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Necta 05-25-20 02:00 AM

I can't move the MultiBarBottomRight
Hi ! Just before i ask my question, i prefer to warn you that i'm a big newbie in this domain and that im not
very comfortable with English ^^ so it may be hard for you as much as me to follow my thoughts ^^.

Ok, let's get into it.
I'm trying to rescale and move my MainMenuBar and my MultiBarBottomRight in order to center my ui and have more visibility ( since you have to rescale all your ui only to rescale your bars via the default settings it's not an option ) and make it as my own little addon! I have no problem to make it work with macro's but as it resets each time i log, i want to make it permanent.

So what im doing here is that i use some scripts that i've found like :


(sorry if it's not correct, i've been trying so many combinations for 5 days that i deleted them day after day)

And i throw it into and then put it in my wow folders.

So here's the thing, i've managed to make it work for the MainMenuBar, but as soon as i add some scripts for the MultiBarBottomRight, everything is breaking down . The bars are not even responding.

So all i want is to move these two bars a bit to the right of my screen to re-center them and then increase their size !

As time goes by i'm wondering if it is really possible? Maybe the art background is tied to the main bar so when you add the Bottom right one it fails ?

Again, sorry for my poor knowledge in API, but this is my last chance. I couldn't find anyone to help me on the french side, and i'm lost more and more as all my attemps are failing one after the other .

Thx in advance, Necta

d87 05-25-20 07:44 AM

Show code that is causing the problem
But anyway, you could try moving MultiBarBottomRightActionButton1 or whatever it's called, without touching MultiBarBottomRight itself.

Xrystal 05-25-20 07:50 AM

What you have to consider is that other elements of the UI are connected to the right side action bars. Moving them may cause the other frames to have issues or move them as well.

So, in addition to what was requested, what is the chain of errors ( if any ) you are getting ? Have you got bugsack/buggrabber or a similar bug tracing addon installed to grab those errors that blizzard doesn't see.

A screenshot of what is happened may help us see what 'everything is breaking down . The bars are not even responding.' means.

Necta 05-25-20 08:53 AM

So i tried to redo a new one wich is basically this :


And surprisingly i didn't get any error . However it still doesn't work
The font strangely disappeared, the bar isn't responding anymore ( i cant clic on spell/move or Simply interact with it ) and it's not exactly on the coordinates that i have chosen ( too much on the right) .

Edit: I also tried to put MultiBarBottomRight SetSetMovable(true) and SetUserPlaced(true) but it's still the same.

@d87 I'm sorry i dont understand what you mean ? I should replace MultiBarBottomRight with MultiBarBottomRightActionButton1 ?

Oh and sorry for the lack of explanation, it's a bit tough for me to converse like that ^^ .
By saying 'everything is breaking down . The bars are not even responding' i was only talking about the bars affected with the addon. The rest of my UI still work normally !

SDPhantom 05-25-20 03:51 PM

MultiBarBottomRight is managed by UIParent.lua from its UIPARENT_MANAGED_FRAME_POSITIONS table. I suspect changing these values will cause taint though.

Necta 05-26-20 03:03 AM

@SDPhantom So if i understand correctly, i'll have to change every values and other infos in the
UIPARENT_MANAGED_FRAME_POSITIONS group that you highlighted me in order to interact with the MultiBarBottomRight ?
It becomes really complicated for me, the simple fact of having opened the link you posted and seeing all these scripts gave me anxiety x)

Unless i misinterpret what i have to do in order to solve my problem, i think i just might reconsider wanting to move these bars.
It seems that a simple move is in fact a complex action that is tied to a lot of parameters and i didn't think i would get into this at the start.

I was thinking again using MoveAnything but there is not even an option to move the gryphons or the art background wich is a shame for and addon that is litteraly named Move Anything x)so i'll definitiely stick with default UI or use bartender i guess ^^.

Thank you anyway for your time ! I wish you luck in your futur API work ^^

Sylen 05-26-20 03:32 PM

This works fine for me. Looks like this:

Lua Code:
  1. -- Scale the bars
  2. for i = 1, 12 do
  3.     _G["ActionButton"..i]:SetScale(1.04)
  4. end
  5. MultiBarBottomLeft:SetScale(1.04)
  6. MultiBarBottomRight:SetScale(1.04)
  7. PetActionBarFrame:SetScale(1.04)
  8. -- Move ActionBar
  9. ActionButton1:ClearAllPoints()
  10. ActionButton1:SetPoint("CENTER",-230,42)
  11. ActionButton1.SetPoint = function() end
  12. -- Move MultiBarBottomLeft
  13. MultiBarBottomLeft:ClearAllPoints()
  14. MultiBarBottomLeft:SetPoint("LEFT", ActionButton1, "LEFT", 0, 45)
  15. MultiBarBottomLeft.SetPoint = function() end
  16. -- Move MutltiBarBottomRight and make it one bar
  17. MultiBarBottomRight:ClearAllPoints()
  18. MultiBarBottomRight:SetPoint("LEFT", MultiBarBottomLeft, "LEFT", 0, 45)
  19. MultiBarBottomRight.SetPoint = function() end
  20. MultiBarBottomRightButton1:ClearAllPoints()
  21. MultiBarBottomRightButton1:SetPoint("LEFT", MultiBarBottomLeft, "LEFT", 0, 42)     
  22. MultiBarBottomRightButton1.SetPoint = function() end
  23. MultiBarBottomRightButton7:ClearAllPoints()
  24. MultiBarBottomRightButton7:SetPoint("LEFT", MultiBarBottomRightButton6, "LEFT", 42, 0)     
  25. MultiBarBottomRightButton7.SetPoint = function() end   
  26. -- Move StanceBar
  27. StanceButton1:ClearAllPoints()
  28. StanceButton1:SetPoint("LEFT", MultiBarBottomLeft, "LEFT", 0, 42)
  29. StanceButton1.SetPoint = function() end
  30. -- Move PetActionBar
  31. PetActionBarFrame:ClearAllPoints()
  32. PetActionBarFrame:SetPoint("CENTER", MultiBarBottomLeft, "CENTER", 30, 90)
  33. PetActionBarFrame.SetPoint=function()end
  34. -- Move PageButtons
  35. ActionBarUpButton:ClearAllPoints()
  36. ActionBarUpButton:SetPoint("CENTER",650,-15)
  37. -- Hide Blizzard Art
  38. MainMenuBarArtFrame.LeftEndCap:Hide()
  39. MainMenuBarArtFrame.RightEndCap:Hide()
  40. MainMenuBarArtFrameBackground:Hide()
  41. MainMenuBarArtFrame.PageNumber:Hide()
  42. StatusTrackingBarManager:Hide()

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