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jadiilelz 10-05-19 07:01 AM

new at this/looking for assist
hi all ;)
i'm new to lua and to wow api dev in general and have one question about... SetPoint and hooksecurefunc

i figure most people reading this will already know what i'm asking but here it goes!

i have this project for my personal ui

- i am hoping you all know of a way around the issue here but basically i keep getting an error

tried to call the protected function 'TargetFrame:SetPoint()'.
you will see a line in the core.lua script that mentions 'filthy hack'
- this was added to stop the error from happening after a lot of failed tests which prevented securely updating the position, such as the following; which was ultimately removed since it doesn't solve anything


local f = _G['TargetFrame']

hooksecurefunc( f, 'SetPoint', function( self )

  --TargetFrameHealthBar:SetStatusBarColor( 1,0,1 )
  --hooksecurefunc( f, 'PlayerFrame_ResetPosition', function( self )

  local _ap, _, _relp, _x = self:GetPoint( )

  if _ap ~= or _relp ~= or jlelz:round( tonumber( _x ) ) ~= then


    self:SetPoint(, UIParent,,, )


end )

i attempted to update the code.. a few times, in hopes i'd eventually understand the nuances of something like hooksecurefunc to get past this issue to no avail. if you all have any tips, i'd be grateful <3

thank you!

d87 10-05-19 09:18 AM

You can't move unit frames in combat.

And nowadays you can reposition default player and target frames without any addons

aallkkaa 10-05-19 09:23 AM

Well, on your "filthy hack" snippet, you are trying to reset the methods :ClearAllPoints and :SetPoint of protected frames ('PlayerFrame', 'TargetFrame', etc), which is never a good idea, as other addons might need to use those methods as well; actually Blizzard might need to use those methods on their frames as well - and that's why they're protected.

And, as the error message you got implied, even using those methods (let alone modify the methods themselves) on protected frames doesn't go very well with Blizzard, particularly in combat.

There are some things you can do with the standard Blizzard frames, but usually only out of combat (rhis restriction is to prevent automation such as the game casting spell A or B in response to world events, without user interaction, AKA having the game play itself for you).
Not saying this is what you're trying to do (hardly looked at your code). But the above is something to keep in mind.

You can listen to the event PLAYER_REGEN_DISABLED to listen for player entering combat. PLAYER_REGEN_ENABLED lets you listen for player leaving combat. InCombatLockdown() returns true when you are in combat, and thus prevented from messing with protected frames.

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