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MulattoTech 08-28-19 10:56 PM

Username Change Request
Hello, would it be possible to have my username changed from dylanmellor to MulattoTech?

Thanks very much if so!

Cairenn 08-29-19 10:05 AM

*sprinkles pixie dust*

emerald_weiz 09-11-19 06:34 AM

I'd love to get mine changed as well, if possible, to: emerald_weiz

This way it's a little more consistent across different sites and social media.

I was trying to create another account (weiz) and hand over ownership to it, but it looks like either require some intervention from you... so a name change would probably be easier.

Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

EDIT: Thanks again!!

Cairenn 09-11-19 09:39 AM

*sprinkles more pixie dust*

Caliaha 09-12-19 12:53 AM

Could I get my username changed to Caliaha or some variation of Cali if that one is taken.

Cairenn 09-12-19 08:34 PM

*even more pixie dust*

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