudiusMaximus 03-09-21 03:39 AM

Show Party/Raid frame without being in party?
For testing purposes I need the CompactRaidFrameManager or PartyMemberFrame{1,...,4} with at least some party members. Is there a way to achieve this without actually being in a party or raid?

It would also be great to simulate the PartyMemberFrame{1,...,4}NotPresentIcon.

d87 03-09-21 04:44 AM

I remember it taints something, but still good for testing

Rilgamon 03-09-21 05:26 AM

For testing I use the old garrison.
The role test where you are put in a group is helpful.

LudiusMaximus 03-09-21 07:40 AM

This helped me to continue. Thanks to both of you!

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