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ArsenalLagspike 03-18-19 12:30 PM

Moonscript, anyone?
Do you guys think it would be worth developing in Moonscript, then compiling to Lua? I'm a new dev, and I have a repo where I run a script to copy/paste all my files into the addons directory before reloading the interface in-game. I could add a build step and copy/paste the build directory instead. Thoughts?

For reference, here is Moonscript's webpage:

jlam 03-18-19 05:57 PM

Using Moonscript is fine, but you will need to transpile to plain Lua when distributing the addon because Moonscript requires LPeg, which isn't available to the WoW client. But certainly if you prefer the Moonscript syntax, then I don't see any problems with using it. However, you will eventually be mixing plain Lua with the Moonscript if you intend to use any libraries unless you can verify that the Moonscript to access those libraries gets transpiled properly.

ArsenalLagspike 03-19-19 09:22 AM

Thanks for the insight jlam! I'm pretty deep into my mod right now, but I might give it a try for my next one.

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