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Nightness 12-05-18 12:37 AM

Help please, UIParent and OnReceiveDrag
I'm writing a button addon called MagnetButtons... I've recently run in to a weird snag...


-- This doesn't receive events, unless I also specify the OnMouseUp script...
-- But setting the OnMouseUp script breaks the ability to move by pressing
-- both mouse buttons down.
UIParent:SetScript("OnReceiveDrag", function (self)


-- Can't use HookScript since UIParent:GetScript("OnMouseUp") == nil
UIParent:SetScript("OnMouseUp", function (self, button)


Any suggestions?

Fizzlemizz 12-05-18 03:14 AM

Discussed here

Nightness 12-08-18 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by Fizzlemizz (Post 330951)
Discussed here

No kidding, that was my post.

jlam 12-09-18 08:34 AM


Originally Posted by Nightness (Post 330970)
No kidding, that was my post.

I believe he was just directing interested forum users to where the thread was hashed out since the discussion didn't take place here.

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